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Chapter 1243: Feeding Her Medicine

Qiao Yanze’s tall figure stood not far away, casting a frightening shadow. His unreadable devilish face was now having a bone-chilling, dark expression.

When the two women saw him, they trembled with fear.

Without waiting for Qiao Yanze to say anything, they started to quarrel with each other. “Y-Young Master Qiao, she’s the one who said that you’re impotent first. I believed that you weren’t when that waitress proved it. But look, she’s still bad mouthing you…”

“Why are you pushing the blame on me? When that waitress said that Young Master Qiao was not impotent, you didn’t believe her and wanted to follow her. You only believed it when you heard that waitress calling and moaning for ten minutes.”

Qiao Yanze did not look at the two women and strode away. The two women breathed a sigh of relief when his figure disappeared from their sight.

Immediately after, Qiao Yanze found the manager of the yacht and after finding out where Bai Lin’s room was, he went with a dark look in his eyes.

The door to Bai Lin’s room was unlocked and Qiao Yanze pushed it open, going in. Bai Lin was not in the room, only a slender figure was lying on the bed.

The wound on her forehead was not bandaged. The blood on her face was washed away by Bai Lin and she looked even more fragile, her hair was spread around her messily, making her face seem even smaller.

Qiao Yanze stood by the bed and touched her forehead.

It was still burning hot.

He did not draw back his hand immediately, but moved his hand from her forehead to her face, as if to absorb all the hot temperature.

His palm was slightly cold and she was burning up so she could not help rubbing against his palm.

She did not know what she was doing, as she was in a feverish daze. She felt like she was in a desert and met with an oasis that could relieve her heat. She felt so dry that she could not help licking the cool place.

Qiao Yanze retracted his hand and looked sharply at the woman on the bed.

“Uncomfortable… Water…”

Qiao Yanze looked down at his palm that was licked by her, his eyes dark and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

He went into the bathroom in a few big strides and washed his hands with cold water. After washing for a while, that unusual hotness disappeared.

Was he having a fever too?

Qiao Yanze came out of the bathroom and frowned when he heard that she was still calling out for water. He walked a few steps towards the door, and then turned back again, pouring a cup of water.

Following how Bai Lin had fed her water just now, he helped her up from the bed.

She leaned softly against his arms. He put the glass by her lips and she opened her eyes groggily. Seeing that handsome and dangerous face, her body moved uneasily.

As she moved, her long black hair fell onto her cheek. He had the urge to brush away her hair and that strange movement made him furrow his eyebrows.

“Drink the water. Don’t move around.” HIs voice was cold.

Cen Xi’s pale lips moved. “Brother Bai Lin…” The one feeding her water was Brother Bai Lin, right? She must be seeing things, how could it be Young Master Qiao who hated her the most?

Qiao Yanze’s expression changed and it seemed like he was soaked in darkness.

Cen Xi was having a high fever and could not see Qiao Yanze’s expression clearly. “Brother Bai Lin, I want to drink water…”

Qiao Yanze tightened his grip on the cup of water and pinched the sharp chin of the woman with his other hand, raising her face. He lowered his head and came close to her.

Under the dim light, his handsome face was full of dangerous charisma.

“Look properly. Who am I?”

When he spoke, his masculine breath with a faint tobacco smell landed on her face, blowing at her hair strands, making her heart flutter.

He tightened his hold on her chin, a cold smile appearing on his handsome face. “You’re so young yet you know how to seduce men. Did your sister teach you that?”

Sister, Sister…

Seeming to have thought of something, tears filled Cen Xi’s eyes. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something when a cold voice sounded. “What are you doing here?”

Bai Lin went to borrow a first-aid kit and his expression turned dark when he saw Qiao Yanze in his room with Cen Xi in his arms and the both of them looking so intimate. “Young Master Qiao, who let you in without permission?”

Qiao Yanze put Cen Xi back to the bed and looked at Bai Lin who looked like he wanted to pick a fight with him. “What, you’re allowed to carry her away from my room, but I’m not allowed to see if she’s dead or alive?”

“When you made her kneel, were you concerned if she was dead or alive?” Bai Lin was usually a calm person, but now, his tone was harsh.

Qiao Yanze smirked. “Who is Leader Bai to her? Do I have to report to you about me and her?”

“I regard her as my own sister.”

“I don’t see that you regard her as your own sister. But it’s true that you have feelings for her.”

Bai Lin’s expression changed. Throwing down the first-aid kid, he stalked towards Qiao Yanze. Qiao Yanze did not move and was not fearful at all, facing the aggressive Bai Lin.

There was a tension between the two of them. The surrounding air seemed to be so thick one could cut it with a knife.

Just when Bai Lin was about to hit Qiao Yanze, there was a sound of a glass falling on the ground.

Cen Xi had woken up. Supporting her aching body as she came down from the bed, her hand accidentally swept the cup on the bedside table.

“Don’t fight because of me, I’ll leave.”

Looking at the weak Cen Xi, Bai Lin went to her, a frown on his face as he held her. “Go back to the bed and lie down.”

“Brother Bai Lin, I don’t want to give you any trouble.”

Bai Lin looked at her, his heart aching. “What trouble? Am I still a human being if I saw you like this and ignored you?”

“Thank you, Brother Bai Lin. I’m okay. I’ll treat you to a meal after I recover.”

Bai Lin looked at the young and sensible Cen Xi, a lump in his throat. “Do you still remember what I like to eat?”

“Of course.” Seeming to have thought of how they had grown up together in the same yard, a smile appeared on Cen Xi’s lips. “Brother Bai Lin likes dumplings and garlic. Once, you blew a breath at your sister after eating garlic and she cried because of the smell.”

Bai Lin touched the back of his head, a faint blush on his handsome face. “You should forget such embarrassing things!”

“Hmm, okay.”

Qiao Yanze looked at the man and woman who were treating him like air and he pursed his lips into a straight line.

He left the room icily.

After some distance, he made a call.

Bai Lin helped Cen Xi to the bed. She was having a high fever and her body was still weak, so she fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

After Bai Lin took out medicine from the first-aid kit, he was about to bandage her forehead when the phone rang.