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Chapter 1241: D-Don’t Touch Me…

The luxurious yacht was still slowly moving forward. When the necklace was dropped into the sea, there was not even a ripple in the water.

Cen Xi stood up from the ground, dumbstruck.

She did not look at the man’s expressionless and handsome face. Without even thinking, she flipped over the railing and jumped into the sea.

The whole process took only a few seconds.

Qiao Yanze was shocked and went to pull her back on reflex, but did not manage to grab her.

So, under the surprised gazes of the men who had been looking at them from upstairs, Qiao Yanze also jumped down.

“Oh my God!”

“F*ck! Get someone to stop the yacht!” Tang Xi knocked the head of the young man beside him, his expression changing. Then, he went over the railing and jumped down from upstairs.

In a few strides he had already rushed to the railings of the deck, but the sea was dark and nothing could be seen.

Very soon, the yacht was stopped and a dozen crew members who were familiar with the water came.

“Go down quickly to save people, a man and a woman. You must save them!” Tang Xi roared, terrified.

At this moment, he did not care about elegance or dignity. If anything happened to Third Brother Qiao, he would never be at ease in this lifetime.

The sea water in the early autumn night was slightly cold.

Qiao Yanze found Cen Xi who was swimming towards the bottom of the sea and pulled her up to the surface of the sea.

“Let go of me! Let go of me!” Cen Xi struggled violently in his arms.

Qiao Yanze tightened his hold on her neck and snapped coldly, “If you want to die, I can strangle you to death now.”

“If my death can make you put down your hatred, then strangle me!”

Qiao Yanze clenched his jaw. “Don’t think I wouldn’t dare.”

He kept tightening his grip, making Cen Xi gradually felt that it was difficult to breathe. She couldn’t breathe. Too many things happened tonight and she already had no strength left. That necklace was given to her and her sister by their mother and she had put her sister’s photo inside. Although it was an ordinary necklace, it carried her feelings for her mother and sister.

And now it was gone.


In the eyes of the Qiao family, her sister was merciless and should be punished. She never denied it and wanted to question her sister a thousand times, ten thousand times in her heart.

How could she be such a ruthless person?

However, she could not deny her sister’s kindness to her because of her sister’s mistakes. After her adoptive parents died, it was her sister who had been secretly sending money to her, enabling her to grow up safely.

If Young Master Qiao wanted her to make amends for her sister by taking her life, she had no regrets!

Qiao Yanze threw Cen Xi into his room.

Cen Xi was feeling terrible all over. Her forehead was in pain, her heart was in pain as well as her limbs. It hurt.

She had never been so miserable.

Qiao Yanze stood not far away from her. He had exerted a lot of energy dragging her out from the sea and his chest was still heaving slightly.

His wet black shirt clung tightly to his tall body, making his firm and sexy chest muscles even more wild and charming.

He had one hand on his waist, glaring at the woman, who was lying on the ground like mud, with cold eyes. “Do you think by dying you can atone for the sins your sister has committed?”

Cen Xi had no strength to argue with him. She smiled, her eyes meeting his. “If Young Master Qiao still has some tricks, just use them all.”

Making her kneel and kowtow three times, throwing the necklace she regarded as her treasure into the sea, all made her feel a twisting, gnawing pain.

It was all right. Although her heart was dripping with blood, she would pay for what her sister had owed him.

Qiao Yanze looked at her haggard yet arrogant eyes. He pursed his lips, feeling inexplicably unhappy. “Scram, disappear from my sight right now! And don’t let me see you again!”

At his words, Cen Xi stood up from the ground blankly. Dragging her legs that were like lead, she walked towards the door.

But she had just taken a few steps when everything went black and she fell to the ground.

Hearing a loud thump, Qiao Yanze, who was about to enter the bathroom, looked at the slumped figure on the ground and frowned.

He strode towards her in a few strides. Looking at her injured forehead and flushed cheeks, he reached out his hand and touched her skin. It was burning hot.

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips and carried her to the bed with a dark expression.

Within seconds, he made a call and asked Tang Xi to call a female staff over.

After a few minutes, the doorbell rang. Qiao Yanze went to the door and opened it.

It was not a waitress who came over, but a tall and handsome man. Qiao Yanze had seen him once before, at Bai Wei’s house.

It was Bai Wei’s son, Bai Lin.

Bai Lin was on vacation recently and was having a party with some friends on the cruise.

After he learned that someone had jumped into the sea, he rushed to the deck immediately. He learned that the person was saved and overheard someone mentioning the name Qiao Yanze, and heard the description of the girl who jumped into the sea. Thinking it sounded like Cen Xi, he hurried over.

As Bai Lin looked at Qiao Yanze, he saw that his wet clothes were clinging tightly to his body. The outline of his taut chest could be seen faintly and his pants were also wet, the fabric clinging to his muscles, making his legs seem even longer.

Bai Lin was a protective person. He regarded Cen Xi as his family and did not like to see her being aggrieved.

The girl who had jumped into the sea better not be Cen Xi, or else…

“Young Master Qiao, is the girl you brought into the room Cen Xi?”

Qiao Yanze was a little surprised when he saw that the first thing Bai Lin said was to mention the name of the girl in the room.

He had underestimated her, as she was able to let Bai Wei send her to the hospital to take care of him and now could let the young master of the Bai family come to find her personally.

Bai Lin was a decent person. He was usually serious and cold and surrounded by men. He was a workaholic and a cold-blooded man. It was said that he would be a bachelor for life.

It seemed like the rumors were false.

Bai Lin came in a hurry and there was evident worry in his eyes, which did not look like he did not like the opposite sex.

Qiao Yanze lips were pursed tightly, thoughts running in his head. What was the relationship between Cen Xi and Bai Lin?

Just then, the female staff who was going to change Cen Xi’s clothes, arrived.

The female staff saw that there were two tall figures standing by the door, one was handsome and cold, the other handsome and serious, she asked cautiously, “Young Master Qiao, do I go in now?”

Qiao Yanze moved aside to let the staff go in.

The female staff changed Cen Xi’s clothes and came back over. “Young Master Qiao, she’s having a fever and the wound on her forehead is still bleeding. I think she needs a doctor…”

Before the female staff could finish her words, she saw the handsome and serious man rush in.

Bai Lin’s expression changed when he saw Cen Xi who was lying on the bed. The hands that hung by his sides clenched into fist tightly, the veins on the back of his hand throbbing.

“Water… Thirsty…”

Cen Xi’s weak voice sounded just as Bai Lin was about to lose control of his emotions. Hearing what she said, he immediately poured a glass of water and sat by the bed, moving closer to Cen Xi.

Just when he was about to hold her up to feed her the water, she shrank towards the bed. “D-Don’t touch me…”