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Chapter 1238: So Shameless…

Cen Xi tried to recall how the female lead shouted when she was pulled by her friend to watch an AV movie.

“P-Put me down first, we’ll go to the bed… What? It’s more fun here?


“You’re so bad, mmh.”

Cen Xi’s face was already flaming red. Although the alcohol boosted her courage, she was embarrassed and awkward making those provocative sounds.

Especially when there was a man standing behind.

Although it was dark, he could not see her expression and she could not see his face.

There seemed to be a thick awkwardness in the air.

Cen Xi felt a tingling in her scalp. She stood on tiptoes and looked through the peephole.

Those two women were looking over with shocked expressions.

Cen Xi shouted for nearly ten minutes before the two women left incredulously.

Finally! Cen Xi’s cheeks, ears and neck were flushed red. Fortunately, the man beside her did not turn on the lights or throw her out.

Seeing that the two women had gone far, Cen Xi dared not speak to the man in the dark. She pulled open the door, wanting to go out.

Suddenly, a hand came from above her head.

The door closed with a bang. Then, the light was turned on and the room became bright.

Cen Xi closed her eyes in despair.

She pressed her forehead against the door, pulling the door handle, but the hand that was pressing against the door over her head had no intention of removing it.

Until some faint laughter sounded. “Oh, it’s you, Girl.”

Cen Xi looked up and there was shock in her eyes when she saw the man standing behind with a smile.

I-It was not Young Master Qiao?

Cen Xi’s heart felt like it was on a roller coaster ride. After calming herself down, she felt lucky as it was not Young Master Qiao.

It was fine as long as those two women believed that Young Master Qiao was not impotent.

“Who were you moaning for just now?”

Cen Xi said, her scalp tingling, “I made a bet with some colleagues. Young Master Tang, please don’t mind me and let me off this time.”

Tang Xi drew back his hand that was on the door and crossed his arms, looking at Cen Xi with a raise of his eyebrows. “This is Young Master Qiao’s room. If word gets out of you shouting here, it’s not very good for his reputation.”

“I, I…”

Before Cen Xi could finish, the door to the room that was connected to the lounge was pushed open.

Three men came out.

…Wasn’t that Young Master Qiao walking at the back?

“We’re playing mahjong inside. Girl, you’ve put on such a good show for us!”

Cen Xi glanced at the handsome man standing at the back who was playing with a lighter. He was looking at her with his beautiful upturned eyes narrowed. Her mind turned blank and her ears buzzed. She lowered her head and bowed at him. After apologizing, she pulled the door open and ran away.

Looking at Cen Xi running away like a little rabbit, Tang Xi smacked his lips together. “This little girl’s quite interesting.”

Qiao Yanze stared at the closed door, his eyes dark.

Another young man saw that Cen Xi had run away and could not help teasing. “Goddamn, her voice is so nice and soft. She almost got me hard.”

Tang Xi kicked at that young man. “You f*cking can’t resist any kind of flirtation. Just her voice? I was standing by her side and for a moment, I really wanted to press her against the door and do her right there.”

They started to laugh.

Only Qiao Yanze, whose eyes under the lenses were like the sea covered with dark clouds. “Shut the f*ck up!”

Striding towards the door, he pulled it open and stormed out under the surprised eyes of the other three men.

Cen Xi ran a long way and dared not stop, her heart panicked and confused. She did not know how she had done such an embarrassing thing.

After running for some time, she suddenly tripped. She was about to get up when it turned black in front of her. A sack was thrown over her head and someone hit the back of her neck.

When Cen Xi woke up, it was in a moment of suffocation and coldness. Her head seemed to be pressed into water, making her unable to breathe. She opened her eyes and it was water all around her, making her unable to see anything.

Her hands were also tied and she could not break away.

Just when she thought she was about to drown, she felt a pain in her scalp and she was pulled out.

Cen Xi blinked her eyes and found that she was in a bathroom.

The bathtub was filled with water and the place she was almost drowned was in this bathtub. Her hair was grabbed and she was forced to look up. A greasy and fierce face appeared in front of her eyes.

It was Shen Hao.

Chu Yu stood beside Shen Hao, the two of them looking down at her.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Beauty Cen can also have such a day!” Shen Hao bent down and patted Cen Xi’s cold and beautiful face. “I almost didn’t recognize you today with makeup on. I wanted to pursue you but you rejected me and made me turn rough. Don’t you think you’re being cheap?”

Cen Xi looked at Shen Hao who looked like he had drunk too much and her heart tightened. At this time, she could not be rough with him, or she would only provoke him.

A person who was drunk would be high in spirits and completely uncontrollable.

“Young Master Shen, I’m just a weak woman, why are you tying me up? Untie me and let me wait on you properly?”

Cen Xi blinked at Shen Hao, a touch of fragility on her charming face. “You’re hurting me, tying me up.”

Shen Hao’s Adam’s apple bobbed. He thought that a weak woman would not be up to any tricks and it would not hurt to untie her. But he had just taken a step forward when Chu Yu stopped him. “Young Master Shen, don’t be hoodwinked. She’s very cunning. If you untie her, you won’t be able to subdue her.”

Cen Xi shot a cold glance at Chu Yu. Chu Yu did not dare to meet her eyes and went out of the bathroom.

Shen Hao crouched down and held Cen Xi’s face in his hand. “Beauty Xi, I’ll promise you anything in the future as long as you’re obedient. I’ll give you a sports car tomorrow, how about that?”

“Young Master Shen, you disgust me. Don’t you dare touch me.”

Shen Hao liked a woman like Cen Xi, who looked gentle but was fierce in her bones. It aroused his desire to conquer her!

“You women are like this. Chu Yu was also unwilling at first, but look at her now. Isn’t she obedient to me?” Shen Hao did not want to waste his breath talking anymore and pinched her chin, kissing her.

But before he could touch her, he was knocked on the forehead by her forehead.

Shen Hao was seeing stars by that hit and his mind turned blank.

When the pain subsided, Shen Hao was furious. Raising his hand, he slapped Cen Xi and then grabbed her hair, pushing her head into the bathtub again.

“Stupid b*tch, how dare you hit me? Are you feeling dissatisfied? Fine, I’ll let you hold it in till you obey me!

“It’s your honor to be liked by me. I wanted to treat you well, but you’re too stubborn. Fine, when I do you later, I’ll take photos of you naked and upload it to the school’s forum tomorrow! B*tch, let’s see how you can continue to be arrogant in the future!”