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Chapter 1251: You Don’t Like Me, But I Like You

Young Master Li took out a small remote control from his pocket, laughing in a creepy, bloodthirsty manner. “Qiao Sen, did you think I wasn’t prepared when I came here today? Look at where you’re standing now. Once I press the button, you’ll all be buried with me today!”

The breeze blew at Young Master Li’s shirt. Right now, his expression was dark. He didn’t look handsome anymore, only looking ruthless and menacing.

Both Qiao Yanze and Young Master Li knew very well that once they stood on opposing sides, they would be enemies and no other emotions would be between them anymore!

“I’ll count down from three now. Everyone stand back apart from Qiao Sen!”

The middle aged man that came with Qiao Yanze glanced at Qiao Yanze. Qiao Yanze nodded at him. “Listen to him.”

“Yanze, it’s very dangerous for you to be alone here.”

“I know the situation. Since I lured him out, I wouldn’t let him leave so easily, unless I die!”


Qiao Yanze glanced at Cen Xi, who was still being held hostage by Young Master Li’s butler. She was like a flower swaying in the wind, her face pale with tears in her eyes, though there was also a slight derision in them.

She wasn’t looking at him, her eyes staring elsewhere blankly. Qiao Yanze’s heart constricted slightly.

An unknown and strange feeling spread from his heart.

He didn’t want to think about what these feelings were, because to him, there was nothing more important than apprehending Young Master Li!

Only apprehending Young Master Li would end everything!

Young Master Li got the butler to bring Cen Xi away first. The butler wasn’t willing to leave, but Young Master Li ordered him again and again before he finally led Cen Xi towards the cliff.

However, they hadn’t walked too far when the butler collapsed on the ground.

Seeing the butler collapsed, Young Master Li’s eyes immediately turned red. He glanced at the men dressed in black who were hidden in the woods and had attacked the butler.

Young Master Li’s expression immediately changed. “Qiao Sen, you dare to play tricks?! Alright, let us all die together then!”

Young Master Li raised the remote control in his hand. In the next second, an arrow shot at his wrist and the remote control landed on the ground.

Young Master Li replied coldly, “Xiao Hei, he used you and treated you as a bait and tool, but you’re still helping him?!”

Qiao Yanze glanced at Cen Xi, who had fallen by the cliff, body shaking terribly with a crossbow and arrow in her hands. He said, “You did a good job!”

The middle aged man who was observing the situation with binoculars saw the fallen remote control and led his men up onto the mountain again.

Young Master Li nodded with red eyes. “Alright, alright, alright! I deserve everything for my sins, but I won’t surrender like this. If you have the ability, feel free to attack me! However, before this, bring Xiao Hei to a safe place first!”

Hearing Young Master Li’s words, Cen Xi stared at him with slight disbelief. She just shot him, but he didn’t even want her dead and wanted to protect her instead?

Qiao Yanze naturally wouldn’t believe that Young Master Li would let go of Cen Xi so easily. Young Master Li was great at playing mind games. He could tell that Young Master Li’s words were already making Cen Xi waver.

Of course, he couldn’t blame her. After all, she was just a young girl. Who wasn’t willing to listen to nice words in a life and death situation?

“Young Master Li, let Cen Xi come over. I’ll be your hostage.”

“Qiao Sen, why do I want you as a hostage? I only want Xiao Hei to be safe. I may be bad, but I’ll protect the woman I like with everything I have. I wouldn’t use her as a tool and treat her as nothing…”

Although Cen Xi was walking towards Qiao Yanze already, after hearing Young Master Li’s words, she felt extremely touched. She hesitated and Young Master Li used the opportunity to pull Cen Xi towards him. He held a dagger, holding Cen Xi hostage.

Cen Xi’s heart fell.

Young Master Li looked down, whispering by her ear, “Xiao Hei, don’t worry. I won’t hurt you, please believe me.”

Cen Xi couldn’t hear what he was saying, all she felt was her body turning completely cold.

Seeing Young Master Li pull Cen Xi towards the cliff, Qiao Yanze’s eyes turned cold. “You think that I wouldn’t take action because you have her as a hostage?”

Hearing Qiao Yanze’s words, Cen Xi’s eyes immediately turned red. She held the crossbow up, aiming at Qiao Yanze. “If you don’t do it, I’ll shoot you first!”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

No one had thought that Cen Xi would aim her crossbow at Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanze stared at Cen Xi, determination in her black gem-like eyes while her small face was tense and ashen.

The vein at the back of Qiao Yanze’s hand twitched, his handsome face extraordinarily cold. “Then let’s see who’s more capable!”

The moment he shot the bullet, Cen Xi’s crossbow wasn’t able to shoot the arrow out.

Everything seemed to have frozen in place.

A cold smirk appeared on her lips and she closed her eyes, waiting.

Just as she thought she would die, someone suddenly pushed her on the floor.

Young Master Li hugged Cen Xi as they rolled towards the cliff. Blood dripped from his lips. He smiled as he stared at Cen Xi in his arms.

“Remember, you don’t owe him anything. Don’t let him bully you anymore.” Young Master Li took out a jade thumb ring from his thumb. “I’ll give this to you. I know we’re not from the same world and you don’t like me, but I like you. Before I die, can you tell me your name?”

Cen Xi”s chest heaved up and down, the urge to cry overwhelming her. “I’m called Cen Xi.”

“Your name is really nice.”

Cen Xi watched as Young Master Li slowly slid down the cliff, reaching out to grab him on instinct. Young Master Li shook his head at her. “I’ll die even if you pull me up. Maybe, I might still live if I fall. Xiao Hei, remember my words. You don’t owe him anything. With how he’s treating you, he owes you instead. He will regret it one day!”

With that said, he let go of her hand and fell down the cliff.