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Chapter 1252: Meeting Like That

Cen Xi lay sprawled by the cliff, watching as Young Master Li fell down the black abyss, disappearing from her sight. Her eyes immediately turned red.

She didn’t know why she would be so sad…

Young Master Li was an international criminal, so there was no way he was going to live. He had too many lives in his hands, so even dying a million times was something he deserved.

However, she was actually moved by him blocking the bullet from her.

Young Master Li probably knew very well that she merely used him, doing anything she could to hear about the base when she was still Xiao Hei.

They weren’t from the same world. He knew very well that she wouldn’t have any feelings for him, but he still risked his life to come and meet her and even took a bullet for her in a life and death situation.

And what about the person she had feelings for?

He didn’t hesitate to shoot her at all!

However, could she say he was wrong for it?


He had to avenge his family while carrying the mission for the country. Showing mercy to an international criminal was against his principles and righteousness.

It was only sacrificing her, someone who was nothing, so why shouldn’t he?

Cen Xi closed her eyes, holding onto the jade thumb ring Young Master Li gave her tightly. Two warm streaks of tears trailed down her face.

Qiao Yanze walked towards Cen Xi, his large hand holding her arm as he pulled her up. He looked at her with furrowed eyebrows. “Go back with me first.”

The Defense Minister walked over, speaking with a dark expression, “Young Master Qiao, get your men to look for Young Master Li’s body along the cliff. I will bring this lady back for investigation. She aimed her bow at you while the criminal also took a bullet for her, so I think that she might be something.”

Qiao Yanze said coldly, “There is nothing wrong with her. If she didn’t shoot an arrow at Young Master Li’s wrist, we might all have died here in an explosion!”


Before the Defense Minister could finish speaking, a cold voice rang. “I’m willing to be brought back for an investigation.”

Qiao Yanze’s handsome expression darkened, his pretty eyes narrowing with an unreadable expression. “Have you thought it through?”

Cen Xi looked up, meeting Qiao Yanze’s eyes. Her eyes were exceptionally dark and calm. “Yes.”

She would rather be taken away for investigation than go back with him. After a heart turned completely cold, it would be extremely hard to warm it up again.

Maybe, there wasn’t a need to warm it again. Tonight’s incidents were like a hammer, smashing into her.

It was time to wake up. All of her feelings towards him before were too unrealistic.

She had always loved herself. It was probably enough to let herself be stepped all over like this for her sister, right? She has done enough.

No longer looking at him, Cen Xi followed the Defense Minister onto the car.

Qiao Yanze stared at the SUV that slowly drove away. His heart suddenly tightened, his eyes suddenly turning red. As his grip on the gun tightened, a feeling of helplessness grew in his heart.

Why was he panicked?

How could he be so anxious?

He wasn’t wrong in doing this!

She was Xiao Ying’s younger sister and she was repaying for her sister’s sins willingly. He was already being very merciful by sparing her life!

Why would he care about her feelings?

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes, the sight of her calm and cold eyes when she left appearing once more. It was as if she wouldn’t have any emotions again.

Qiao Yanze shook his head. When he opened his eyes again, he was a lot calmer.

This strange anxiety in his heart would also disappear.

With a stern expression, he ordered his men to go down to the cliff to look for Young Master Li. If he was alive, Qiao Yanze wanted to see him! If he was dead, Qiao Yanze wanted to see his body too!

Cen Xi sat at the back seat of the SUV, two armed guards sitting by her sides. She looked out of the window blankly, her temple aching like she had been pricked by a needle.

The car drove away from the mountainous areas and onto the smooth roads.

Cen Xi was slightly tired, so she leaned back against the chair, closing her eyes with a dizzy head. She continued to hold onto Young Master Li’s jade thumb ring tightly.

Even though she was very tired, somehow, she just couldn’t fall asleep.

Everything that happened that night kept appearing in her mind. And the more she thought about it, the sadder she felt, like her heart had been ripped into pieces.

The next morning, Cen Xi had been interrogated completely. She wasn’t a member of the organization. She was only moved from Young Master Li’s words and him protecting her with his life, that was why she couldn’t bring herself to shoot another arrow at him.

The conflict with Qiao Yanze and aiming her bow at him was only her wanting to end her life, so that she could end the unhappiness between her older sister and the Qiao family. She never thought of shooting Qiao Yanze.

Since they couldn’t get any useful information from her, the Defense Minister ordered his men to send her into jail.

It was Cen Xi’s first time wearing a criminal uniform and going into jail after living for so many years.

The jail cell was more modernized and cleaner than she had imagined. There was a bunk bed in the room.

When Cen Xi was brought in, a girl was sitting in the lower bunk, dazing into space. The girl had a ponytail, looking extremely pretty with large eyes, a pretty nose and scarlet lips. She had two hands cupping her cheeks, slight sadness apparent on her expression.

After Cen Xi went in, the girl glanced at her.

The two of them sized each other up.

They were both slightly confused when they saw each other, since they both didn’t look like the typical criminals.

Cen Xi wasn’t a very sociable person and was more introverted. On top of what happened last night, she didn’t want to speak, so she merely nodded at the girl before she climbed onto the top bunk and lay down.

After a nap, the alarm for food rang and Cen Xi was shaken awake by the girl in the lower bunk. “It’s time to eat.”

Cen Xi rubbed her eyes, wanting to say that she didn’t want to eat. However, at another thought, she was in jail now, which meant that she would starve if she didn’t eat. She nodded at the girl. “Thank you, I’ll get up now.”

Cen Xi followed the girl into the cafeteria. Amongst all of the female inmates, they were the youngest and most eye-catching.

“There’s another pretty girl.”

“We didn’t get that girl the previous time, this time…”

Hearing the people behind her talk about her, Cen Xi looked back, finding several women looking at her with unfriendly glances.

“We’re in the same dormitory. Don’t even think about it!”

Seeing the girl in the same cell defend her so vehemently, Cen Xi gave her a smile. “Thank you.”

The girl shook her head. “No worries. These people use the fact that they’ve been in here for a long time and always bully the newcomers. I hate them so much.”

After talking for some time with the girl, Cen Xi realized that she was friendly and easygoing. She stretched a hand out to her. “I’m Cen Xi, what about you?”

“Me? I’m Gu Meng. You can call me Mengmeng.”

The two of them got their food and sat together. Gu Meng asked curiously, “You don’t look like a bad person, what did you do to come in here?”

Cen Xi sighed, “It’s hard to explain. What about you?”

“Me? I came to chase after a man who forgot about me.”