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Chapter 1242: He is a Devil

Seeing her trembling like she had been frightened, Bai Lin felt his heart ache and an angry beast was barely restrained within him.

In his impression, this little girl had always been strong and her mentality was different from those of ordinary people.

When had he ever seen her so disheveled, weak and distressed? Her forehead was in a bloody mess, her face red and hot, and her lips were dry and pale.

What did she go through tonight?

Although Bai Lin did not go close to her, he could already feel how hot her breath was! Bai Lin eyes showed his heartache, and he pressed his hand gently on her slender shoulders. “Xiaoxi, it’s me.”

She did not wake up, but heard his voice. “Brother Bai Lin…” Her tensed body relaxed slightly.

Bai Lin hummed with red eyes. His eyes would not turn red even if a bullet went through his body, but now looking at this fragile little girl, he felt a lump in his throat.

What did she do wrong to make her bear all this?

Bai Lin helped her up and fed the water he had poured bit by bit into her lips. Qiao Yanze saw the scene in the room and a trace of coldness flashed past his eyes.

After Bai Lin gave Cen Xi a few sips of water, he lifted her up from the bed.

Qiao Yanze came over and narrowed his cold eyes. “Did I say you could take her away?”

Bai Lin’s cold face was tense. “Who are you to her? What right do you have to not let me take her away? I know you hate Xiao Ying, but what does it have to do with Xiaoxi? They did not grow up together and Xiao Ying only found Xiaoxi, saved her and supported her when Xiaoxi’s adoptive parents passed away.

“Back then, she almost starved to death on the streets. She’s grateful for her sister and is willing to atone for her sin. She knelt down to kowtow to you without self-esteem and made herself in such a terrible state, both physically and mentally. Isn’t it enough?

“What wrong did she do from beginning to end? Why did you have to involve her in the resentment between you and Xiao Ying?”

A cold smile appeared on Qiao Yanze’s lips. “I told her before that as long as she didn’t provoke me, I wouldn’t turn my hatred for Xiao Ying to her. But she keep appearing in front of me, making me think about how stupid I was in the past. Tell me, how can I let her off so easily?”

Cen Xi, who was being held in Bai Lin’s arms, had opened her eyes and was looking at the man who was a few steps away with bloodshot eyes.

He was wet all over, his clothes clinging to him, making him look very tall. His short black hair was not dripping with water, but was still wet with an indescribable cold air to him. The collar of his shirt was opened slightly, showing his firm and strong chest and revealing the muscular and strength that were usually concealed by his clothes.

He was very handsome and full of masculinity.

But from the moment she had guessed that he was Qiao Sen, her good impression of Qiao Sen would end there.

Her sister had hurt him and his family so she knew very well that he hated her.

He would not fall for his enemy’s sister and she had no face to like a man who had experienced such a misfortune in his family after being hurt by her sister.

She had heard everything he said just now.

Lowering her thick eyelashes, she said in a weak but firm voice, “Young Master Qiao, don’t worry. I won’t appear in front of you again. I won’t upset you again and make you remember all those sad memories.” Raising her eyes, she did not look at Qiao Yanze, but at Bai Lin. “Brother Bai Lin, take me away.”

Bai Lin’s voice was bitter and hoarse. “Okay.”

He picked Cen Xi up and left in big strides.

Looking at their backs, Qiao Yanze’s expression turned extremely cold and dark.

Reaching his hand into the pocket of his wet pants, he took out the necklace that he had not thrown away at all.

The corner of his lips lifted into a cold and mocking smile.

After Bai Lin left with Cen Xi, Qiao Yanze went to take a bath in the bathroom.

After a while, Tang Xi came over.

Qiao Yanze came out of the bathroom, his upper body bare and he wore only a pair of black casual pants, the drawstrings not tied and the pants hung slightly low. His six pack showed his masculinity as he wiped his hair with a towel.

He was very tall, his hands and legs were long. The lines of his muscles were well-defined, his shoulders broad and waist slim. His muscles were not exaggerated, and were taut and firm. With his beautiful collarbones, even women would look on with envy in their eyes.

It was clear that his title as one of the four handsome men of the Capital was well earned. He was handsome and exquisite from head to toe. Before the incident of the Qiao family, he was devilish and wild and now, he was stable and indifferent, occasionally showing a trace of dark coldness.

“Third Brother, I don’t know what happened between you and that waitress girl just now, but you don’t have to feel irritated about women anymore. I brought a beautiful girl over, how about you let her wait on you if you’re unhappy?”

Qiao Yanze sat on the sofa and said nothing.

When Tang Xi saw this, he clapped and a beautiful young girl in a long white dress came in by dancing. She danced in front of Qiao Yanze, bending down, spinning, kicking and doing a split…

Qiao Yanze held a box of matches and he lit one. The bright flame lit up and he suddenly reached out and flicked the match at the hem of the girl’s dress.

The girl’s dress hem was ignited and she screamed in fright, losing her calm. She didn’t even know how to save herself and could only scream and panic.

Irritated at the commotion, Qiao Yanze threw a glance at Tang Xi. Tang Xi quickly took a glass of water and doused the girl’s burning dress.

The girl fell to the ground with her face pale and looked at the man on the sofa who was like a devil. She did not dare to attract his attention anymore.

Qiao Yanze waved his hand. “Get out.”

The girl seemed to have been granted amnesty and escaped as quickly as she could.

After the girl left, Tang Xi sighed. “Third Brother, why did you do that?”

Qiao Yanze stood up from the sofa, a hand in his pants pocket. “If it was before, I might have taken a second look if she’s good-looking, but now, if I want to sleep with one, she must have talent. The one just now only knew how to scream when in trouble. Even if she’s beautiful, she’s just useless with only good looks.”

Qiao Yanze turned and left the room.

After the girl, whose dress was burned by Qiao Yanze’s match, ran out, she met the two women who had quarreled with Cen Xi in the washroom.

Those two women learned that Tang Xi had sent the most good-looking woman on the yacht to Qiao Yanze’s room and seeing her coming out with a pale face, they asked, “Didn’t you just enter Young Master Qiao’s room? How come you’re out already?”

“Young Master Qiao is a devil. Don’t ask anymore.”

The girl ran away quickly. The two women were surprised to see the girl’s burnt dress. “That other waitress was moaning so loud in Young Master Qiao’s room just now, was it just an act? That girl is the top hostess here, and even she was unable to sleep with Young Master Qiao. It must be that Young Master Qiao is really impotent…”

The two women did not finish and one of them suddenly felt that something was wrong. Turning her head, she met with a pair of cold upturned eyes.