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Chapter 1237: She Went into His Room

“Little beauty, why are you so good at playing dice?” After drinking several glasses of wine, the young man’s head was slightly dizzy and he held Cen Xi’s soft waist, putting his face on her shoulder.

Cen Xi knew that he had drunk a lot and a smile appeared on her red lips. “Do you still want to continue?”

“Yes, yes.”

The young man said to continue, but his eyelids were so heavy he could not open them. Smelling the faint fragrance from Cen Xi’s hair, he was so drunk he fell asleep.

Cen Xi called him a few times, and seeing that he had no reaction, she pushed him away.

Tang Xi and Qiao Yanze, who were sitting in the middle of the sofa, had smoked a few cigarettes and caught up on everything. Tang Xi looked into the corner with interest and saw that Mr Zhou was knocked out drunk by that waitress. He grinned. “That girl’s quite good. Mr Zhou has a very high tolerance for alcohol, but he lost to a little girl like her.”

Qiao Yanze sat lazily, his long legs placed on the coffee table. Hearing Tang Xi’s words, he did not look towards the corner and put the cigarette in between his lips, puffing out a mouthful of smoke.

His handsome face became hidden under the smoke. After experiencing the misfortune in his family, the wildness on him had faded away, leaving only dignity and inexplicable depth.

Now, he was full of manliness. The women in the room shot looks at him, but he did not even spare them a glance.

Although Cen Xi had made Mr Zhou drunk, she did not feel that well herself. She was not very good at drinking and her face would turn red easily. Although she had put on makeup, it could not hide the heat that was coming from within her.

She went out of the room and went to the washroom.

The washroom in the yacht was quite clean and she sat on the toilet lid, holding her burning face in her hands. Honestly, she felt a little dizzy, she might have to wait for it to pass before she could go out.

After some time, there were voices of two women in conversation.

“I heard of Young Master Qiao before that incident happened to the Qiao family. He was one of the four most handsome men in the Capital. Seeing him this time, he really is tall, handsome and masculine!”

“Now that the Qiao family has regained its reputation, I heard that the King will soon reinstate their status as Duke and he will inherit the title in the future!”

“He has the looks and status, but it’s a pity…”

“A pity what?”

“I heard that he’s impotent. Ever since he returned to the Capital, many people have been entertaining him. Two days ago, there was a rich family who wanted to marry their daughter to him and drugged his wine during the banquet dinner. In the end, the daughter was naked, but he had no reaction at all. I heard that he even threw up.”

“Oh my God, impossible. He’s tall so that area should be unbelievable!”

“So? After what happened to his family, his manhood should be useless.”

“What a pity. It seems like he was really hurt by a woman. Not only was he addicted to drugs, he became impotent just like an eunuch.”

“He’s not-”

Cen Xi kicked open the cubicle door and walked out with her face tensed.

Looking at the two women who were laughing, Cen Xi glared at them coldly and repeated what she had said, “He’s not impotent!”

If he was Qiao Sen, he did have a reaction. He had a reaction to her when they were kissing each other in the hospital cubicle.

Looking at Cen Xi, who had suddenly come out, the two women looked her over.

Cold and charming face, delicate nose, flaming red lips and exquisite figure. Cen Xi’s beauty had no flaws.

“Who are you? Looking at your attire, you should be the waitress on the yacht. How can a lower class person like you even know if Young Master Qiao can do it?”

The other woman covered her mouth and laughed, her eyes full of contempt. “Do the people now think that they can move up just because they have some beauty? Do you think Young Master Qiao will have a reaction to women just because you defended him? Forget it, I think you’d better be your waitress and hook up with a financier who can make you happy and give you materialistic things!”

Although Cen Xi could not be sure that Qiao Yanze was Qiao Sen, she felt extremely guilty towards Qiao Yanze because of her sister’s actions and did not want to hear those words that would harm his male dignity!

“I think you said those words to insult Young Master Qiao because you can’t get into bed with him! Just because he’s not close to women doesn’t mean that he can’t do it. It just means that the women who seduced him were not charming enough and he was not interested in them.”

When the two women saw that not only was Cen Xi defending Qiao Yanze, she was also saying that other women were not charming enough, they were so angry they wanted to tear off her face. “If you’re outstanding and charming, why don’t you try getting into Young Master Qiao’s bed? I think you won’t even be able to enter his room!”

“Who says I can’t get in?”

“Oh!” The disdain on the two women’s faces became more intense. “A lowly waitress sure is wild. Fine, let’s see if you can enter Young Master Qiao’s room and get into his bed. If not, we’ll spread the word of Young Master Qiao’s impotency tomorrow!”

Cen Xi pushed the two women away and left with a tense face.

After coming out of the washroom, Cen Xi hit her head hard. What was she doing?

Why was she not thinking properly after drinking too much? It was not like she did not know how much Young Master Qiao hated her!

Although she was not sure if he was Qiao Sen or not, it could be seen from the fact that he did not drink the wine she gave him tonight that he was unwilling to even give her more than a glance.

Cen Xi wanted to sneak away, but the two women had followed her.

She felt extremely miserable thinking that if she could not prove anything, the people in the upper society of the Capital would know that Young Master Qiao was impotent tomorrow.

Cen Xi returned to the room. Qiao Yanze was not on the sofa and another staff told her that he had returned to his room.

After Cen Xi tried to find out from the staff where Qiao Yanze’s room was, she mustered up her courage and went there.

Qiao Yanze’s room was also on the third floor and only needed to pass a long corridor to get there.

Standing in front of the door, Cen Xi took a deep breath before knocking.

After a while, the door opened.

Cen Xi looked at the two women who were hiding around the corner and staring fixedly at her and she went in with all her courage.

The light was not turned on in the room and Cen Xi could not see her surroundings clearly. She could vaguely sense that there was a man standing by the door.

Cen Xi had drank wine and her head was a little dizzy so her sense of smell was not as sensitive as usual. She bit her lip, not daring to talk to him. She turned around, pressed her face against the door, took a few deep breaths and suddenly shouted, “Ah!”

Then thinking about it, it sounded like she was being beaten and was not soft and coy at all. So she made her voice gentle and pretended that her breath was unsteady and, shouting, “Don’t be so impatient, take it easy and slow down, it hurts…”