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Chapter 1231: No Need to Worry

Cen Xi planned to go ask the nurse on duty.

When she walked past the emergency exit, she noticed that the door wasn’t shut tightly and was slightly opened.

Cen Xi stopped, unconsciously glancing inside.

However, at this sight, her breathing tightened and her body stiffened.

It wasn’t someone else standing by the stairs, it was that man who wasn’t resting properly on his bed.

His back was facing Cen Xi, so Cen Xi couldn’t see his eyes now. A woman wearing a hat, sunglasses and face mask was standing in front of him. The woman was wearing a long, black-lace dress. Although she couldn’t see her face, she could still tell that the woman had dressed carefully and detailedly.

She didn’t know what they were saying, but the woman suddenly jumped into the man’s arms and started to sob softly.

“… After I found out that you got shot and almost injured your heart, I was so scared I almost lost my soul. It took a lot for me to finally find out that you were staying in this hospital. Leader Bai said that you’re fine now, but I couldn’t relax…”

Qiao Yanze patted her shoulders, comforting her softly, saying that he was alright already and that she didn’t need to worry.

She looked down and took off her sunglasses to wipe her tears. “Can I stay to take care of you tonight? I’ll leave first thing in the morning.”

“No.” He pushed her away. Cen Xi could tell that he didn’t use a lot of strength, while his voice was considered gentle as he said, “Go now. If someone finds out, we’ll both be in trouble.”

“Alright. I’ll wait for you to come back after achieving your goals.”

The woman couldn’t help but hug him once more, before she left unwillingly.

Only when the woman disappeared from the stairs, Qiao Yanze finally glanced towards the door. He spoke coldly, “Come out.”

Cen Xi, who was leaning against the wall, shivered as a chill ran up her spine.

Oh my, how did he discover her?

She knew that eavesdropping on others’ conversation wasn’t a good thing to do. However, her feet seemed to have been filled with lead, and she couldn’t move even if she wanted to.

Her instincts told her that it would be very dangerous if she continued to stay here, so Cen Xi ran away hurriedly.

Even after she ran out of the hospital, her heart was thumping crazily. After her heart beat calmed down, Cen Xi started to walk towards the dormitory.

When she was arriving at the dormitory, she saw a figure walk out from the dark. Looking carefully, it was actually Qiao Sen.

He walked towards her, his eyes cold as his lips pursed tightly, exuding danger.

“Come with me.” He stood in front of her, saying.

Cen Xi felt her scalp turn slightly numb. Under his eyes, she replied with a gulp, “Okay.”

He took a few steps forward.

When Cen Xi didn’t follow, he turned back to look at her and she immediately ran back to the dormitory. “Mr Qiao, it’s too late now. I want to go and sleep.”

She opened the dormitory door, before closing it with a fight or flight instinct. Her slender body leaned against the door, patting her chest.

She listened carefully for any sounds outside.

After a while, seeing that no one was knocking on the door, she finally sighed in relief.

While lying on the bed, Cen Xi didn’t feel sleepy at all.

As she turned back and forth, she couldn’t help but think about who that woman was. The woman’s voice sounded soft and elegant, sounding extremely pleasant to her ears. Besides, when she jumped into his arms, he didn’t push her away and comforted her gently instead.

Cen Xi knew that this was very normal.

He wasn’t anyone to her. It was just that she had some feelings for him one-sidedly. It’s very normal for him to have a woman he cared for with him.

Maybe, he was only acting with the two mix blooded beauties the organization boss had given him. However, she felt that the woman tonight was different.

Cen Xi buried her face in the blankets, humming sadly. She had lived twenty years, but it was her first time losing sleep over such things.

The next day, Cen Xi went to the cafeteria to have breakfast before she headed towards Qiao Yanze’s room.

Since she barely slept last night, she seemed really exhausted.

Taking out a fruit candy from her pockets, she peeled the wrapper off and threw it in the trash can before popping the candy in her mouth.

She didn’t realize there was a tall man walking behind her. After seeing the candy wrapper she threw, the man shouted, “Young Master Li, I found the person who attacked you yesterday!”

Hearing this, Cen Xi glanced behind her.

Seeing a few men running towards her, she was so scared she sucked in a breath.

Oh no!

That Young Master Li that she had hit last night actually sent men to look for her in the hospital!

Cen Xi didn’t dare turn back again, running away hurriedly. Her sprinting speed was considered quick. However, the men chasing her were not only quick but they were relentless and didn’t give up either!

Where could she go? Cen Xi kept turning at the corners, not knowing where she was running to. She hurriedly hid in a washroom, not even seeing whether it was a male or female washroom.

She pulled one of the cubicle doors open and hid in one hurriedly.

The men chasing her also arrived at the washroom door.

At this time, they didn’t know if Cen Xi had ran into the male washroom or female washroom. Young Master Li put his hands on his waist. “Let’s split up. That darn girl, see if I’ll kill her after I find her!”

Cen Xi, who was in the male washroom, really felt the urge to bang her head against the wall so that she could end herself immediately.

How could it be so coincidental?!

She actually bumped into Qiao Sen in the cubicle!!!

She glanced at him in confusion. “W-Why are you here?”

Qiao Yanze came to look for the head of the hospital. After understanding his condition, he came to the washroom. He was about to go out when a hurried figure appeared.

Naturally he heard Young Master Li’s voice from outside as well.

“You were the one who caused the bump on Young Master Li’s forehead?”

Cen Xi’s dark expression fell, looking like she wanted to cry. “I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Young Master Li’s personality is that he won’t give up unless he catches that person. You can pray for yourself.”

Did that mean that he was going to watch her die?

Seeing that he was about to turn around and leave, Cen Xi moved faster than her mind worked. She immediately stopped the man with her body, her hand pressing against his lips tightly.

The man’s eyes turned darker and colder. It was clear that his patience was reaching its limit.

Cen Xi knew that he wasn’t willing to be kept in the washroom cubicle by her, especially when he despised her so much.

However, if she let him go out, it was equivalent to exposing her location!

That Young Master Li was the son of the organization head. It was clear he wasn’t someone that could be offended easily. If he caught her, he might torture her with some crazy methods!

However, Qiao Sen clearly didn’t care if she would be caught by Young Master Li, as he pulled her hand over her lips down easily.

Seeing his eyes turn cold, looking like he was going to go crazy anytime, Cen Xi panicked. In her distraught, she stood on her toes immediately and pressed her lips against his without any care.

As if not expecting her to be so daring, Qiao Yanze froze.

Cen Xi knew that he would be more angry after she kissed him, but in order to stop him from going out, she still had to do something. Her hand slowly found his belt…

A soft clasp sounded, and his belt came undone.