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Chapter 1245: He Can Torture Her, But Others Can’t

When she was outside of the discipline master’s office, Cen Xi seemed to have thought of something and took out her phone, entering the university’s forum.

Sure enough, she saw that she had become the news figure of the most popular post.

Someone had anonymously reported that she was being a hostess on a luxury yacht and for money, she not only sold her body, but also her human dignity and soul.

There were two photos.

It was the photo of her on the deck, her clothes unkempt, kneeling in front of Qiao Yanze and kowtowing to him.

Qiao Yanze’s face was blurred out, but from the way he was leaning against the railing, it could be seen that he detested and looked down on her.

Under the post, there were thousands of comments and over ten thousand views.

There were many comments that were scolding her.

“You really can’t judge a book by its cover. The boys in the school regard her as one of their goddesses. She’s usually very arrogant and refused many people. Who knew she was so promiscuous in private!”

“It’s not just promiscuous. She’s thrown away the pride of all women! For money, she can sell her dignity, kneeling in front of a man and licking his boots. It’s unprecedented! Disgusting!”

“She’s ruined all the fantasies and good impressions I had of her. It’s enough that she’s working on the Haiyan yacht, but she’s even shameless enough to kowtow to a man. How can she be so low?”

“The reputation of our university has been lost because of her. If the school doesn’t deal with her, wouldn’t all those material girls follow her example?”

Cen Xi did not continue to look. Faced with all the malice, it was impossible for her to be indifferent.

But what could she do?

Reply to each comment saying she was not someone to sell her soul and dignity for money?

No one could withstand the malice of netizens.

Compared to the truth, many people only wanted to see what their eyes saw.

Even if it was a fabrication, they just wanted to see the person who was regarded as one of the school goddesses, fall from the altar and into the dust, so that anyone could step on her.

Besides, there were the two high-definition photos as evidence. Cen Xi bit her lip hard, her teeth sinking into her lip and the taste of blood filled her mouth.

Standing in front of the discipline master’s office, she raised her hand and knocked.

“Come in.”

Cen Xi pushed open the door and went in, feeling slightly dizzy.

The discipline master’s expression was dark when he saw Cen Xi coming in. “Miss Cen, did you see the post on the forum? You went to Haiyan yacht last night and even knelt before a rich young man, kowtowing to him?”

Cen Xi’s thick and curly eyelashes fluttered slightly. She lowered her head, clasping her hand tightly together in front of her. “Yes.”

She could not deny that the person on the yacht last night was not her, and that she was not the one who kowtowed to Qiao Yanze.

“Sir, although it was me, I didn’t go there to sell my body for money, I…”

Before she could finish, she was interrupted by the discipline master. “You’re the best student in the school and have outstanding professional standards. I have praised you many times during the assembly and I really did not expect that you would do such a shameless thing in private. Miss Cen, now that this matter has blown up, I have to punish you in order to maintain reputation and order!”

Cen Xi’s heart tightened. “Sir, I went on the yacht for normal work and hadn’t done anything to harm the school’s reputation. If you don’t believe me, you can investigate. As for my kneeling, it was because I have a personal feud with that person. My family had done something wrong to him and I was apologizing to him…”

The discipline master frowned. “What feud do you have to make you kneel down and kowtow? Miss Cen, it’s not that I’m not giving you this chance, but this matter has attracted too many people’s attention. It’s not only my decision to dismiss you and warn the university of such punishment. It’s the final decision after the meeting of our university board!”

Cen Xi’s heart tightened. “Sir, I didn’t lie at all. I believe that the university board will find out the truth and prove my innocence. I also believe that you will not be so hasty and expel me because of a post that isn’t validated.”

The discipline master shook his head helplessly. “The university is not a police station, I don’t have time to investigate what you did. Even if I believe that you went to Haiyan yacht just for normal work and kneeled down to people because of personal feud, you have to call the other person in the photo to come and clarify and prove that you didn’t lie. Otherwise, I can’t help you in front of the dean.”

Cen Xi lowered her head, her thick and long eyelashes fluttering.

Qiao Yanze hated her sister and her. He even felt irritated looking at her, so why could he come to clarify for her?

Besides, she did not want to see him again after last night. She thought that after she kowtowed to him, he would at least not throw her necklace away, but he still…

“Miss Cen?”

Cen Xi bit her lip hard. “Sir, he won’t be able to come.”

The discipline master’s expression changed. He felt as if he had been fooled by Cen Xi. “If he can’t come, who knows what’s the relationship between the two of you with just your words? It’s disgraceful enough for students to work on Haiyan yacht, you still…

“You’re a good student and have a promising future, but why didn’t you put your heart to study? Fine, if you can’t ask that person to come, I can’t protect you. I’ll give you one day to go through the procedures of withdrawing from university. After you’re done, you’ll have to leave!”

Cen Xi knew that there must be another reason for the university to expel her. Someone must be putting pressure on the university.

Who could it be? To hate her to this extent!

An Qin had taken a day off originally and when she was looking through the forum on her phone at home, she saw the most popular post of today.

Ignoring the discomfort in her stomach, she changed and rushed to the school.

At the university gates, she nearly ran into a luxurious sports car. Fortunately, the driver was skilled and stopped just a few centimeters from her knees.

But because of the inertia, she still fell to the ground.

“F*ck, how come every time I pass by a uni, there’s always a girl who wants to fake an accident and extort me?” Tang Xi cursed.

Qiao Yanze, who was in the front passenger seat, ignored him.

Tang Xi pushed open the door and went out.

A few minutes later, Tang Xi returned to the driver’s seat. “Third Brother, I asked the female student and she’s in the same class as the Little Beauty Cen you’re looking for. It seems that Little Beauty Cen is in trouble now because she took the girl’s place last night for work. And the matter of her kneeling to you was also posted on the university forum…”

Before Tang Xi finished speaking, he saw Qiao Yanze, who seemed to be in a bad mood since he came down from the yacht, pushing open the door to get out of the car. Tang Xi quickly pulled him. “Third Brother, aren’t you here to return her necklace? Why don’t you leave it with security and let her take it herself?”

Qiao Yanze glanced at Tang Xi’s hand that was on his arm. “Let go.”

“Third Brother, don’t you hate her very much? Why are you so anxious when she’s in trouble?”

Qiao Yanze narrowed his eyes. “I hate her very much and want to torture her when I see her. But only I can torture her, what does it have to do with others?” Qiao Yanze smiled coldly. “Besides, it’s my private matter with her when she knelt in front of me last night. Who the f*ck is so bold to post it online? I’ll kill him!”