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Chapter 1256: Meeting Again After Two Months

After buying some clothes, Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran led the two girls to a high-class restaurant. Although they had food in jail that night, the food wasn’t good nor was it nutritious. It was only enough to fill their stomachs.

Staring at the delicacies placed on the table, both Cen Xi and Gu Meng felt like a century had passed.

Cen Xi was only in jail for a day, but it already felt like a century, not to mention Gu Meng who had been detained for two months.

Gu Meng thought that she would only be released after a few years. When she was first brought in, she cried, sobbed and resisted, but all she got was detention from the jail wardens. During her longest detention period, she hadn’t eaten for three days and three nights.

Later, she learned her lesson and accepted the harsh reality. Brother Ah Dai was no longer her Brother Ah Dai, and he wouldn’t release her from jail.

There was no point in dreaming anymore.

Today made Gu Meng see Nan Zhi as her family. Nan Zhi bought clothes for her and even brought her to eat nice food! Suddenly, all of the unhappiness and grievances Gu Meng had within her flowed out like an uncontrollable dam.

She flopped on the table, sobbing out loud uncontrollably.

Cen Xi wanted to comfort Gu Meng, but Nan Zhi shook her head at her.

Gu Meng had suffered, so she needed to vent her emotions out. It was good to cry it all out. Keeping it within her might only cause problems in the long run.

Since Gu Meng was naturally innocent and emotional, her sadness came quickly and left quickly as well. After she cried for a while, feeling a lot better after she did. Cen Xi took some tissues to wipe her tears for her. “Don’t cry, don’t cry, let’s eat instead.”

Giving a last sniffle, Gu Meng nodded.

When they were eating, Nan Zhi asked Gu Meng some questions about being thrown into jail.

After her wedding with Sihan, they had left for their honeymoon. Once they returned, she had gotten Sihan to ask Ye Qing if he returned to the fishing village to look for Gu Meng.

By then, Ye Qing couldn’t remember who Gu Meng was already. He said that he had regained his memories and had his beloved in his heart, so he wouldn’t like Gu Meng from the fishing village anymore.

He didn’t want to give hope to her, so he might as well have her lose any lingering feelings.

When Nan Zhi heard Ye Qing’s words from Sihan, she never thought that Ye Qing’s way of ‘losing hope’ was to throw Gu Meng into jail.

At the thought of how Ye Qing was now, Nan Zhi sighed quietly in her mind, not knowing if it was fortunate or unfortunate for Gu Meng to come look for him.

“Mengmeng, you’ve lost quite a bit of weight. Eat more,” Nan Zhi said gently.

Gu Meng nodded. “Thank you, Sister Nan Zhi.”

Halfway through the meal, Gu Meng got up to go to the washroom. Standing in front of the mirror, she smiled at herself. She clenched her right hand and made a gesture to motivate herself.

Gu Meng, fight hard and don’t be so easily beaten!

After leaving the washroom, Gu Meng walked towards the private room. She had never been to such a high class restaurant. The corridor was really long and every door looked the same, so she couldn’t remember which room she had come from already.

So she went to the lobby, planning to ask the service staff about it. Suddenly, she saw a suited man walking out of the elevator.

One of the men who was walking in front was wearing a black coat with a white shirt inside. He didn’t wear a tie, the top three exquisite buttons unbuttoned to expose his sexy collarbones. He was tall, his expression cold while his facial features seemed like they were crafted by God, looking so perfect no one could point out a flaw.

He was listening to the man beside him speak, his side profile well-defined. From head to toe, he exuded a dignified, cold and strong aura.

The scars on his face could barely be seen clearly. His facial features were still the same, but she felt that he looked completely unfamiliar to her.

Gu Meng never thought that she would bump into him the moment she was released.

However, on second thought, this was a high class restaurant in the Capital. Everyone who came here had a respectable status, so it wasn’t strange for him to have a meal meeting here.

Seeing them walk towards her, Gu Meng felt like her legs were filled with lead. She stared straight at that man, as if scared that he would disappear from her sight if she blinked.

Ye Qing felt a pair of eyes on him. Turning his head slightly, his depthless eyes glanced towards her.

That gaze almost made Gu Meng’s heart pop out of her throat.

However, she was disappointed very quickly. His eyes on her were as cold and strange as before, like he was looking at something unimportant. He merely glanced at her for a few seconds before he looked away.

Gu Meng’s heart started to fall nonstop.

Even if she had already prepared herself for him to act like he didn’t know her after seeing her again, she still felt extremely sad.

The group headed towards the restaurant. Seeing that he was going to disappear, Gu Meng mustered her courage to chase after him.

She knew that there was a high chance for him to throw her into jail once more.

However, she couldn’t give up so easily…

He lived in the fishing village for a few years and she had grown from a young girl to a grown adult woman. Although they had been lovers for a few months, he was already a part of her life.

She didn’t care who he was. She only knew that he was her Brother Ah Dai.

Gu Meng ran out of the restaurant. A Rolls Royce limousine was parked outside and Ye Qing was about to get on it.

Suddenly, he heard a ‘Brother Ah Dai’ trail over.

Ye Qing pursed his lips into a tight line.

Seeing a woman rush towards the Third Prince, the bodyguard hurriedly moved forward and stopped her.

Gu Meng didn’t know when she would see him again after this time. She disregarded everything else and pushed the bodyguard stopping her with all of her strength.

The bodyguard never thought that the slender Gu Meng who looked terribly weak would be so strong with her push. Even the bodyguard who had been a soldier and was good at fighting was pushed onto the ground.

The bodyguard himself was shocked when he was on the ground.

How was this girl so strong?

Another bodyguard ran over and Gu Meng pushed him down easily as well.

All of the bodyguards were shocked and their eyes nearly popped out of their heads.

Gu Meng found an empty spot and ran in front of that Rolls Royce. Before the man could close the door, she clasped the door tightly with her small hands.

Seeing this, the bodyguards regained their senses, all taking their guns from their waist to aim them at Gu Meng. “Stay back quick.”

Gu Meng was not scared at all, her hands continuing to hold onto the door tightly, not letting Ye Qing close it.

Ye Qing glanced out of the window. Seeing the bodyguards act like that, he pushed the door open and got out of the car.

“Your Highness.” The bodyguards wanted to put a distance between Ye Qing and Gu Meng.

Ye Qing raised his slender large hand. “Get back all of you.”

Hearing Ye Qing’s order, the bodyguards didn’t dare to question or go against his decision. They all put down their guns and moved to the side.

As Ye Qing stood in front of Gu Meng, his depthless eyes glanced towards her. When Gu Meng met his deep black eyes, her heart started to thump crazily.

Her eyes moved from his eyebrows, nose and onto his lips, her tear-stained eyes filled with a strong longing and sadness.