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Chapter 1234: He’s Dead

Cen Xi looked at Young Master Li, who was sunny and handsome. Occasionally he was bad, but most of the time he was good to her, and she felt a slight guilt in her heart.

After seeing him this time, she knew that they would not have a chance to meet anymore. If the criminal organization was wiped out, as the son of the leader of the group, Young Master Li would not be able to escape.

They were people from two different worlds.

Although Young Master Li was quite a good person, the criminal organization he and his father ran had killed many innocent people and families.

She also knew that Young Master Li was not so easy to talk with on the surface, he also had a dark side to him. The other time she accidentally saw him forcing drugs into a man who did not listen to him. She did not know what kind of new drug it was, but after taking it, the man left, convulsing.

How would a person like Young Master Li have feelings?

Young Master Li’s phone rang and looking at the caller ID, he stood up from the chair. “My father’s calling me. I’ll probably be back here in a month’s time. See you then.”

Cen Xi did not reply. She did not want to deceive him, because after they left, she would leave too. A month later, they could not possibly meet.

“I’ve also finished eating, I’ll come with you!”

Cen Xi followed Young Master Li out. Young Master Li wanted to hang his arm around her shoulders but she moved away silently.

This little girl was always avoiding him at the most crucial moment.

When they were at the entrance of the canteen, Young Master Li suddenly turned around. Cen Xi, who was following behind, did not expect him to turn and her forehead almost knocked into this chest.

She stopped and looked in bewilderment at him. “What’s wrong, Young Master Li?”

As soon her voice fell, she was pulled into his arms.

Cen Xi struggled and Young Master Li’s slightly annoyed voice sounded above her head. “You’re so dark, what on earth am I…” He did not continue and said, “Why are you being nervous? I just want to hug you before I leave.”

Hearing him say that, Cen Xi did not struggle anymore. She let him hug for several seconds. “Are you done? It’ll be bad if someone sees us.”

“Whoever dares to say anything, I’ll kill him with an arrow.”

Cen Xi was speechless.

Feeling the stiffness of her body, Young Master Li released her soon after. He waved at her. “I’m going now. Don’t miss me too much.”

Cen Xi’s eyes curved into crescents. Not talking about how Young Master Li was as a person, they got along quite well and happily.

Young Master Li took a few steps forward before he turned around suddenly, kissing her cheek before she could react.

Before she could say anything, Young Master Li ran away, his ears slightly red.

Stunned, Cen Xi did not know how to react for a moment. Not long after Young Master Li ran away, he saw a tall figure.

He rubbed his short hair. “Brother Sen, why are you here?”

“You didn’t pick up Master Ba’s call so I came to look for you.”

“I’m saying goodbye to a friend.” Young Master Li put his arm around Qiao Sen’s shoulders. “Let’s go, let’s go!”

Qiao Yanze saw that Young Master Li was smiling like a child and he narrowed his eyes slightly. “Do you like the Nurse Xiaohei?”

Young Master Li did not answer, but whistled happily and got into the car. Qiao Yanze went into the car after him and before getting in, he turned around.

Cen Xi was hiding behind a tree and seeing Qiao Yanze turning his head around suddenly, her heart skipped a beat in fright. She hid behind the tree hurriedly, pulling the branches to block her face.

After a moment, she poked out her head again, but only after the car had left.

A month later.

“… On September 15, XX Group’s base was annihilated by the Interpol and its leader, Ba Er was shot and killed on the spot. His son, Ba Li and 10 senior executives were arrested and the base was destroyed…”

“Xiaoxi, the news reported that our undercover, Qiao Sen, was shot dead with the criminals and died heroically. But because he’s an undercover, we can’t arrange for a funeral and put his name in the heroes’ park, but we’ll remember him forever.”



Qiao Sen was dead?

“Xiaoxi, Xiaoxi, wake up…”

Cen Xi opened her eyes, cold sweat covering her and her mind was blank for a moment.

“Xiaoxi, are you awake?”

Cen Xi blinked and looked at Liang Meng’er, who kept shaking her, and she sat up from the bed with a dizzy head. “Xiaoxi, you’ve been sleeping for nearly a day.”

After Cen Xi learned the news of Qiao Sen’s heroic sacrifice from Bai Wei, she had nightmares for a week.

Although they had a bit of row when they separated, she did not hate him. She only wished for him to return safely.

But, he had sacrificed himself!

“Xiaoxi, did you cry?”

Cen Xi touched her face and felt coldness on her fingertips.

“What’s wrong with you these days? You’re always depressed.”

Shaking her head, a smile appeared on Cen Xi’s cold, yet charming face. “I had a nightmare. It’s nothing.” Seeing Liang Meng’er’s hesitation to speak, Cen Xi asked, “Why, do you have something to say to me?”

After Cen Xi returned to the Capital, she went back to university. Except for going back to her apartment on weekends, she basically spent the rest of her time there.

There were a total of four girls living in the dormitory. Other than Liang Meng’er and her, there was still one called Chu Yu and another called An Qin.

An Qin was an ice beauty who seldom went back to the dormitory. Chu Yu, like her name, was gentle and beautiful, and had a good relationship with Cen Xi.

“Didn’t you reject Mr Shen Hao the other day? I did not know where he found out, but he said that he had seen the small red mole on the inner side of your thigh and that you’re not a virgin anymore. He said that you slept with him before and Chu Yu was furious. She went to find Shen Hao at noon for an explanation, but was forced into the car by him.”

Cen Xi’s expression changed. “Why are you only telling me this now?”

“I’ve also just received Chu Yu’s call. Shen Hao took her to Haiyan yacht and wanted to make her accompany those rich young men.”

“Xiaoxi, what should we do? Shen Hao is a well-known rich young man in the Capital. Chu Yu must have angered him, standing up for you. If he really gave Chu Yu to those young men, Chu Yu’s life would be over!”

Cen Xi got out of bed and went to the cabinet, taking clothes to change. She tied her long hair into a ponytail and carried her canvas bag. “I’ll go over now.”

Liang Meng’er pulled Cen Xi. “Aren’t you throwing yourselves to the wolves if you go over?”

“But we can’t watch Chu Yu get destroyed.” Cen Xi pulled Liang Meng’er’s hand away and left the dormitory in a hurry.

In the middle of the boundless sea, on a three-storey, luxurious yacht.

Two rows of bodyguards in black were guarding the entrance of the yacht. Everyone who went in needed an invitation or work permit.

Cen Xi crouched down in an inconspicuous corner of the wharf, her beautiful face scrunched up. The security was so strict. Unless she could turn invisible, it would be difficult for her to go up there!

Just when Cen Xi was at a loss, she saw a familiar figure from the corner of her eye.