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Chapter 1254: Only Live For Herself In The Future

Cen Xi was brought to the interrogation room.

Staring at the man who was smoking, Cen Xi’s body shivered slightly.

A glint of complicatedness flashed in her black pretty eyes. She had already guessed that it was Young Master Qiao that wanted to meet her.

The moment she saw him, she would think about him using her as bait and him firing a bullet at her. Her heart ached terribly, her blood slowly turning cold.

Before she met him, she thought that she would be able to take all of his humiliation and torture. She would feel better if he could put down his hatred.

However, when she finally met him, she finally knew the sins of falling for him. To her, it was a complete torture.

Humiliation and being used…

If she continued to repay her older sister’s sins, she didn’t know what else he would do to her. She was scared, so she cowered back fearfully and admitted her defeat!

Thinking about the man who took a bullet for her and fell down the cliff, she wondered if he was still alive. If Young Master Qiao didn’t find his body, would he think that she still had some use left?

All sorts of bitter thoughts flashed in Cen Xi’s mind. However, she didn’t want to think too much about it anymore. If she could end all the unhappiness between them today, just let it all end here!

Hearing footsteps, Qiao Yanze slowly looked up and glanced at the woman who was walking into the interrogation room amongst the smoke.

She seemed to have grown up a lot after one night.

Her face was still pale, her eyebrows thin, her chin sharp. However, her eyes were exceptionally calm and indifferent.

He clearly remembered how she looked at him with brightness and hidden admiration in her eyes.

After one night, it all seemed to have disappeared.

Qiao Yanze exhaled out the smoke, that unknown panic and messiness surfacing in his heart once more. He took a few puffs of the cigarette, before he was finally able to push that unknown feeling down.

There was barely any expression on his handsome face, raising his hand to make a gesture for Cen Xi to sit down.

Cen Xi sat opposite of him, her eyes meeting his through the smoke.

“We couldn’t find Young Master Li’s body. There’s a possibility he didn’t die.”

Cen Xi didn’t know how to describe her feelings. She closed her eyes, then opened them again. “That’s why, Young Master Qiao wants to use me again to lure Young Master Li out?”

Qiao Yanze narrowed his eyes, unhappy about her tone. “Do you think you’re that attractive to lure him out the second time?”

When Cen Xi stared at the man’s cold expression, her heart still lurched a little in pain. He clearly used her, and almost killed her with his shot, but he wasn’t feeling guilty at all and was about to talk to her so coldly.

Indeed, when men wanted to be ruthless, their hearts were the sharpest knives in the world.

It’s time to wake up, Cen Xi!

“If that’s not the case, why did Young Master Qiao come here?”

“Before Young Master Li fell, what did he tell you and what did he give you? Cen Xi, Young Master Li is the young master of the organization. If we cannot apprehend him, he will cause a lot of danger to society. Who knows how many more people would die in his hands?! He knows the most advanced techniques to produce poison. So if he’s still alive…”

Cen Xi interrupted Qiao Yanze’s words, her eyes turning red. “If you want to apprehend him, do it yourself! Even if you continue to ask me a million times more, I’ll still say the same things. I don’t know anything! There’s no point in asking me!”

Inside, Cen Xi told herself to calm down. However, whenever she saw that he was only treating her as a tool he could use, it felt like she had an anger that was threatening to spray out without warning. Her body trembled slightly. She took a deep breath, looking down as she recollected her emotions.

“Young Master Qiao, from now on, I don’t want to be a part of how you want to apprehend Young Master Li, or know whether you can apprehend him anymore.” Cen Xi looked down, tears covering her eyes slightly. She bit down on her lip tightly, her voice choked. “I know very well that my older sister owes the Qiao family, that was why I did my best to repay some of her sins after I found out about it all. If you think that it’s still not enough, how about I give you my life? Is that enough?”

She looked up, smiling faintly at him. A faint blush appeared on her pale face, tears swelling in her bright black eyes as her expression was determined and ashen with sadness.

Looking at her, Qiao Yanze’s expression instantly darkened. “What are you doing?”

Cen Xi took out a sharp arrowhead from her prisoner’s uniform. She didn’t even think as she immediately stabbed it into her chest.

Qiao Yanze’s expression changed, his cigarette falling on the floor. Just as the arrowhead was about to touch her chest, he quickly grabbed it.

His palm was cut by the arrowhead and blood flowed out immediately. However, it seemed like he wasn’t able to feel pain, as he merely stared at the woman in front of him.

Her pale expression was determined.

With a pull, Qiao Yanze took the arrowhead out from her hand. Blood immediately flowed onto his wrist, drenching his white sleeve. He furrowed his eyebrows tightly, a part of his heart constricting before a fiery anger started to burn within him.

She actually dared to commit suicide in front of him to threaten him!

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes, standing up immediately as his expression was frighteningly cold. “Do you think your life is worth a lot? You don’t deserve for me to take your life!”

With a hand on his waist, that unknown fiery burning brightly in his heart. He stared at the arrowhead he had thrown in the rubbish bin, remembering that she had hidden it on her since last night. Was she waiting for him to visit her so she could die in front of him?

When she was dealing with Shen Hao and Chu Yu, he could tell that she had a very strong personality. She wouldn’t have any care left towards people who have hurt her before.

She was so young, but her temper was so strong! It was no wonder she was Xiao Ying’s younger sister. Xiao Ying was like that too at first, and it was that that made him see a different light to her.

Qiao Yanze panted twice before he nodded at Cen Xi. “Tell me, with your life, what do you want to exchange for?”

“I want it to end all of the unhappiness between us! I want it to change so that the next time we meet, we will only be strangers. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Qiao Yanze’s lips moved, he wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t laugh at the same time. Cen Xi stood up, staring at his bleeding hand before she turned around to leave.

Staring at her back, Qiao Yanze chased after her.

He pressed her against the wall, his handsome face leaning closer to her, his breath warm. “Cen Xi, you were the one who said you want to repay for your sister’s sins and now you’re saying you don’t want it anymore. Why are you so shameless?”

Cen Xi looked up into his eyes, their breaths intertwining with each other. “I’m the one who overlooked my ability. I hope Young Master Qiao wouldn’t be too petty to hold it against a young girl like me. If we’re talking about repaying sins, I already did my best to repay them, but like you said, who am I to deserve it? If Young Master Qiao doesn’t want my life, my life will be mine from now on. But if Young Master Qiao wants it again, it won’t be that easy anymore!”