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Chapter 1262: He Has a Woman He Likes

Completely mortified, Gu Meng raised her hand and covered her mouth.

D-D-Did she just open the door dressed like that?

Brother Ah Dai was standing outside with several bodyguards behind him. Didn’t this mean that they saw her dressed so inappropriately?

No! Gu Meng ran back to her room quickly, then grabbed out a random set of clothes from the wardrobe.

Standing in front of the mirror, she pouted her mouth when she saw the patches of bruises on her skin.

Brother Ah Dai already had a bad impression of her and did not like her. Would he not like her even more seeing those scary bruises and wounds on her body?

No, if he remembered her, he would not despise her…

Gu Meng thought of how when she was in the fishing village, her friend brought her to watch a porn film. In the end, Brother Ah Dai found out and dragged her out of the video hall, then hit her buttocks twice after returning home.

At that time, she felt aggrieved and said shamelessly that because he did not let her see, she was curious and went to the video hall. If he did not want to show her, she would still go and see it…

He was so angry that he hit her again.

But one night, there was a family in the village who had a celebration. Brother Ah Dai drank wine and after she helped him back home, she secretly undid his belt.

After seeing it once, she did not dare to look again. Because the next morning, if her period had not come early, she and him would have…

At that time, he had kissed her tears and said that he would not let her down in the future…

Then… He returned to the Capital, became a prince and put her in prison. She had thought before that if she could go back in time, she would have given herself to him even if it would hurt a lot…

Gu Meng broke out of her daze and put on her clothes properly before going to the door and pulling it open.

Ye Qing had asked the bodyguards to leave and was standing by the door, looking tall with his expression cold. Seeing Gu Meng coming out, his bright and cold eyes looked towards her. “I came to inform you that even if you entered the top three, I won’t let you be my bodyguard.”

He took out a cheque from his pocket. “The other time my secretary gave you a cheque, you didn’t take it. This time, you have to accept it. I don’t want to have anything to do with you in the future.”

Gu Meng looked at the cheque he handed over and reached out her hand, taking it slowly.

She looked down at the cheque. Just when he thought she had accepted the cheque, she raised her hand and the cheque in her hand was torn into pieces.

Raising her wet eyes, she stared at him. “Mr Ye, I became your bodyguard through a formal selection. If you’re sending me away just like that, I’ll report it to the King tomorrow and ask him to seek justice for me.”

Ye Qing’s dark eyes narrowed. “I know very well what your purpose is. What’s the point in wasting your time? Do you think it’s so easy to be my bodyguard?”

To be a royal bodyguard, first of all, one would have to face danger and because there was always the possibility of encountering assassins or various attacks, one might lose his life as a bodyguard at any time.

Although Ye Qing did not like her, he did not want her to give up her life in vain.

Gu Meng had heard from Nan Zhi the risks of being a bodyguard and Nan Zhi had asked her to think it through carefully. If she could not do it, they would change to another way to approach Ye Qing.

But Gu Meng had no other skills, all she had was her strength. She could only become Ye Qing’s bodyguard to spend time with him.

As for the danger, if one day he was really in danger, she would sacrifice herself to protect him.

For him, she was not afraid of death at all.

“It has already been proven that I have the ability, being the top three out of four thousand bodyguards who participated. I’m not afraid!” Gu Meng looked at Ye Qing with her bright eyes and the corner of her lips lifted into a sudden smile. “Is Mr Ye afraid that after I become your bodyguard, you will remember the things of the fishing village one day and will not be able to control yourself and fall for me?”

Ye Qing almost laughed out of anger because of her shamelessness. This girl was unbelievable!

She tilted her neck up slightly. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and her collarbones were exposed. Ye Qing glanced at her and he could not help thinking about how she had opened the door previously.

He was not interested in her body, but the thought of those wounds on her body, he could not help but feel a sliver of respect towards her.

Ye Qing was silent for a moment before he said, “I have a woman I like.”

Of course Gu Meng knew he had a woman he liked, but hearing him saying it openly in front of her, she felt like she was being slapped on the face.

She could see that he really doted on the woman or he would not have kissed her in the public and let her lean against him.

“I won’t interfere with your relationship, I just want it to be fair. If you remember the things in the fishing village and still like her and want to be with her, I won’t entangle with you anymore!”

Gu Meng lowered her long eyelashes, her nose slightly red. She tried her best to control her mood, not allowing herself to cry in front of him. She didn’t want him to pity her. “Mr Ye, I became your bodyguard by my own efforts. It’s my choice whether to live or die. Unless I don’t do my job well, you have no right to drive me away!”

Gu Meng did not want to say anything more and went into the house, shutting the door tightly. Her slender body leaned against the door and she slid down slowly, curling herself into a ball like she had been hurt.

The tears she had held back in front of him, fell uncontrollably. Her heart felt bitter like she had swallowed a goldthread herb.


Gu Meng and Cen Xi went to their own workplaces at the same time.

While Gu Meng went to report to the Third Prince, Cen Xi went to the translation department.

When she arrived at the translation department, Cen Xi greeted the colleagues and senior staff in the office with the modesty and politeness of a new staff, and even gave them her own small handmade gifts.

A week later, Cen Xi gradually adapted to the pace of work. As she was hardworking, she was able to endure hardships. She was the first to arrive at the company and the last to leave. She also worked overtime on weekends without rest.

Though she was doing well here, on the contrary, Gu Meng was not doing that well. Although she was working for Ye Qing, he did not arrange for her to be his bodyguard, but as a substitute. She would only have the chance to be by his side if any bodyguard was on leave or was hurt.

Gu Meng felt that he was deliberately alienating and ignoring her, trying to make her retreat.

But she would not give up easily!

On this day, Cen Xi and Gu Meng had hotpot together after coming home from work. Cen Xi received a call from the director of the translation department. “Xiaoxi, tomorrow Mr Qiao needs two interpreters. You and Linda will need to come on time at seven tomorrow morning.”


After Cen Xi ended the call, Gu Meng asked. “You have a business trip tomorrow?”

Cen Xi nodded and packed her luggage after finishing up the hotpot. The next day, she waited for Mr Qiao with Linda.

A black Maybach drove over. The car window lowered and a handsome face wearing sunglasses appeared. When Cen Xi saw him, her heart jolted.