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Chapter 1253: Sirens

Gu Meng had been in jail for nearly two months now.

It was her first time being detained in jail. When she first arrived, she kept being bullied by the Big Sister in jail and almost lost her virginity.

Although they were all women, they were no less scary than men. Despite this, it wasn’t enough to make her too sad however. What made her truly sad was Brother Ah Dai who had regained his old memories and status.

When she lay in bed every night, she would dream about the Queen and King’s wedding that day.

He was riding a horse, dressed in a suit, his expression cold and aura strong as his eyes on her were cold and emotionless.

‘Bring the troublemaker away and interrogate her properly. If she’s a terrorist, punish her even more strictly!’

With those words, she was thrown in jail.

At first, when she was first detained, she still had a tinge of hope left, thinking that he would let her out. However, as every day passed, her hope slightly changed into despair.

She wouldn’t accept her fate and stay in jail for the rest of her life!

After Gu Meng went to jail, she didn’t have anyone to talk to anymore. After meeting Cen Xi, their ages were similar and she felt that Cen Xi was a good person, so she told Cen Xi everything in her heart.

After hearing that Gu Meng was arrested because she trespassed the railings during the King and Queen’s wedding and was treated as a terrorist, Cen Xi’s mind hurriedly thought it through, as if understanding something. “Mengmeng, you trespassed the area for that man who forgot you?”

During the Queen and King’s wedding, the ones who rode horses to the church seemed to be the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince. The Fifth Prince had just gotten married while the Third Prince just returned to the Royal family not too long ago…

Could he be the man Mengmeng said had forgotten about her?

“Mengmeng, are you talking about Ye Qing, the Third Prince?”

Gu Meng’s well-defined eyes were covered with a layer of tears. She grabbed Cen Xi’s hand, sniffling as she choked, “Xiao Xi, do you know him?”

“I know of him, but he doesn’t know me.” Cen Xi also only saw the Third Prince on the wedding day of the King and Queen. Although the Third Prince wasn’t as cold and ruthless as the King, he still grew up in the Royal family. All of his actions were dignified and poised, making it hard for people to approach him.

Gu Meng’s eyes were red and swollen. What could she do? She really wanted to cry after they mentioned Brother Ah Dai.

Back in the fishing village, Brother Ah Dai was quiet and barely spoke. She spent a few years before she managed to open his heart slowly.

It took so much for her to finally find a spot in his heart, but now he was treating her as a stranger once more. And now, he had become a Prince who was above everyone else, untouchable to her.

“Xiao Xi, I’m so scared. Brother Ah Dai seems to have become a different person. The distance between us makes it feel like we no longer belong to the same world.”

Cen Xi grabbed Gu Meng’s hand tightly. “Mengmeng, don’t be afraid. He only forgot about you for now, that’s why he’s acting cold to you. Once he remembers you, it won’t be like that anymore!”

With trembling lips, Gu Meng nodded. “Xiao Xi, thank you. I feel a lot better after talking to you.”

After lunch, the two of them were assigned to do some agricultural work. After a long afternoon, they finally returned and showered.

There were about eight women in the shower room, with a fat and broad-looking woman standing at the most in front. “1038, we want to talk to the newbie. Leave.”

Everyone who went into jail had committed a crime. Some even had blood on their hands, so they were all not easily bullied.

The fat leader had a murderous gaze, and it was easy to tell that she was the leader amongst the other inmates.

Everyone who went into jail no longer had a name. They only had a number as their identification and Gu Meng’s was 1038.

Gu Meng knew that these people should not be offended. If she didn’t win in a solo fight against the fat woman back then, she didn’t know how badly she would have been bullied already.

Xiao Xi looked skinny and thin, her entire size only one third of the fat woman’s, so it was probably definite that she wouldn’t be able to win her in a fight. Gu Meng didn’t even hesitate, as she immediately stood in front of Cen Xi, opening her arms to protect her fully behind herself. “She’s my good friend now. Don’t even think about touching her!”

The fat woman furrowed her eyebrows, expression fierce. “1038, even if you had crazy strength to defeat me, can your friend do it? If she can defeat me, I won’t touch her!”

The fat woman was a professional wrestler in the past. Her weight was thrice that of Cen Xi’s, looking like she was able to squash her if she sat on Cen Xi. Cen Xi wasn’t as strong as she was, how could she defeat the fat woman?

Gu Meng opened her mouth, wanting to take the fight for Cen Xi. However, Cen Xi grabbed her wrist and walked in front of Gu Meng, smiling at the latter. “Mengmeng, don’t worry. Although I’m not very strong, I still have a way to defeat her!”

The fat woman and the other women behind her started to laugh crazily. “Ha! Big words for a little girl. You’re so narcissistic! Big Sister, let her see your ability to make her beg and call you grandma later!”

“Wait for the good show!” The fat woman rolled her sleeves up, a scoff on her lips as she didn’t take the slender Cen Xi seriously at all.

The fat woman walked towards Cen Xi with a fierce aura. Cen Xi took a few steps back, the other women thinking that Cen Xi was scared of them as they started to laugh crazily.

Seeing Cen Xi avoid her, the fat woman pointed her middle finger at her in provocation. “Newbie, if you can’t do it, kneel down and call me grandma. Why are you hiding?”

Cen Xi ignored her. The fat woman continued to chase after her, while she kept avoiding the fat woman.

After more than ten minutes, the fat woman was panting from the chasing, while Cen Xi wasn’t even panting. She was still like a small rabbit, running especially fast.

After another ten minutes, the fat woman couldn’t catch her breath anymore. She pointed at Cen Xi’s nose. “Apart from running, what else can you do? If you dare, stop running and fight me instead!”

Cen Xi smirked coldly. “What age and day is it already? Fights are no longer the trend. As long as you collapse, you would stop targeting me, right?”

The fat woman crossed her arms. “Yes!” She didn’t believe that such a slender woman was able to defeat her!

Cen Xi nodded. “Alright, I’ll make you happy.”

She took out four stones she picked from the agricultural work she did earlier. With a flick of her wrists, two of them shot out quickly, both landing on each of the fat woman’s knees. The fat woman was unprepared for the attack, so her legs bent and she knelt down. Cen Xi flicked the remaining two stones out, landing on the fat woman’s shoulders. She was exceptionally quick. Before the fat woman could cry in pain, pain erupted from her shoulders and she fell down onto the floor in a terribly embarrassing manner.

It was only after Cen Xi and Gu Meng had walked far away that the fat woman finally sat up, but only with the help of several people.

Her shoulders and kneecaps were bruised from the stones.

She kept muttering, “Those two women are devils!” One of them looked cold and charming while the other one was cute and pretty. One knew how to fight people with stones while the other was born with crazy strength. If they worked together, wouldn’t they be the queens in the jail from now on?

Both Cen Xi and Gu Meng didn’t shower. After they returned to the cell, they looked at each other and smiled.

“Xiao Xi, I didn’t think you would be so capable! Your shots were so accurate!”

“I didn’t think you would have been born with crazy strength either. Mengmeng, you’re really awesome.”

Gu Meng scratched her head shyly, “I only have strength. It’s nothing much.”

Just as Cen Xi wanted to say more, someone walked in and looked at Cen Xi. “You, come out. Someone wants to see you.”