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Chapter 1250: He Came

Hearing Young Master Li’s words, Cen Xi’s heart tightened. She didn’t shout or cry, knowing what kind of circumstance she was in.

She looked down, trying to think of a solution calmly.

Young Master Li was a wanted man. He was extremely ruthless, so wouldn’t she only die if she left with him?

The car stopped halfway through. They were deep in the woods, the roads steep as the car lights couldn’t show the end of the road. The mountainous trees were completely dark, making her feel nervous and unconsciously anxious.

The sound of the helicopter became louder and louder. Seeing that it was about to land, a loud bang rang and something exploded.

A bright light and strong force made even the SUV tremble.

Cen Xi widened her eyes in disbelief. Before she could react, the butler, who had also got out of the car, grabbed her slender hand. Young Master Li had gotten out of the car as well. His handsome face looked terrible, and he cursed out loud!

“Young Master, go up quickly.” The butler dragged Cen Xi into the woods.

Not too far away, bright vehicle lights started to shine towards them. The butler’s expression changed immediately, controlling Cen Xi by her temple.

Seeing this, Young Master Li furrowed his eyebrows. “Don’t hurt her.”

“Young Master, do you still believe her at this time? From what I see, she worked with Qiao Sen to lure you out on purpose!”

Young Master Li glanced at Cen Xi, raising an eyebrow. “If she’s acting, she’s too good at it. I believe that she doesn’t know about the plan to lure me out.”

Cen Xi vaguely understood something.

There was still the smell of explosion and gunpowder lingering in the air. Leaves rustled from the wind, and a nervous and dangerous atmosphere grew in the air.

Listening to the surroundings, Young Master Li suddenly smirked. “It seems like it’s very hard for us to leave tonight.” Important spots in the woods had been taken by the other party already.

A few minutes later, an SUV appeared. The door appeared and Qiao Yanze, who was wearing a black coat and black boots, got out of the car. There was also a middle-aged man with him.

Apart from the wind, it was completely quiet in the woods.

Cen Xi stared at the handsome man who was getting out of the car. It looked like he had a bright light surrounding him, his tall figure, sharp eyes and strong aura looking like he was a Devil from Hell, making others unable to look at him straight.

The butler pushed Cen Xi in front of Young Master Li, glaring at Qiao Yanze and his men with red eyes. “If you dare do things recklessly, I’ll kill this woman now!”

Young Master Li didn’t speak, staring intently at Qiao Yanze with dark eyes. He seemed to have understood everything suddenly, a smirk appearing on his lips. “Qiao Sen, you’re indeed careful and full of tricks. You guessed that I would come to the Capital after running away. if I didn’t guess wrongly, you got Xiao Hei to kowtow to you to make me see her on purpose!

“You knew that I liked Xiao Hei and would be unhappy to see you bully her like that, that I would definitely find a way to meet her and bring her with me. That was why you helped Xiao Hei at school to make her listen to you and brought her here. Although I don’t know what you did to Xiao Hei at night, you probably planned Xiao Hei’s escape in the middle of the night. Seeing that she was alone and in a terrible state, I would definitely come out and meet her…

“You hate me to the core, thinking that since those people couldn’t detain me, you lured me to this mountain to settle me and end everything here, right?”

Young Master Li’s words were rational and despair. His emotions were portrayed extremely well. No matter how true his words were, they were like a bomb being thrown into Cen Xi’s heart.

A loud explosion occurred!

When she felt pain, she felt completely cold as well. She knew that she couldn’t say anything to Qiao Yanze. To him, she was only a sinner. He said that only he could torture her.

However, she never thought that he would use her as bait!

When she was almost expelled, he appeared in the Dean’s office like an angel and her heart started to flutter uncontrollably.

He drove her to Shen Hao’s residential area, passed her a crossbow and arrow so that she could deal with the people who hurt her. With him staying here to support her, she even thought that she was slightly different to him.

But now, she understood that he gave her a crossbow and arrow to prove to Young Master Li, who was hidden in the dark, that she was the little nurse. She was good at shooting arrows because she knew how to in the first place.

A bitter smile appeared on Cen Xi’s lips. This was a fight between men, but what was she in this?

A pawn.

Qiao Yanze used her as bait, but did he ever think of what could happen when she was being held hostage by Young Master Li?

He probably never considered it!

To him, she was only the younger sister of his enemy, a person he could sacrifice anytime!

But how could she blame him?

She said before that she wanted to repay her older sister’s sins and brought herself to him. What reasons did he have to not use her then?

Why would she be so stupid and almost lose herself?

Closing her eyes, scorching tears fell down her cheeks.

Young Master Li stared at the slender figure trembling in front of him. He furrowed his eyebrows, whispering softly, “Nurse Xiao Hei, don’t be sad because of that heartless man. It’s a good thing you can wake up now too. Don’t worry, even if I die here today, I would never hurt you.”

Cen Xi looked back at Young Master Li. Young Master Li’s eyes happened to land on her, their eyes meeting.

Young Master Li gave her a handsome smile.

Cen Xi’s heart was filled with an emotional turmoil. Young Master Li could say such warm words to her, but that person…

No, she couldn’t think anymore. The more she thought about it, the more unhappy she would become.

If her life ended here today, it would end everything as well. She had paid for her older sister’s sins. Even if she was dying, she would be at ease too!

From where Qiao Yanze was standing, it was a little far from Young Master Li and Cen Xi, so he couldn’t hear what they were saying very clearly. He only saw the two of them looking at each other. From what he saw, it was like an emotion that made it hard for them to part.

Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened, a murderous intent starting to exude from him. He took a few steps forward, saying coldly, “Young Master Li, you have nowhere to run to anymore! You’d better surrender, or there’s only one consequence!”

Young Master Li smirked. “Wouldn’t surrendering myself be the same thing? I’ll die either way, so why not fight for my life?”