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Chapter 1258: Going to Him

Xue’ers’s heart immediately tightened.

Did Sihan or Nan Zhi say something about her in front of Ye Qing?

She knew that they didn’t like her. However, she never thought that they would actually dare to gossip and spoil the good impression Ye Qing had of her!

Seeing the nervousness in Xue’er’s eyes, Ye Qing’s smirk widened. His large hand caressed her soft hair. “Don’t be nervous, and don’t think too much.”

Xue’er buried her face in the crook of Ye Qing’s neck, her tears falling down her cheeks. “Ah Qing, after so many things happened, I finally understood that you’re the nicest and best person to me. In the years you weren’t around, I made some mistakes, but I’ve changed. I promise that I will stay kind and not disappoint you anymore.”

Ye Qing patted her shoulders. “I hope so.”

Xue’er bit her lips tightly.

Did his words mean that this was the last chance he was giving her? If she made a mistake again, would he give up on her like Ah Han did?

No, no! Xue Er suppressed the panic in her heart.

Not to mention, she wouldn’t make those types of mistakes anymore. Even if she did, how would Ah Qing be like Ah Han? Ah Han didn’t like her, so he could disregard her feelings and trample on her dignity. However, Ah Qing was different. She was his obsession and he would always protect and accept her.

Even after the luxurious sedan drove away, Gu Meng didn’t look away. Her tears fell bead by bead like a broken pearl necklace.

Brother Ah Dai had returned to the Royal family and had a new life. Not only that, he even had a gentle-looking girlfriend…

What was she then?

Should she give up, just like that?

After she returned to the fishing village, he would be the Prince that was above everyone else in the future, while she would just be the daughter of an ordinary fisherman.

They belonged to completely different worlds.

However, at the thought of them no longer meeting after she returned, her heart hurt so badly!

Before she left the fishing village, she almost swore in front of him that even if there was one day where he forgot her, she wouldn’t give up and would help him find her memories again.

She couldn’t leave just like that.

If he remembered her and still didn’t like her, it wasn’t too late for her to leave then. She was still young, so she didn’t want to leave any regrets in her life!

Seeing that Gu Meng still hadn’t returned to the private room, Cen Xi came out to look for her.

Seeing Gu Meng stand outside of the restaurant with tears trailing down her cheek, she hurriedly ran over. “Mengmeng, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Gu Meng wiped her tears. “I saw Brother Ah Dai.”

At this time, Nan Zhi walked out as well and happened to hear Gu Meng’s words.

She stared at Gu Meng with her heart aching for the girl. “Mengmeng, what do you plan to do from now on?”

Even if Nan Zhi could bring Gu Meng out of jail, she couldn’t help her when it came to her feelings. Although she was Ye Qing’s sister-in-law, she wasn’t close to Ye Qing. Sihan was busy with his work as well, so he didn’t have too much free time to interfere in Ye Qing and Gu Meng’s relationship.

Besides, after Ye Qing regained his memories, the woman he had in his heart seemed to be Xue’er. She heard from Yi Fan that Ye Qing had contacted Xue’er and it wouldn’t be long before Xue’er arrived at the Capital.

With a soft sniffle, Gu Meng said firmly with red eyes, “I won’t return to the fishing village. Sister Nan Zhi, I want to stay by his side.”

“You want to stay beside him?”

Gu Meng nodded. “Only by spending time with him can I awaken his memories of me.” Besides, she already had a sense of danger from the pitiful woman with him. She was scared that he would only have feelings for that woman even after he regained his memories of her.

Nan Zhi looked down slightly, thinking of any possible ways to put Gu Meng next to Ye Qing but not make him despise her either.

“Mengmeng, do you have any capabilities?”

“A-Apart from brute strength, I don’t have any other…” Gu Meng was slightly embarrassed. She really didn’t deserve Brother Ah Dai who had regained his memories.

Nan Zhi stared at Gu Meng, as if thinking of something. “When I came out earlier, I heard the restaurant manager say that there was a slim looking girl that pushed three bodyguards down. Was he talking about you?”

Gu Meng flushed. She had been strong since young, with the other children in the fishing village saying that she was a monster. Later, when she met Brother Ah Dai, he said that it was a strength that others wanted but couldn’t have, so she shouldn’t be too troubled about it.

Nan Zhi was secretly shocked.

To be able to push Ye Qing’s bodyguards onto the ground, Mengmeng probably had crazy innate strength!

“If you want to be next to Ye Qing, what about being his bodyguard? Are you willing to do so?” Nan Zhi asked.

Gu Meng didn’t even hesitate, nodding. “Yes.”

“The Royal family will be choosing a new batch of bodyguards soon. However, they need to pass a few rounds of tests in order to be able to work with the Royal family members. As the Third Prince and since he has met with a plane accident before, Ye Qing’s bodyguards need to be extremely capable. Mengmeng, I can help you pass the first test, but you have to use your real ability in the consecutive rounds. If you can get into the top three, I can get the instructor to put you under Ye Qing.”

Gu Meng didn’t know if she could get into the top three, but how would she know if she couldn’t do it without trying?!

“Sister Nan Zhi, please arrange it for me. I’ll do my best!”

Gu Meng followed Cen Xi to her apartment.

There was still some time before the Royal family’s bodyguards testing rounds, so Gu Meng wasn’t too worried. With Cen Xi’s help, she went to a martial arts studio. Cen Xi found a master for her, hoping that she would combine her crazy strength and martial arts during the competition.

Time passed really quickly and suddenly, it was already time for Cen Xi to look for an internship.

She had good grades in school, so the Dean wrote a recommendation letter for her to enter the Royal family’s translation department.

After her interview, Cen Xi received a call from the translation department, telling her that she had passed her interview and she was to report to work next week. At the same time, Gu Meng also received a call from Nan Zhi that the bodyguard competition was taking place during the weekend.

In this period of time, both of the girls were busy in their own ways. They went out together in the morning and came home at night to cook together, inculcating a very strong bond between them.

On the day Gu Meng was to attend the bodyguard competition rounds, Cen Xi and her got up early.

After having breakfast, Gu Meng changed into a black outfit and tied her long hair into a ponytail, exposing her fair forehead. Her pretty facial features appeared energized and full of vibrant excitement.

On the other hand, Cen Xi was wearing a black leather jacket with a black organza long skirt. She had tied her long hair into a fishtail braid, looking young and charming as she walked with Gu Meng.

Gu Meng didn’t want Cen Xi to go watch her compete, but Cen Xi had been worried and specifically took leave to go watch the competition with her.

The competition was held at the Royal family’s training fields. The place was about eight thousand meters square, and was an important venue used to specifically choose the Royal family’s bodyguards.

After entering the training field, Gu Meng headed towards the participants’ area while Cen Xi went to the spectators’ area.

There were a few Royal family members that came to view the competition today. One of them was the eye-catching Third Prince, Ye Qing. However, he didn’t seem to have come alone. There was a pretty and innocent-looking lady with him as well.