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Chapter 1247: Wasn’t Last Night Enough?

Cen Xi stared at the man’s handsome face in front of her, their eyes meeting for a few seconds. With him so close to her, she could see how black and long his lashes were, they were even denser than hers after she put on mascara.

It was no wonder she had a false feeling of looking into a deep wormhole every time they met eyes.

His eyes were purely black in color. His eyebrow was raised slightly, exuding devilishness and coldness, his lips pursed tightly into a handsome but tight line.

When he spoke, his breath sprayed on her face. It felt so hot her skin had turned red, her heart beating slightly out of rhythm.

She knew that this unusualness had nothing to do with love.

It was just his masculine charm and seduction, nothing more. He looked too good, be it from his eyes to his lips, he looked like he had walked out of a comic book.

Her fingers on her knees curled up unconsciously, her fingers sinking into her palms. It was only with that that she could ensure she wouldn’t be charmed by him.

This man was like an addictive drug covered with honey. If she wasn’t careful, she would sink once more. She would even forget how cold-blooded and heartless he was to humiliate her like that!

“Young Master Qiao, I’m not an object that belongs to you. You don’t have the right to torture me either!”

Qiao Yanze’s well-defined fingers lifted Cen Xi’s pretty chin, smirking indifferently, “Really? Didn’t you say you wanted to repay your older sister’s sins?”

Cen Xi bit her lip hard, her breath tightening. “Wasn’t last night enough?”

He narrowed his eyes, his eyes as cold as ice. “What do you think?”

Cen Xi’s head started to hurt once more as she stared into his deep but unreadable eyes. She looked away. “Say it all at once. I’ll do it if I can.”

With that, Qiao Yanze let go of Cen Xi’s chin before he returned to the driver’s seat. His tall figure leaned back against the chair lazily as he took out a cigarette and matchstick box. He lit it up and glanced out of the window. “I’ll tell you once I think of it. In the meantime, you should go settle your thing first.”

Cen Xi saw two familiar figures walking out of the building through the window.

Shen Hao and Chu Yu.

The two of them were hugging, leaning down and kissing each other as they walked towards the sports car parked near the door.

Earlier today, Cen Xi had already briefly guessed that it was Chu Yu who posted that post.

The person who gave pressure to the school was probably Shen Hao. Although the Shen family wasn’t the richest and most powerful families in the Capital, it was still a moderately rich and powerful one. It was only a few words to get the university to expel a normal student.

Cen Xi pushed the door open, wanting to get off.

At this moment, a large hand reached over and grabbed her slender wrist. The man’s hand was slightly calloused, feeling rough against her skin as it produced slight tingles, like electricity numbing her entire body.

Cen Xi retracted her hand like she had touched electricity. “Young Master Qiao, I may owe you, but I don’t owe them.” She was weak in front of him because she wanted to repay her older sister’s sins, that was why she would endure it no matter how much he tortured or humiliated her.

However, she wasn’t a pushover usually. For people unrelated to her, if they slapped her once, she would definitely return them with another ten slaps.

Qiao Yanze noted the coldness in Cen Xi’s eyes, freezing slightly before he said after a few seconds, “There are tools you need in the back boot.”

The tools she needs? Cen Xi got out of the car and walked to the back boot.

There was a crossbow and twelve arrows in there.

Before Cen Xi had the time to think why he would prepare such a ‘tool’ for her, Cen Xi noticed that Shen Hao was about to drive away with Chu Yu. She hurriedly took out one arrow and shot it at Shen Hao’s car.

With a loud screech, Shen Hao stepped on the accelerator.

Seeing an arrow appear at his front window suddenly, Shen Hao was so scared his eyes immediately constricted, almost popping out of his head.

After Cen Xi’s adoptive parents passed away, she had suffered quite a bit. She used to be a princess that was doted on by her adoptive parents, and didn’t know about the world’s evils. After they passed away, her adoptive parents’ company had been taken over by their relatives while she was chased out of the house and bullied. She thought that it would be over after a while, but her holding back and giving in was returned with others’ more malicious and relentless bullying.

Later, she stopped holding back. If anyone dared to bully her, she would repay the favor in her own way.

Shen Hao didn’t see who shot the arrow, so he started to panic. He stepped on the accelerator again, wanting to leave when another arrow shot in through his opened window.

It happened to land on the steering wheel he was holding.

“F*ck, who dares to attack me in broad daylight?” Although Shen Hao liked to act mean usually because of his rich background, he was actually a coward when something actually happened.

Who wasn’t afraid of death?!

Chu Yu was frightened too. She immediately disregarded Shen Hao and got out of the car.

Seeing Chu Yu disregard his safety and run away alone, Shen Hao’s expression changed. “Chu Yu, is this your love for me? See if you dare get out of the car!”

“Young Master Shen, I-I’ll get off to call someone to come save you…” With a loud bang, Chu Yu slammed the door shut.

Shen Hao’s legs were shivering. He wanted to push the door open as well, but the moment he placed his fingers on the door, another arrow shot over and landed next to the door handle.

Holy sh*t!

Shen Hao’s lips started to tremble like mad, as he shouted with a trembling voice, “Who is it! How dare you do this, don’t let me catch you, if nー”

Before he could finish speaking, he was immediately silenced after seeing an arrow shoot right under his crotch.

F*ck! If it missed a little, it might have ruined his life!

Seeing that Shen Hao was completely dazed from fear, Cen Xi shot another arrow next to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu was so scared she stumbled and fell to the ground. She wanted to get up and run away. However, another arrow shot over and landed right by her feet. Her legs went numb and she couldn’t get up anymore.

Putting down her crossbow, Cen Xi walked casually towards Chu Yu.

When Chu Yu saw Cen Xi, her eyes constricted. Cen Xi pulled Shen Hao off the car, throwing him next to Chu Yu.

With one foot on the engine cap, Cen Xi jumped on top of the sports car. She crossed her legs, aiming her crossbow at Chu Yu, then at Shen Hao.

In an instant, Chu Yu was so scared her expression changed immediately. “Cen Xi, you b*tch! Are you not scared of going to jail when you’re committing a crime in broad daylight?”

Cen Xi tugged her lips coldly. “Since you still have the energy to scold me, it seems like…”

Seeing Cen Xi aim her crossbow at her, Chu Yu hurriedly shrunk behind Shen Hao. Seeing Chu Yu treat him as a human shield, Shen Hao was so angry he slapped her ruthlessly. “You’re the b*tch here! You were the one who told me that Cen Xi offended Young Master Qiao and that there’s nothing to be scared of!”

Chu Yu saw stars from Shen Hao’s slap, her tears circling in her eyes. “D-Didn’t I do it for you? If it wasn’t for her, would Young Master Qiao have hit you like that last night? I posted the post and got you to pressure the school to expel Cen Xi for you! If Cen Xi cannot continue her education, she wouldn’t be able to find a good job. So wouldn’t she be for you to play with already?”

“Chu Yu, aren’t you clear about whether you did it for Shen Hao or for yourself? In uni, you always acted as my friend but you kept causing me trouble behind my back. Did I dig out your family grave or eat your family’s food?”