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Chapter 1257: He Had Another Woman With Her

The truth was, they had only separated for barely three months. However, these three months felt like three centuries to her.

He was only standing two steps away from her. They were so close, but it felt like they were standing in different worlds, where she couldn’t touch him anymore.

This was still the first time she had seen him so closely after he left the fishing village.

Compared to the past, he had changed a lot. Though he had always been quiet, now, his sharp features looked colder under the streetlight, his depthless eyes as cold as ice, his well-defined nose and tightly pursed lips all made him look like an emotionless and cold statue.

His sharp eyes glanced at her slender face. “Who let you out?”

Gu Meng’s lashes fluttered softly. So he still remembered that she was the person who trespassed the area that day, and remembered that he had thrown her into jail.

Tears blurred her vision, her heart aching crazily as her lips trembled. “Brother Ah Dai…”

“Don’t call me Brother Ah Dai.” He furrowed his eyebrows, his well-defined face turning colder. “My surname is Ye.”

“To me, you are Brother Ah Dai.” Gu Meng looked up with her tears-stricken lashes, staring at him with blurry eyes. “When I was at the fishing village, I said… that it’s alright if you forgot me, that I would help you look for the memories we had together.”

Ye Qing stared at her with an emotionless expression. “Whether or not those memories can ever be found do not affect me.”

Ultimately, she was just an unimportant person to him.

“Since you’re already out, I won’t send you there again. I’ll get my secretary to contact you tomorrow to give you a blank cheque. You can write as much money as you like.”

He placed a hand in his pocket. The expensive suit was tailored perfectly with not a crease, his distant and dignified aura pulling an invisible distance between them.

He was reminding her that they didn’t belong to the same world, that she should give up.

However, she had liked him for so many years. She liked him ever since she was a young girl.

How could she give up so easily?

No, she wouldn’t.

“Brother Ah Dai… No, Mr Ye, I don’t need your cheque. Iー”

Ye Qing interrupted Gu Meng’s unfinished words coldly. “If you want to say you only want me, I’ll have to say that you’re having a daydream. Miss Gu, I need to tell you the truth. Those memories from the fishing village are only a pointless interlude in my life. They don’t mean anything to me and I don’t need them in my life.”

Seeing the coldness and disdain in his eyes, Gu Meng felt like her heart had been torn into pieces. “A-Am I nothing to you too?”

“If not?” There were no emotions on his cold and handsome face at all.

Gu Meng’s heart immediately fell, the belated pain spread across her body and limbs.

So it turned out, the him who had forgotten her was this cold and heartless.

Ye Qing clearly didn’t want to speak anymore to Gu Meng. He pursed his lips tightly. “You can worry about yourself from now on.”

Seeing that he wanted to get into the car again, Gu Meng couldn’t help but grab the sleeves of his black coat. However, before she could have a proper grip on it, he pushed her again heartlessly.

His eyes were filled with coldness and strangeness. “Miss Gu, do not test my patience again and again.”

Gu Meng felt like she had been pushed down an abyss. It felt cold, an extreme cold that spread from the depths of her heart.

Just as he turned around and was ready to get into the car, a soft and pleasant female voice trailed over. “Ah Qing.”

What Gu Meng saw made her heart chill even more. The man’s cold expression softened after hearing the woman’s voice.

Following his gaze, Gu Meng glanced towards the owner of the voice. She saw a woman wearing a dark green dress getting off a taxi.

The woman had long and flowy hair and facial features that made people pity her. With fair, porcelain-like skin, a sharp face and large eyes, her overall appearance made her look extremely unscathed and pretty.

This type of pretty was mixed with a matured femininity that Gu Meng didn’t have because of her age.

Gu Meng had seen the genuine and heart-stopping beauty that Nan Zhi possessed, as well as the cold beauty that Cen Xi had. She was considered pretty as well. Back in the fishing village, everyone said she was the prettiest in the village, with her bright, pretty and pleasant features.

However, the woman who was walking towards Ye Qing looked like an untouched flower on a mountain. She was so pretty that others couldn’t look away.

Xue’er walked towards Ye Qing. Seeing Gu Meng standing in front of Ye Qing, she blinked in confusion. “Ah Qing, were you bullying her?”

Ye Qing smirked faintly. “No. Didn’t you have the flu? Why are you here?”

“I just arrived, so I’m still jet lagged and can’t fall asleep at all. You said that you were having a meal here, so I wanted to come and see you.” A smile appeared on Xue’er’s face, slight mischievousness appearing on her expression. “Don’t you want to see me?”

Ye Qing didn’t say anything. However, his eyes on her were no longer as cold as before. Even when he was Ah Dai, Gu Meng rarely saw him act like this, so she only thought that he was like that naturally.

Seeing him so familiar with this unknown woman, Gu Meng felt extremely sad, like a long knife had been pierced into her.

However, after the pain faded, she remembered that he had shown her even warmer eyes when he was still her Brother Ah Dai.

She believed that he really liked her before.

Gu Meng watched as the two got on the luxurious sedan, her hands clenching into tight fists. As the vehicle disappeared from her sight, there was an indescribable helplessness in Gu Meng’s heart.

In the Rolls Royce.

Ye Qing took out a cigarette and lighter, glancing out of the window when he looked down to light the cigarette.

The young girl stood in the wind, her body shaking like the wind could blow her away at any second.

Xue’er followed Ye Qing’s eyes and looked out of the window, furrowing her exquisite eyes slightly. “Ah Qing, do you know her?”

Leaning back, Ye Qing hummed softly in acknowledgement. His brother had told him about what happened in the fishing village before. Although he no longer had memories about it, he couldn’t deny her existence in his life.

To him, she had merely existed and was not special at all.

Ye Qing looked away, his narrow eyes landing on the woman beside him. If they counted the time, it had been a long time since they met, but for him who had just regained his memories, it felt like he had just seen her.

She had exquisite makeup on her face. However, no matter how exquisite the makeup was, it couldn’t change the fact that she was already in her thirties. There were small wrinkles by her eyes, though she still looked beautiful.

However, compared to when he first saw her back then, she didn’t look as beautiful and innocent anymore.

“Ah Qing, you didn’t know how much I suffered when you weren’t around all these years.” Tears filled Xue’er’s beautiful eyes as her small hands grabbed Ye Qing’s arm. “Without you, all of them don’t like me.”

Ye Qing pulled Xue’er’s hand away, a smirk on his lips. “After I returned, I heard some things about you. Xue’er, do you think we can really return to the past?”