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Chapter 1249: When She Was Running Away, He Suddenly Appeared…

After not eating for nearly the entire day and having sat in a car in fear for a few hours, Cen Xi was exhausted. So after the old lady arranged a room for Cen Xi, she fell asleep on the bed in a daze.

By the time she woke up and scrambled for her phone, it was nearly nine in the evening.

Cen Xi opened the door and took a look outside. It was completely dark, with not even a light lit outside.

She opened the window.

In the mountain not too far away, two candlelights could be seen in the woods. Squinting her eyes to take a closer look, she noticed that there was a grave there.

The room she stayed in was closer to the woods, so apart from the grave, all she saw were huge trees. The woods were so dense they looked dark and mysterious. The dark shadow scared Cen Xi so much she took a step back.

She swallowed in fear, a chill running up her back as cold sweat covered her.

After a few seconds, she finally regained her senses and closed the window. Lying back down on the bed, she covered the blanket over her head, curling up into a ball.

Was this why Young Master Qiao brought her?

Did he want her room to face his mother’s grave so that she couldn’t fall asleep in fear?

A few more hours had passed, but Cen Xi couldn’t fall asleep yet. She was famished, feeling that even breathing was difficult for her if she continued to starve herself.

She glanced at the time, it was nearly midnight.

She opened the door, using her phone’s torchlight to find the kitchen. At this time, Young Master Qiao and the lady should have fallen asleep already, right?

Cen Xi turned on the kitchen’s lights, finding some eggs and noodles in the fridge. She took them out and rummaged around to cook a bowl of noodles for herself.

Once the noodles were cooked, she brought it to the dining table, before she returned to the kitchen to tidy the kitchen counter.

When she returned to the dining table, there was a tall figure standing there. That person was wearing a black night robe. At first glance, she thought she had seen a ghost, scaring her so much she immediately took a step back and yelped in fright.

“Why are you screaming in the middle of the night?” The man who was eating her noodles glanced at her, coldness on his handsome expression.

Seeing that he had eaten a third of her noodles, Cen Xi said helplessly, “Young Master Qiao, those are my noodles.”

“Your noodles?” The man smirked with a scoff. “You actually have the guts to say that.”

Cen Xi was so embarrassed her face turned red. She watched as he finished her noodles, only leaving some soup. She swallowed dryly.

He left after finishing the noodles, leaving her an extremely cold view of his back.

Once he was long gone, Cen Xi made another bowl of noodles for herself.

This time, she immediately finished it in the kitchen after she finished cooking. After she satiated her starving belly, Cen Xi felt a lot better.

Returning to her room, Cen Xi glanced at the tightly shut window. Although the window was closed and she couldn’t see the grave anymore, the image was still strong in her mind.

She wrapped her hands around herself tightly, unconsciously frightening herself as she thought more about it.

That feeling felt like a beast waiting with an awaiting mouth in the dark, wanting to swallow her anytime.

Did Young Master Qiao bring her here for her to feel this extreme fear?

No, the more she thought about it, the more scared she was. The more scared she was, the more she didn’t want to be here.

She wanted to leave!

At the thought that her necklace was still with him, Cen Xi quietly went up and opened the master bedroom door.

No one was staying in the master bedroom. There was only a dimmed yellow light, a wide and soft bed and a large photo hanging on the wall.

It was a photo Mrs. Qiao had taken before she had passed on.

Seeing Mrs. Qiao’s eyes, Cen Xi was so terrified that her soul flew away. She hurriedly left the room, disregarding any lingering thoughts of her necklace. Grabbing her bow bag, she left the mansion in a hurry.

Using the path she remembered when they came, she ran out of that hidden path.

After running for a while, she finally ran out of the hidden path and arrived at a rundown road.

The lights on both sides of the roads were spoiled, so it was completely dark all around. Cen Xi’s phone was almost running out of battery as well. She held onto her breath, not daring to stop walking.

She continued walking for another twenty minutes. An SUV passed by and Cen Xi hurriedly waved it down.

The SUV stopped, the window winding down. Cen Xi glanced at the middle aged man driving, asking, “Sir, can you send me to the city? I’ll pay you.”

The driver glanced at Cen Xi, before nodding. “Come on!”

Cen Xi got into the car, hugging the bow bag with her small hands. There was a crossbow and three arrows in the bow bag. After taking it from Young Master Qiao’s back boot, she had kept it.

From the corner of her eyes, she glanced at the driver guardedly.

Seeing Cen Xi look at him like she was looking at an enemy, the driver wanted to laugh. “Girl, if you’re afraid, why did you stop me?”

“I can’t walk anymore.”

“Were you kidnapped?”

“If I was, I probably wouldn’t be able to escape so easily!” Cen Xi replied.

At this moment, mocking laughter trailed from behind.

Cen Xi hurriedly turned around, seeing a sleeping figure sit up. He rubbed his eyes. After he put down his slender fingers, a familiar face appeared in front of Cen Xi.

“Y-Young Master Li?”

Cen Xi wasn’t so calm anymore.

How could it be Young Master Li?

Wasn’t he arrested? Did he escape prison?

But why would he appear here?

Cen Xi’s mind was mashed into a puddle now.

“Xiao Hei, we meet again. Are you surprised?” Young Master Li blinked at Cen Xi, not looking like he was an internationally wanted criminal.

Cen Xi’s heart immediately jumped to her throat.

Young Master Li recognized her! He knew she was Xiao Hei!

Seeing Cen Xi’s long lashes flutter, her face pale, Young Master Li smiled even wider. “I was going to leave S Country already, but I was worried about Xiao Hei and really wanted to meet you. That was why I took the risk to find you. Are you not surprised to see me?”


It’s more like she was terrified!

Since Young Master Li already recognized her, he probably knew that she got some information from him as well, that she worked with Qiao Sen. Did he want her life by finding her this time?

Cen Xi looked down, her thoughts flying crazily.

“It seems like Young Master Li was trailing after me secretly when you appeared here. Since Young Master Li didn’t kill me, what do you want to do exactly?”

Young Master Li showed a sad expression. “Xiao Hei, I said that I only wanted to come to see you and talk to you. Do you think I want to seek revenge?”

Cen Xi’s long lashes fluttered. “D-Did you not?”

“It’s still not time for revenge. I’m in no rush.” Young Master Li reached out to touch Cen Xi’s face.

Swallowing, Cen Xi tilted her head and Young Master Li touched only air.

But Young Master Li wasn’t angry, he only smiled. “It turns out that you’re so pretty when I look at you closely!”

Cen Xi stared at Young Master Li’s smile, not able to tell for the time being if he wanted to kill her or if he really came to see her only.

The SUV drove towards one of the mountains and a bad feeling grew in Cen Xi’s heart. The sounds of a helicopter sounded from not too far away. In a few minutes, a helicopter appeared in front of her.

“Xiao Hei, actually, I came to take you with me.”