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Chapter 1236: He Looked at Her Like She Was a Stranger

The first thing Cen Xi saw was a pair of long legs.

Then her gaze slowly moved up and she saw the man’s tall body and a devilish face like it was from a comic.

Slender upturned eyes, high nose bridge, sexy red lips. His facial features and the outline of his face were like it was made by God’s hands, there seemed to be no flaws.

He wore a pair of rimless glasses, his forehead covered with his bangs. The outline of his face was well-defined and handsome, making one fascinated just by looking.

He had one hand in his pants pocket, his lips lifted slightly in a devilish and cold smile. His body exuded a strong aura.

As he came in, all the men and women stood up from the sofa.

Only Cen Xi, who was crouched down by the coffee table, seemed to be fixed in place, staring at the man who had come into the room.

She knew him.

She had seen his photo countless times. Before she met Qiao Sen, she had always wanted to find him, wanting to atone for her sister’s mistake.

But he had not been heard of and she did not know where he had gone. She never expected to meet him on the yacht tonight.

She lowered her fluttering eyelashes that were like butterfly wings and tightened her grip on the wine bottle.

Were her eyes playing a trick on her?

Other than his face, his figure, the way he walked as well as the aura of keeping people away from him, were all very similar to the Qiao Sen she knew.

Qiao Sen…

There was a dull pain in Cen Xi’s heart when she thought of him.

Did he really sacrifice himself?

Or, did he change his identity and start a new life?

Cen Xi lowered her face and was like a puppet that had lost the ability to think, her mind blank.

“Third Brother Qiao, you’re here.” The one who spoke was Tang Xi, who was Qiao Yanze’s best friend since he was a child and grew up together with him.

When the incident happened at the Qiao family, the Tang family who was close with the Qiao family, was also implicated. Tang Xi was forced to go abroad and when he secretly returned home, Qiao Yanze had disappeared and no one knew where he had gone.

Qiao Yanze looked at Tang Xi, whose eyes were red, and they shook hands and bumped their shoulders in the way of good buddies. Tang Xi could not wait and pulled Qiao Yanze to sit down.

“Girl, pour some wine.”

After a few seconds, Tang Xi saw that the waitress did not bring the wine and he raised his eyebrows. “Girl, what’s the matter with you? Pour the wine!”

Qiao Yanze looked at the woman by the coffee table with his upturned eyes that were under the lenses.

The woman was wearing a wine red cheongsam with a high slit. As she was crouching down, most of her legs were exposed and her skin was fair and clear as jade.

She had her head lowered like she was in thought.

She only reacted when Tang Xi called her for the second time, and poured the wine hurriedly, bringing it over with her head lowered.

Qiao Yanze’s tall and elegant body leaned against the sofa, his chin resting on his long fingers. Every action of his showed the coldness and arrogance of a rich young man. Instead of taking the wine, he stared fixedly at Cen Xi, whose head was lowered. He said in a clear and slightly lazy voice, “Lift your head up.”

His voice was what she had never heard before.

If he was Qiao Sen, this must be his real voice.

It sounded so good.

“Hey, girl. Why are you so blank? With your level, how can you serve in Room 1?”

Cen Xi could hear Tang Xi’s discontented voice and her dazed head cleared. She had promised An Qin that she would work hard for her for one night, so she could not screw up her work.

Cen Xi looked up at Qiao Yanze. “Excuse me, your wine.”

The light in the room was dim, but it was enough for Qiao Yanze to see clearly the woman standing in front of him.

The wine red cheongsam made her look even fairer, she had smoky makeup on her face, the corner of her eyes drawn with eyeliner, making her seem more enchanting and charming.

He did not know what tricks she used, but her slender body seemed voluptuous.

Tang Xi saw that Qiao Yanze was not taking the wine and he raised his eyebrows, giving a naughty smile. “Why, Third Brother, you’re interested in this girl?”

Qiao Yanze ignored Tang Xi’s teasing and did not take the wine from Cen Xi. He leaned over and poured himself a glass.

Tang Xi was shrewd. Seeing that Qiao Yanze did not like this waitress and did not even want to drink the wine she poured, he seemed to understand something. “You had a relationship with her before?”

Qiao Yanze touched his glass with Tang Xi. “Change the topic.”

The voices of the two men were not loud and there were voices of other people talking and drinking in the box so Cen Xi could not hear what they said. But from Tang Xi’s lips, she could see that he said to Qiao Yanze, “Don’t treat women like they’re vicious just because of that other time. After all, that woman was only one example. There are a lot of pretty women on the yacht tonight. If you want, I can arrange for some to go to your room and you can choose whichever one you like.”

Before Cen Xi could see what Qiao Yanze said, there was a weight on her slender shoulders. A drunk young man had grabbed her shoulder. “Little beauty, since Young Master Qiao doesn’t want to drink the wine you poured, I’ll drink it. Come here and drink with me?”

Not giving Cen Xi a chance to speak, the young man pulled Cen Xi forcefully to the corner of the sofa.

“Sir, I’m not an escort.” Cen Xi struggled out of the young man’s arm.

The young man took out a pile of cash. “How about this, if you drink with me, all of this will be yours?”

Cen Xi glanced at the center of the sofa from the corner of her eye. Qiao Yanze was lowering his head to light a cigarette. The moment the blue flame from the lighter shot up, it reflected his handsome, cool and indifferent face.

He did not look at her.

Cen Xi could not help feeling suspicious that he was Qiao Sen. He had seen her at the Queen and King’s wedding and knew her identity.

So, he was this annoyed when he saw her?

Tears filled Cen Xi’s eyes. If he really was Qiao Sen, then her liking him was really ironic!

“Little beauty, I’m just asking you to drink with me and not asking you to sleep with me. Why are you crying?”

Cen Xi wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, a smile on her lips, not letting people peep into her inner world. “Okay, I’ll drink with you.”

With that, Cen Xi sat beside the young man.

The young man’s throat itched slightly as he looked at her smiling at him. “How about we play dice? Whoever loses, drinks.”

Cen Xi smiled. “Sure.”

The young man thought in his heart that when Cen Xi was drunk, he would take her to his room and then give her money tomorrow morning to send her away.

Who knew that most of the time, he lost. Although she also lost, she did not lose much. He drank ten glasses whereas she only drank one. He really doubted whether she drank that one glass out of respect for his reputation or because she was in a bad mood.