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Chapter 1259: Why Was She Always Staring At Another Man?

Gu Meng was a girl who could take a lot of suffering. Although Nan Zhi wanted to help her pass the first test, she rejected Nan Zhi’s good intentions. She used her own capability to enter the next round.

She did injure herself, but she never thought of giving up.

When she fell down, she would get back up, again and again. She always wanted to use her own capability to go to her Brother Ah Dai’s side.

Cen Xi stared at Ye Qing, who was sitting in the VIP seats. He looked away slightly, listening to the woman beside him speak. That woman seemed to have said something, as a small smile appeared on his handsome face, his large hand caressing the woman’s head.

It looked like he really adored her.

After spending some time with Gu Meng, Cen Xi finally realized what it felt like to really like someone. She would cry but would smile when she thought of him, and would be energized in whatever she did.

At the mention of the short duration they had dated, happiness and sweetness would ooze from her eyes unconsciously.

Mengmeng worked so hard, but the man she liked so much had another woman beside her.

Cen Xi felt sad even looking at it as a bystander. If Mengmeng saw it, wouldn’t she be even more upset?

Although Ye Qing didn’t intend to forget Gu Meng and treat her as a stranger, seeing him act intimately with another woman was really infuriating. Grr! She really wanted to throw a stone at the back of his head to wake him up completely!

When Cen Xi’s eyes fell on Ye Qing, she didn’t notice a pair of deep and strong eyes landing on her as well.

Tang Xi had come with Qiao Yanze. Seeing Qiao Yanze’s pretty eyes glance towards that slender figure from time to time, Tang Xi smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Third Brother, I really don’t understand you anymore. For a moment, you hated her, and now, you’re looking at her secretly. With how you’re behaving, it seems a little like you love and hate her at the same time…”

Before Tang Xi finished speaking, Qiao Yanze kicked him ruthlessly. “Shut up!”

Tang Xi shut up, but he couldn’t stop himself from glancing at Cen Xi. It had been a while since they met and he realized that the girl looked more cold and arrogant now. Her black outfit made her look both icy, yet attractive at the same time. However, why were her eyes staring straight at the Third Prince?!

Especially with her staring so much her eyes seemed to almost pop out!

“Third Brother, let me say one more thing, alright? Do you think that she’s moved on and fallen for the Third Prince instead?” The only Prince in the Royal family that had yet to be married was the Third Prince. All of the people who admired the King and Fifth Prince in the past all admired the Third Prince now.

The Third Prince was handsome and cold, mature and attractive at the same time. The number of girls that liked him were enough to queue from the Capital to the Pacific Ocean!

Qiao Yanze glanced at Cen Xi. Her eyes on Ye Qing was indeed a little unusual. She was minutes away from having a distorted expression.

The more Cen Xi observed Ye Qing, the more she felt sad for Gu Meng. She finally looked away and took out a thermos flash from her bag, wanting to take a sip. Suddenly, she felt a strong gaze on her. She turned around and happened to meet a pair of pretty eyes.

Young Master Qiao?

Why was he staring at her? Not only that… How long had he been looking already? He was holding onto a suit jacket while wearing a white shirt. The top two buttons at his collar were unbuttoned. Under his styled hair, his handsome face looked a little dark.

They said that men looked the sexiest and most charming when they wore white shirts and Qiao Yanze was the classic example. He had broad shoulders, slender hips and long legs, his figure enough to make women faint.

Looking into his dark eyes, Cen Xi’s lashes fluttered slightly.

She hurriedly looked away.

Was it because she was too young? Even after all this time, she still couldn’t read the enigmatic Qiao Yanze and couldn’t understand why he looked at her so darkly, making her think that she seemed to have owed him millions of dollars.

She had already explained everything clearly the last time. She wasn’t a foolish person and understood that both Gu Meng and her were released because he informed the Queen about it.

Since that was the case, it meant that he understood what she said the previous time already. He didn’t want to have any relations with her anymore and didn’t want to find any trouble with her.

Cen Xi was no longer willing to guess his thoughts, so she just let him look at her. Anyways, there was nothing between them from now on.

People who were able to pass the first test of the bodyguard competition were all considered skilled.

Based one what Cen Xi knew, more than four thousand people participated in the first round. After the subsequent selection rounds, there were only two hundred people remaining in the next test of the competition. Amongst the two hundred people that qualified in the next round, only the top three would be chosen by the Third Prince.

The competition started officially.

The first part was a one on one match, followed by a one on three fight.

Gu Meng won all of her one on one matches. Next, she began her one on three fights. Amongst the two hundred participants, Gu Meng was the only female, so the attention on her was exceptionally high.

Several people had become fans of her and started to cheer for her. “Number 118, do your best!”

There were two young men from the Royal family sitting next to Xue’er. Seeing that Gu Meng was skilled and pretty, they immediately became fans of hers. Watching Gu Meng fight her opponents one on three, their voices almost broke from all their shouting and carrying on.

Xue’er furrowed her eyebrows slightly, not having any interest in the competition at all. Honestly speaking, she wouldn’t have come if Ye Qing didn’t want to. What a waste of her time!

Her attention was all on Ye Qing. It may have been because too many things had happened and she had been hurt ruthlessly by Ye Sihan, but she finally realized now that Ye Qing wasn’t worse than Sihan in any way.

He wasn’t as cold and stubborn as Sihan and was patient and gentle to her.

Xue’er couldn’t help but bury her face against his broad shoulder. “Ah Qing, now that I can still be with you, I feel so happy… However, I’m not young anymore and want to have a home more and more. I know you like children too. If we can settle down soon, we can have our love baby too…”

As Xue’er finished her words, she looked down, waiting for Ye Qing’s reply.

However, after waiting for a while and Ye Qing still hadn’t replied, she looked up. She followed his eyes to see him staring at the fighting arena.

This glance surprised her so much she immediately started to sweat cold sweat.

Why did that slender figure fighting one on three look so familiar?

Xue’er did her best to search for the figure in her mind.

Ah! She remembered now! It was her!

Why hadn’t she given up? She was only a girl from a fishing village, who was she to get Ah Qing’s attention?

In her one on three fights, Gu Meng had already won two consecutive sets. She would be able to get into the top three if she won another set.

But towards the end, her opponents were even stronger.

Through the fights, she was covered in wounds. It hurt a lot, but she couldn’t collapse. She couldn’t stop here!

The three men in the last set were all strong and buff, staring at Gu Meng with murderous intent. “We’ve never lost before. If you surrender now, you can still keep your life!”

Hearing their dark words, Gu Meng massaged her wrists. Even though her face had already been bruised all over, there was still no fear in her eyes. “Stop talking crap. We’ll only know who wins and loses after the fight!”

“Foolish girl!”