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Chapter 1228: Not Enough to be Scared

Qiao Yanze stared as the woman in front of him leaned forward, his eyes dark as his pale lips pursed into a tight line. Cen Xi noted his eyes that looked like he wanted to eat someone, her lips smiling wider under her mask.

See, do you still dare to act so proudly in front of me?

They stared at each other like that for nearly a minute. Qiao Yanze’s heart was burning with a fiery anger. What kind of stupid teammate did Leader Bai assign him with?

He f*cking didn’t die from an arrow. Was he going to die from holding in his bladder?

Cen Xi knew that he was like a lion whose fur had been shaved. Although his domineeringness was still there, it wasn’t scary anymore!

“Fine, you don’t have to beg me, but please stop talking to me with that despicable and condescending attitude in the future. No matter what, we’re teammates now, aren’t we?” Cen Xi blinked at him.

Qiao Yanze’s hands under the blanket clenched the bedsheets tightly. It had been very long since he felt so embarrassed.

Yes, it was embarrassing.

Although his personality had changed drastically, the arrogance in him still existed. How could a proud person take Cen Xi’s treatment towards him?

“Are you going f*cking calling a male doctor?”

Cen Xi pulled a chair over to sit next to the bed, cupping her face with her small hands. She wasn’t angry and didn’t go out to call someone over either. “It seems like you still can hold on for a while.”

It had been very long since Qiao Yanze was so angry. He gritted his teeth, his tongue poking his cheek as he nodded at her coldly. “Alright, you win.”

He didn’t want to talk to her again, as he lifted his body that shouldn’t be moved yet, wanting to sit up.

Cen Xi never thought that he would be so stubborn. At this point, she was the one who couldn’t hold back anymore. She hurriedly pressed him down. However, before she touched him, she heard him scold her coldly, “Scram, don’t touch me.”

Cen Xi smacked her lips together.

What don’t touch him? He said it like she was a bully wanting to take advantage of a woman!

“Alright, alright, I’m scared of you. I’ll go call a male doctor. Stay there and don’t move.”

Seeing her turn and leave, Qiao Yanze stopped going against his body’s wishes. He merely wanted to get up a little earlier, but his chest hurt like something had been torn inside.

Cen Xi walked to the door, about to open the door when two completely different fragrances filled her senses.

“Move away, let me go in fiー.”

“Why do I have to move away? Don’t forget that I’m Brother Sen’s true love.”

Cen Xi widened her eyes slightly as she stared at the two women standing by the door.

They were dressed skimpily and looked really pretty as well. They were mixed blood, their facial features well-defined and looked extremely exotic.

“Cough, you are…”

“We came to visit Brother Sen!”

Brother Sen was probably Qiao Sen!

Cen Xi hummed, moving away to let them come in.

When they were in the desert, she recalled hearing Da Long and Xiao Long say that Qiao Sen’s boss had given him two beauties. The beauties were probably them!

Cen Xi glanced at the two women walking towards the bed, pouting as a feeling of hurt spread within her. However, at another thought, what was the point of sending the most beautiful woman to him?


Could it be that he was only that calm to her? After all, the two women’s figures were extremely attractive.

“Xiao Hei!”

Cen Xi was about to go out to call a male doctor when the man’s cold and dark voice rang, “Come over!”

Xiao Hei?

It took Cen Xi a few seconds before she realized he was calling her[1].

She hurriedly turned around and walked towards the bed. “Didn’t you ask me to go call a doctor?”

“Come over.”

The two beauties stood by the bed, seemingly wanting to fall onto the man.

Seeing this, Cen Xi hurriedly walked over and pulled the beauties apart. “Please do not touch Mr Qiao’s wound. If not, you’ll lose your happiness with the side effects it’ll leave.”

One of the beauties couldn’t understand. “His wound is near his heart. It should be fine as long as we don’t touch it. How is it that serious to even affect our happiness?”

Cen Xi coughed to clear her throat, looking serious. “You too, know that his wound is near his heart. If he doesn’t rest quietly and properly, there will be side effects in the future. As a result, he naturally won’t be able to do any intense exercise. Say, wouldn’t it affect your happiness?”

The two beauties glanced at each other. It seemed to make a little sense.

“When Mr Qiao is resting, the two of you fighting for favor here, wanting to get his love and adoration, also hurts his dignity. After all, he’s in a bad state now and needs others to help him in everything. This would spoil the image you have of him. That is why I suggest that you go back and come and visit him only when he’s recovered.”

The two beauties only wanted to get Qiao Sen’s love and adoration, not wanting to attend to his daily needs. So after they said what they wanted, they left.

After the two women left, Cen Xi’s smiling expression immediately collapsed. She glanced at the man angrily, leaving with wide strides.

After she called a male doctor over for him, Cen Xi ran downstairs and found a deserted place, stomping her feet angrily.

After she vented her anger, she collected her rampant thoughts. Why was she acting weird for nothing?

Qiao Sen was an undercover spy at a criminal organization. He naturally couldn’t reject it if his boss wanted to give women to him.

But, did he really sleep with those two women before?

It really pissed her off!

Even though Cen Xi was angry, she didn’t forget her responsibilities. Her priority should be taking care of Qiao Sen so that he could recover quickly.

What were feelings? She should wait until he left that controversial place!

After she stopped herself from thinking about her feelings, Cen Xi felt a lot more at ease when she faced Qiao Sen.

She took care of him carefully every day, helping him change his dressings, feeding him his meals and even got up in the middle of the night to help cover him with the blanket.

That day after he almost got injured from holding in his bladder, he was even more unwilling to talk to her.

It was common for her to speak ten sentences before he would reply coldly with a short response. Most of the time, it was something like, “Shut up”, “Scram” or “You’re really noisy”.

Anyway, he never gave her a nice expression to look at.

At times, Cen Xi would get so angry she would stomp her feet and throw a towel at him. However, she wouldn’t be angry for more than thirty minutes every time. She would remember her responsibility and come back to take care of him properly.

Anyway, once he had recovered and she had finished her mission, she would owe him nothing.

Although they didn’t get along well most of the time, Cen Xi still found out lots of little details about him. One was that he was a clean freak. He would get her to clean both his hands properly before he ate.

Every night, he would still get one of his men, Ah Xin, to wipe his body for him.

One night, Ah Xin went to settle something and didn’t come back. He couldn’t get his body wiped and became really hot-tempered. From that alone, she could feel that he had some nuances as a young master in his bones.

Seven days passed, and Cen Xi was so tired she had lost some weight.

She just needed a few more days. Once his wound had no chance of infection and healed properly, there shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Cen Xi hadn’t slept properly for a few nights already. Today, she really couldn’t hold on anymore and changed shifts with another nurse to take care of Qiao Sen while she went back to the dormitory to sleep.

Cen Xi didn’t know how long she slept, but someone shook her awake suddenly.

Opening her eyes, she noted a nurse with red eyes and tear streaks on her face. Cen Xi sat up. ”Xiao Mi, what’s wrong?”

“Xiao Hei, that ward’s patient has a really bad temper and he’s so fierce! His eyes are so cold. Because of that, I was nervous and couldn’t inject him properly. The second time, I still couldn’t do it. I’ve never made such a mistake and I still couldn’t get the needle in on my third try. Then he told me to scram.”

Cen Xi’s mouth twitched.

If she had been poked three times by a needle inaccurately, not only would she tell the person to scram, she would even scold that person.

It felt painful even at the thought of it.

“I don’t want to go to that room anymore, please go yourself!”

Cen Xi hummed in response, changing her clothes as she hurriedly ran towards the room. When she was about to arrive at the room, another nurse ran out with red eyes.

Seeing Cen Xi arrive, the chief nurse looked like she seen her savior. “Xiao Hei, you’re here! Hurry and go in to give Mr Qiao his injection!”

Cen Xi pulled the door open and saw the man.

He had no expression on his face, but his eyes were extremely dark. His hand on the bed was still bleeding from the wrong injections.

Cen Xi’s heart tightened and she walked in hurriedly. Taking a cotton bud, she helped stop the blood flowing from the back of his hand.

She didn’t dare look at him, but she could still feel the dark eyes on her.

Oh no, she actually forgot to wear her face mask.

However, it should be fine as well. She had put on makeup to make herself look uglier, so he probably wasn’t able to recognize her.

“So you look like this.” The man’s temperature-less voice trailed from above her.

Cen Xi could hear the scoff in his words, as she looked up and glared at him angrily. “What’s wrong with being ugly? Do you think you look very good? Tsktsk, your face…”

Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows. What was wrong with his face? Did something happen to his fake skin? Could she see something?

“Get out!”

Seeing his temper change so suddenly, Cen Xi furrowed his eyebrows. “No, your face, let me…” She reached out, wanting to touch his face.

However, before she could touch him, he grabbed her wrist.

The temperature of his hand seemed to be lower than usual, cold and freezing. The moment he grabbed her hand, Cen Xi shivered coldly.

She took back her hand. “So you can still use your strength. Besides, I don’t want to take advantage of you, I only saw something on your face.”

“You don’t have to care. I told you to get out.”

Why was his attitude so foul? After all, she had taken care of him to her best ability in the last few days and they were teammates as well, couldn’t he be better to her?

The more he didn’t want her to touch his face, the more she wanted to do it!

Just as her fingers were about to touch his face, she didn’t have time to react when something happened.

[1] Xiao Hei in Chinese means Little Black, likely he was calling her that because of her dark skin tone