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Chapter 1246: You’re… Crazy!

The discipline master looked at Cen Xi, who had her head lowered and he sighed. “How could you do such a foolish thing when you have excellent results and perform well usually? Is Haiyan yacht somewhere school girls like you can go? I asked you to call the person you have a feud with to come, but you’re unwilling. How can I believe you?

“Unless you call now and ask him to come and clarify for you, or you’ll have to leave the university.”

Cen Xi bit her lip, her eyelashes fluttering. “I can’t call him and he won’t come. If you don’t believe me, you can just expel me!”

The discipline master was angry with Cen Xi’s attitude. He threw his drinking cup on the table. “Why are you so stubborn? Is it so hard to make a call and ask the person to come? No matter how big your feud is, can’t that person give you a way out and come and help you clarify when it concerns you being expelled from university?”

Cen Xi looked down and did not speak.

The discipline master rubbed his temples and waved his hand at Cen Xi. “Since you’ve given up, I won’t say anything more. Go back to the dormitory and pack your things!”

Cen Xi took a few steps towards the door when it was suddenly pushed open.

The dean walked in.

The discipline master stood up hurriedly. “Dean, the matter has been settled…”

Before the discipline master could finish, another person came in.

The person who came in was tall and had a beautiful face. Slender upturned eyes, tall nose, scarlet lips, beautiful chin. He was extremely handsome. He was wearing an expensive black coat and he strode in with steady and elegant steps.

The dean introduced the man to the discipline master. “This is Young Master Qiao.”

The discipline master did not know who Young Master Qiao was, but judging from the attitude of the dean, this Young Master Qiao was not someone simple. He welcomed Young Master Qiao warmly and asked him to sit down.

But Qiao Yanze went around the discipline master and sat on his office chair. Seeing that there were two photos on the desk, he picked them up and took a look at it.

It was the photos of Cen Xi kowtowing to him.

Although he said nothing, the discipline master and dean were shocked by the cold air exuding from him.

When Cen Xi, who was about to leave, saw Qiao Yanze, her mind went blank for a few seconds. She thought she was seeing things.

Why would he appear here?

Closing her eyes and opening them again, Cen Xi frowned when she found that it was really him sitting on the discipline master’s chair.

Why did he come here?

Although she did not think that he would set her up behind her back and put pressure on the school to expel her, he might not make things easy for her in front of the school leaders…

Just when Cen Xi was feeling uneasy and did not know what Qiao Yanze was going to do, the unpredictable man spoke, “The man in the photos is me.”

The discipline master, “…”

The principal, “…”

Cen Xi, “…”

The dean was the first to react. Looking at Qiao Yanze’s handsome but cold face, he said cautiously, “Young Master Qiao, Miss Cen said that she kowtowed to you last night because of a personal feud, is that right?”

Qiao Yanze smirked. “Yes, I have a blood feud with her.”

The discipline master and dean were stunned.

Qiao Yanze picked up the two photos, tore them up and threw them into the bin. His tall body stood up from the chair and he placed his hands on the desk, cold and oppressive. “Although she’s my enemy, only I can hit and scold her, no one else can. She’ll be under me in the future. If there’s any problem, you can come to me!”

The dean and discipline master’s lips twitched.

Was she his enemy or lover?

“Young Master Qiao,” the discipline master said, “This matter has already spread throughout the university and has caused a great impact. Not only that, she went to work on the Haiyan yacht…”

Before the discipline master could finish, the office door was opened again and An Qin ran in, gasping. “Dean, Discipline Master, the one working on Haiyan yacht is me. Last night I had a stomach ache and Cen Xi took my place out of kindness. She’s innocent. If you want to punish someone, punish me!”

The dean looked at An Qin with a frown. There was an important figure behind An Qin, and although that important figure had a family, he had instructed that no matter what mistakes An Qin made, the school was not allowed to give her any demerit points. How could he punish her?

Needless to say, with Young Master Qiao’s status, he could not punish Cen Xi either.

The dean waved his hand. “Okay, it’s all a misunderstanding. Discipline master, go and deal with the post.”

The dean, along with Cen Xi, went with Qiao Yanze to the school gate.

Cen Xi was still a little confused. Qiao Yanze was not here to embarrass her, but to help her?

“Young Master Qiao, I still have something to attend to at school. I’ll leave first.”

Seeing the dean leaving, Cen Xi also wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Although she did not know why Qiao Yanze came to school to help her, she had better not talk to him that much, so that they would not be wary of each other.

But Cen Xi had taken two steps when the back of her collar was grabbed by a hand. Cen Xi looked back at the man who was holding her and her breath tightened. “Young Master Qiao, what are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do you.” He let go of her and he raised his chin at the sports car, saying coldly, “Get in.”

Cen Xi was speechless.

Didn’t he hate her? Wasn’t it only last night he said he didn’t want to see her again? Why was he asking her to get into the car?

Qiao Yanze had already gone to the side of the car and he knocked at the car window. Tang Xi, who was leaning against the seat playing games, poked his head out. “Third Brother, everything settled?”

“You take a taxi back. I want to use the car.”

Tang Xi caught a glimpse of Cen Xi not far away and he nodded with an ambiguous smile. “Okay, okay. I’ll get out of the car now.”

Cen Xi went into the car uneasily under the stare of Qiao Yanze.

As soon as she was seated, the sports car sped away. The back of her knocked onto the car window and she gasped.

Rubbing her head, she looked angrily at the man driving. “Young Master Qiao, if my kneeling and kowtowing was not enough last night, what else do you want me to do? Tell me in one go!”

Qiao Yanze turned the steering with one hand, and the other rested on the car window, a playful smirk on his lips. “I suddenly found that it’s fun to torture you. Shouldn’t I take my time to play?”

Cen Xi’s pupils constricted. “You bastard!”

“Do you know what a bastard is?” Qiao Yanze stopped the sports car at a district, unfasten his seat belt and pressed his tall body against her suddenly, his long fingers caressing her fair and clean face. “A bastard is someone who hurts you completely when torturing you. Not only mentally but physically too. Your revolting looks are not enough to make me into a bastard and rape you.”

Cen Xi looked at the handsome face in front of her and held her breath. “Then, why did you bring me here?”

“I’ve found that the IP address of the post came from this building A, unit 603. Don’t you want to teach the person who posted the pictures a lesson?”

Before Cen Xi could say anything, she then heard him say, “From now on, only I can torture you.”

Cen Xi was speechless.