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Chapter 1248: Something Was Wrong

Before last night, Cen Xi really treated Chu Yu as her real friend. She would never have imagined that Chu Yu would actually send her onto Shen Hao’s bed. When her plan didn’t work, she came up with plan B to make the school expel her.

Regardless of whether she had been humiliated by Shen Hao or the fact that she had been expelled, both were a fatal blow to her.

Seeing the cold questioning in Cen Xi’s eyes, Chu Yu’s expression immediately distorted in anger. “Cen Xi, do you still remember Su Han? He was so good to you. He fell ill and wanted you to go overseas with him for his treatment. You agreed, but you broke your promise. Did you know that he cried when he left? Because of you, I don’t even know if he’s still alive! He’d cut all contact with all of us already!”

Cen Xi’s heart throbbed in pain a little.

How could she not remember Su Han? He was her high school classmate and was a very pretty and capable boy. He once occupied an important part in Cen Xi’s teenage years.

Indeed, she agreed to go overseas with him for his treatment. However, before they left, his mother met her and gave her a cheque, saying that she was an orphan that didn’t deserve to be with her son.

Later, she found out about her older sister. With the mind to repay her older sister’s sins, she forgot about Su Han. Because she knew that the Su family only had that one precious son, they would definitely treat him, no matter what.

Cen Xi was still lost in her memories when Shen Hao, who had heard Chu Yu’s words, finally understood that he had really been used by Chu Yu.

As Shen Hao was a narcissistic person, there was no way he would stand being used by others. He pulled Chu Yu by the hair, pressing her on the ground as he slapped her twice on both cheeks. He used so much force Chu Yu’s face was burning with pain, her mind blanking out.

“B*tch, I’m going to call the university and expose the fact that you’re the one who sold yourself in the yacht! I’ll get the university to expel you!”

“Young Master Shen, don’t call! I-I’m wrong-”

Shen Hao wasn’t in any condition to listen to any explanations or excuses anymore. Seeing this, Chu Yu glanced towards Cen Xi with desperate eyes. “Save me, save me!”

Cen Xi stood up from the car roof, her long hair blowing in all angles by the wind. However, it didn’t influence her aura at all. “Yesterday, when I was almost drowned by Shen Hao in the bathtub, why didn’t you come and save me? Today, when I was scolded by the entire uni and was almost expelled, why didn’t you save me?”

A bitter smirk crossed her lips. “Chu Yu, remember that I treated you sincerely when we were still friends. Now that I’m not your friend anymore, you are nothing to me, nothing.”

With that said, Cen Xi jumped off the car roof.

Qiao Yanze, who had been sitting in the car, heard her final words and he narrowed his eyes slightly.

This girl was very clear about her own feelings. Would she say such cold and desperate words as well once she thought that she had repaid her older sister’s sins and didn’t owe him anything anymore? Would he be nothing in her eyes anymore?

Qiao Yanze felt that he was acting a little strange. She was Xiao Ying’s younger sister, why did he have to care about her feelings? Who cares if they had no relations?

Cen Xi walked towards Qiao Yanze’s sports car, wanting to tell him that she will take a taxi back to the university herself when her phone rang.

It was a call from Brother Bai Lin.

Recalling that she had a fever last night and Brother Bai Lin took care of her all night, Cen Xi took a few steps away from the car.

“Xiao Xi, are you free later? I’m going to your uni in the afternoon. Let’s have lunch together?”

Before Cen Xi could reply, her phone was taken away.

Cen Xi turned back, looking at the man behind her who was holding her phone. She furrowed her eyebrows. “Young Master Qiao, why did you take my phone?”

By now, Qiao Yanze had hung up the call, before he returned her phone. “If you still want that necklace, come with me.”

Cen Xi’s eyes constricted.

He didn’t throw away the necklace?

Cen Xi walked towards the sports car, her expression tense as she stared at Qiao Yanze. “Young Master Qiao, but I saw you throwing the necklace into the sea last night, no?”

Qiao Yanze didn’t want to talk anymore nonsense to Cen Xi. He took out the necklace from his pocket. Seeing that it was really the necklace she treasured preciously, Cen Xi reached out, wanting to take it. Qiao Yanze moved his hand over, putting the necklace back into his pocket.

What the heck? Cen Xi was so angry her chest heaved up and down.

She had no choice but to get into the sports car. She picked up her phone that he had thrown on the seat, sending a message to Bai Lin: [Brother Bai Lin, I’m a little busy today. I’ll treat you to a meal another day!]

The moment she sent the message, Bai Lin called her.

“… Yes, my fever is down… You don’t have to worry, I’m alー”

The sports car suddenly sped up. Cen Xi wasn’t prepared for it, and her phone fell onto the floor. She wanted to bend down to pick it up, however, the car was moving too quickly and she had no chance to pick it up at all.

Cen Xi grabbed the handle tightly. As her mind spun in a dizzy haze, the car was already on the expressway. Once they hit the expressway, the car drove even faster.

“Young Master Qiao, where are you taking me?”

The man driving had a cold expression, not wanting to talk to her at all. Forget it. Cen Xi knew that he wouldn’t listen to her no matter what she said, so she stopped asking him anything.

After a few hours, the car left the expressway and drove for another small period of time, before it drove into a hidden path.

Cen Xi’s face had already turned pale, her stomach churning crazily from the crazy tremors.

However, she stopped speaking, looking out of the window as she looked around her.

About twenty minutes after driving into the hidden path, Cen Xi saw a tall wall. There was a four-storey mansion behind the wall, while a mountain was behind the mansion. It seemed like she couldn’t see the end of the path.

Qiao Yanze drove into the courtyard.

There was a slightly older woman standing at the door. Seeing Qiao Yanze get off, happiness and excitement appeared in her eyes. She moved forward and hugged him tightly.

Cen Xi got out of the car with a mixture of trepidation and confusion.

The woman saw Cen Xi getting out of the car and whispered softly to Qiao Yanze with her back facing Cen Xi.

Cen Xi couldn’t see or hear what they were talking about. After Qiao Yanze went into the mansion, the woman stared at Cen Xi with a complicated gaze.

Seeing the woman look at her, Cen Xi nodded. “Hello…”

The woman ignored Cen Xi, walking back into the mansion with a cold expression.

Cen Xi stood in the courtyard, not knowing if she should go in or not.

After a while, the woman came out. “You can come in!”

Hearing her, Cen Xi followed the woman inside. The woman walked in front, leading Cen Xi into a simple looking room. “Young Master came to pay his respects to the Old Madam.”

Was the Old Madam Young Master Qiao’s mother?

“When the Old Madam passed away, the Qiao family was in trouble and Young Master was arrested. That was why her funeral wasn’t done grandly. Young Lady Zhi buried her at the Capital’s graveyard before she left S Country. However, not too long after they left, the graveyard informed me that they had to move the Old Madam’s grave.

“This is one of the mansions the Old Madam’s family had, so she could only be buried here. All these years, I’ve been guarding this place and accompanying the Old Madam, waiting for the day for Young Master to clear the Qiao family’s name, rebuild the family and move the Old Madam’s grave back to the Capital to be buried with Old Master. It’s a blessing for me to finally see such a day.”

Cen Xi looked down, vaguely feeling that something was wrong.

If one was to consider the situation, Young Master Qiao would never bring her to his mother’s grave. What did he want to do by bringing her here?