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Chapter 1232: Crazy

Cen Xi took his belt, taking two steps back to put some distance between them. Without a belt, he probably wouldn’t go out. She would return the belt to him after Young Master Li left.

Trying to calm her racing heart, Cen Xi thought that she was at a safe place, so she looked down and slowly prayed for Young Master Li to bring his men away.

Qiao Yanze narrowed his eyes at the woman hiding in the corner. He knew clearly what her feelings for him were. If he really wanted to push his hatred for Xiao Ying onto her, he would have made her life a living hell already. However, he didn’t want to be in any contact with people related to Xiao Ying, because he knew clearly that this girl was innocent.

He held himself back again and again, telling himself to let her off as long as she didn’t anger him. But, she was good enough to always make him angry.

Cen Xi listened to the noise outside, not really caring about the man inside. However, very quickly, she felt a dangerous feeling and a shiver ran down her spine.

Her long lashes fluttered and glanced at the man walking towards her. Danger gleamed in his eyes. Cen Xi furrowed her eyebrows. “Mr Qiao, help me this once, and I promise to not cause any trouble again…”

Before she finished speaking, the man’s tall figure covered her. Compared to his tall figure, she appeared to be too small.

He grabbed her small chin, lifting it up as Cen Xi caught her breath. Behind those amber contact lenses, her black gem-like eyes met a pair of dark ones.

The man’s eyes were dark as an alarming danger flashed in them.

Cen Xi thought that her actions before had angered her, so she passed him his belt. “How about I return it to you?”

“It’s too late.”

“Mr Qiaー”

Before Cen Xi finished speaking, the man kissed her harshly.

After Young Master Li’s men couldn’t find the person he wanted to find in the female washroom, he went into the male washroom personally.

He heard a woman’s painful gasp the moment he entered.

Cen Xi’s lips were bleeding from the kiss.

“Young Master Li, is she here?” Young Master Li’s men ran over.

“It’s in the middle of the day, but someone is here… They’re too shameless!”

Cen Xi went to the nurse station and borrowed a nurse uniform from her colleague. Since her lips were split open, she had to go back to the dormitory to apply some medicine.

However, she only arrived at the dormitory door when a man smiling wickedly appeared in front of her.

“Woman, I finally found you!” Young Master Li placed his hands in the pockets of his tattered jeans, his handsome face leaning in front of Cen Xi. “So it’s the little black girl. I asked all of the nurses in your hospital and heard that you love eating this type of fruit candy the most.” Young Master Li showed Cen Xi a candy wrapper. “The nurses staying in the same dormitory as you have already told me about you.”

Cen Xi wasn’t in a good mood, so her eyes on Young Master Li was a little cold as well. “So what?”

So what?

The little black girl was so daring!

Young Master Li took out a dagger from his waist, but Cen Xi’s expression was unchanged. “You want to kill someone just because of a bump on your forehead, are human lives so worthless in your eyes?!”

“Y-You, don’t be angry. I didn’t say that I would kill you. I only wanted you to teach me how to use the crossbow, or it’s fine to teach me how to shoot a gun too. My father keeps thinking that I’m useless.”

“I won’t.”

“Then how about a normal bow? Stop brushing me off. I can guess from the bump on my forehead that you’re a master at playing with a crossbow.”

Just like that, Young Master Li would pester Cen Xi almost every day, asking her to teach him to use a bow. After knowing Cen Xi a little more, Young Master Li found out that she wasn’t only good at using a bow, she knew how to climb trees too. She was like a little monkey, extremely interesting and fun.

She would reply nicely most of the time, but once her temper came, he wasn’t able to humor her no matter what.

Time passed really quickly. After half a month, it was time for Qiao Yanze to be discharged.

According to Cen Xi and Bai Wei’s agreement, Cen Xi was to return. In the last few days, Cen Xi and Young Master Li had gotten a little closer. She found some useful information from Young Master Li, so before Qiao Yanze discharged, she asked to meet him at a small sewer under the hospital.