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Chapter 1260: A Deflated Balloon

Cen Xi’s heart was suspended as she watched.

Gu Meng’s hair was completely drenched now, her cheeks and lips scrapped as her sweat fell nonstop. However, she didn’t seem to care. It was as if she couldn’t feel pain as she wiped her sweat away and prepared for the fight.

This Gu Meng was completely different from how she usually was when she fought.

Normally, she was hyper and optimistic. Although there were some unavoidable things that made her sad sometimes, she was always positive and youthful most of the time.

However, the her now was filled with a bloodthirsty and murderous aura. The aura required within the fighting arena was like this. Even if her energy was depleted, her aura wouldn’t lose to her opponents either.

And now, Gu Meng was already fighting against the three buff opponents. The three of them surrounded Gu Meng. Even if she was naturally strong, it was practically impossible for her to avoid all of their attacks and in the end, her shoulders and abdomen were punched by one of them.

Cen Xi’s heart never fell from her throat.

The three of them punched really quickly and strongly!

Gu Meng looked like she couldn’t take it any longer.

Just as Gu Meng was fighting two of them, the remaining opponent threw a sneak attack from beside her, a strong punch waving towards her eye.

Immediately leaping up from the seat in panic, Cen Xi nearly shouted aloud. If Gu Meng didn’t avoid the punch, her eye might be ruined!

Gu Meng saw the impending punch from the corner of the eye. However, she didn’t avoid it immediately. Just as the punch was about to land on her eye, she pulled another opponent she was fighting it and sent his face onto that metal punch.


A terrible scream sounded in the arena.

That person’s eye bone was cracked and his eyeball had sunk in as well. He immediately lost the power to fight.

The crowd supporting Gu Meng immediately screamed loudly.

Seeing the bloody scene, Xue’er exclaimed, her long lashes fluttering like injured butterfly wings as she hurriedly hid herself in Ye Qing’s embrace with a pale face.

That opponent was instantly pulled down by the judge.

They had thirty seconds of temporary rest, so Gu Meng walked to the resting area. Opening a bottle of water, she took a large gulp.

She knew Cen Xi would be worried for her, so she glanced at the spectators’ area once she finished drinking. There were many people sitting in the spectators’ area, so Gu Meng couldn’t find Cen Xi.

However, there was a figure sitting in the spectators’ seat that she saw almost immediately.

That person was really too eye-catching, since his seat was one of the best in the spectators’ area too. When Gu Meng saw him, her eyes brightened. However, they dimmed very quickly.

That pretty girl was leaning in his arms.

That woman looked up from his arms. She said something and he suddenly looked down, leaning closer towards the woman.

From Gu Meng’s angle, they looked like they were kissing.

All of the energy pent up in Gu Meng suddenly seemed to deflate like a deflating balloon.

Her body shook violently.

Seeing Gu Meng take two steps back, the bottle of water in her hand falling out of her hands, Cen Xi glanced towards Ye Qing.

It seemed Ye Qing was blowing into the woman’s eye, Cen Xi took out a small bow and stone. Using the chance when no one was paying attention, she hurriedly shot a stone at that woman’s forehead.

Just as Xue’er was getting Ye Qing to blow the sand away from her eye, her forehead suddenly ached.

Ouch! She lifted her hand and caressed her forehead. When she saw blood, her face immediately paled. “Ah Qing, someone attacked me!”

Seeing a swollen bloody bump on Xue’er’s forehead, Ye Qing glanced at the stone that had fallen on the floor, before he bent down to pick it up.

When Ye Qing bent down, Cen Xi’s slender wrist was immediately grabbed by a cold hand.

She was immediately pulled away from her seat.

It was only after she was pulled away from the spectators’ area that Cen Xi finally pushed the man away.

“Young Master Qiao, what are you doing?”

Qiao Yanze stood two steps away from Cen Xi, narrowing his dark eyes. His attractive face seemed to be covered with slight darkness. “Daring to hurt the Third Prince’s woman under his eyes, do you want to die?”

Cen Xi’s eyes landed on the man’s chest. The top three buttons of his shirt had been unbuttoned unknowingly, so she could see his well-defined chest muscles. Glancing away awkwardly, Cen Xi said, “I… can’t stand it, so I did it on impulse.” As if thinking of something, she glanced towards the man’s perfectly handsome face. “Young Master Qiao, what I did probably has nothing to do with you, right?”

Why was he giving her attitude?

Did he think she was still the younger sister of his enemy that wanted to do everything to repay her sister’s sins?

She already told him before in the interrogation room that she would stop repaying her sister’s sins after he didn’t take her life that day!

Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened. “It has nothing to do with me. Just treat it that I was doing something stupid.” With that said, he left.

Why was this person’s temper so weird and unpredictable?

When Cen Xi returned to the spectators’ area, she saw Qiao Yanze leaning against the wall, smoking in the smoking area. He had his back facing her, his well-defined fingers holding onto a cigarette and smoke slowly surrounded him.

His back was broad and tall, his strong muscles under his expensive tailored outfit exuding a strong masculine charm.

Cen Xi stopped herself from glancing at him again. When she walked away, she wanted to enter the spectators’ area when she realized that Ye Qing’s bodyguards were secretly trying to find the person who used a stone to hit his woman.

Seeing that they were about to walk out of the spectators’ area, Cen Xi remembered that she still had a small bow in her bag. She was afraid that they would check her, so she hurriedly walked towards the smoking area in panic.

One of the bodyguards walked out and saw Cen Xi. “The person in front, stop there.”

How would Cen Xi dare to stop? She was about to walk faster when a strong arm reached over and pulled her.

Before she could react, she was pushed against the wall.

Cen Xi looked up in surprise, her eyes constricting slightly. The man’s dark eyes stared straight at her as she was caught in her breath.

He was standing against the light, his broad shoulders blocking most of the light and covering Cen Xi under his broad shadow. He placed a hand by the side of her waist. His sleeves were rolled up, showing his malt-colored muscular arms and his expensive watch.

His other hand was holding on a cigarette. A matured masculine scent mixed with a faint cigarette smell invaded Cen Xi’s senses, making her breathing lose its rhythm.

She had her hands on the man’s shoulders, not letting him get too close to her. Through his shirt, she could feel his taut muscles and she felt like she had been scalded, curling her fingers up.

Their position was way too intimate.

“Do you want me to move away?” Looking at how guarded she looked, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

Cen Xi didn’t speak.

He immediately moved his hand away, wanting to move back. However, Cen Xi saw the bodyguard walking over and before she could think about it properly, her fingers grabbed his shirt tightly.

When he looked down at her, a smile was on his lips.

Seeing his smile, Cen Xi felt her scalp turning numb. He was extremely handsome, making her feel like she was being looked at by a devil whenever he narrowed his eyes slightly or smirked.