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Chapter 1230: Where Was He Going In the Middle of the Night?

Young Master Li walked into the washroom to glance at his forehead in the mirror. Seeing an additional red and swollen bump on his handsome face, he gritted his teeth. “Some idiot actually dared to attack me!”

Gripping onto the offensive candy, Young Master Li looked up again. “Oh right, Brother Sen, have you seen a woman who eats this candy?”

Qiao Yanze glanced at the candy in Young Master Li’s hand, pursing his lips slightly as he hummed coldly. “No.”

“Brother Sen, if you see any woman eating this candy, you must tell me! I will kill her!”

Young Master Li remained in the room for a while before he left unhappily.

Ever since he had been hospitalized, Qiao Yanze felt like it had been a century since he had showered. Although Ah Xin would wipe his body once every day, he still felt uncomfortable all over.

In the past, when he was still the young master of the Qiao family, he would shower twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Ever since what happened to his family, even though he had changed a lot, he would still shower at least once a day. If not, he would feel uncomfortable and irritable.

Qiao Yanze took off his hospital gown, taking the spray and took a shower, while trying to avoid his wound.

Cen Xi kept an eye on Young Master Li’s actions, only daring to return to the room after he left.

Around dinner time, she came with a tray of food for Qiao Sen.

Although he had forced a kiss on her and she had been humiliated so ruthlessly by him that she wanted to prick him with a needle a million times, she wasn’t someone who couldn’t control herself either. She constantly remembered that they were teammates now.

Being petty at him or ignoring him was not her style.

However, if he dared to humiliate or take advantage of her again, she would definitely teach him a lesson!

Various ways to bully him appeared in Cen Xi’s mind. However, the moment she pushed the door open to go in, Cen Xi already threw all of her thoughts away.

When she went in, the washroom door happened to be pushed open too.

A tall man walked out.

He was holding a towel in his hand, drying his hair. He had forgotten to bring his clothes in, so he was only wearing a pair of black boxers.

From Cen Xi’s angle, she was able to see his flawless and strong figure perfectly.

His healthy malt-colored skin, his thin and strong waist, his well-defined abdomen packs, his long legs and… Cen Xi glanced at the bump in front of his black boxers. Her cheeks warmed as she cried for help in her heart!

When she was changing his bandage for him and saw his chest, she never thought that his entire figure would be so good after he took off his clothes.

Christ, his hormones were bursting through the roof!

Qiao Yanze stared at Cen Xi, who was holding a thermos flask and standing blankly at the door. He furrowed an eyebrow, scolding, “Who told you to come in?”

“I brought you food.”

“Why didn’t you knock?”

“I didn’t know you were showering. Besides, why are you so bad? You cannot get out of bed now, nor can you shower.”

“You don’t have to care, scram!”

Already used to his foul temper, Cen Xi ignored him. When he asked her to scram, she naturally wouldn’t. Besides, since he humiliated her before, she couldn’t lose out, could she?”

Her eyes moved down his chest, to the unspeakable place, before they moved onto his chest once more.

He was the type that looked thin but was buff when he wasn’t wearing any clothes. Not only were his abdomen packs well-defined, his Apollo’s belt was extremely attractive too.

Qiao Yanze probably hadn’t seen a woman who kept staring at a man’s body, so his eyes turned cold, moving his towel over his abdomen and he snapped, “Are you done staring?”

“There’s nothing to see either. Besides, you have so much leg hair.”

The corners of Qiao Yanze’s eyes twitched. “What, you haven’t seen a man with leg hair?”

Cen Xi poked her tongue out. “I have a male best friend from University that likes to shave his leg hair completely.”

Just as Qiao Yanze wanted to say something, he held himself back. This was the younger sister of the woman he hated the most. Why did he need to say so much to her?

Cen Xi walked towards the bed and placed the thermos flask on the table. “If Mr Qiao wants to go back and shave your leg hair after returning from your undercover job, I can introduce a good product for you.”

Qiao Yanze’s expression was especially dark.

“Shut up!”

Cen Xi glanced at him. “Mr Qiao, with how fierce you are all day, are you going through menopause? Or is it because you haven’t vented out in that aspect, so your short-temperedness is because of your unfulfilled desires?”

Very good. She was very good at making him feel like he wanted to kill her!

Cen Xi knew that her words had made him angry again. She didn’t dare glance at him once more, having run away before he could do anything.

After returning to the dormitory, Cen Xi received a message from Bai Wei, asking about Qiao Sen’s condition. Cen Xi replied: [His body had recovered very well and has the strength to shower already.]

Bai Wei: [Once he’s discharged, I’ll send someone to bring you back. It’s not too safe for you to stay there.”

Cen Xi laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling for a while. Qiao Sen had probably told Uncle Bai Wei about wanting her to go back after Qiao Sen contacted him!

Seeing this, Qiao Sen must really hate her terribly!

No matter how she looked, it seemed that he just didn’t like her.

Cen Xi sighed with slight despair.

She replied Bai Wei simply: [I’ll listen to your instructions.]

Once his wound was more or less healed, she would go back if Uncle Bai Wei really didn’t want her to stay here. Just as well, classes were starting anyway.

Cen Xi didn’t go to the ward that night. Since he could get off his bed and could shower already, his injury was recovering better and faster than she had expected.

She didn’t have to worry about him being in so much pain so that he couldn’t fall asleep, or that he kicked his blanket away anymore, Cen Xi thought as she fell asleep.

She didn’t know how long had passed, but when she was dazed with her sleep, she heard two nurses that had returned from their night shift say, “That fierce Mr Qiao seemed to be coughing really badly last night. I wonder if he caught the flu.”

“Chief even scolded him last night, saying that he went to shower before his wound healed fully.”

“He probably caught the flu from the shower. However, he’s really strong as well. Can you believe he got off the bed after just one week?”

After the two nurses fell asleep, Cen Xi sat up on her bed.

Qiao Sen was coughing terribly? If it was serious, it might affect his wound’s recovery.

Cen Xi took out some medicine from the medicine she prepared herself, before she left the dormitory with light steps.

She arrived at the door and knocked on the door softly. Before hearing a reply, she opened the door. She walked in, looking left and right but didn’t see the man on the bed.

She then went to the bathroom door, calling out softly, “Mr Qiao?”

No one replied.

Cen Xi put down the medicine on the cardboard, walking out in confusion. It wasn’t time for him to be discharged yet. Where did he go in the middle of the night?