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Chapter 1227: She Leaned Towards Him

Cen Xi had changed out of her smart looking black leather jacket and into a nurse outfit.

With makeup on her face, her fair skin had become dark while her facial features seemed to have changed slightly as well. Her black gem-like eyes had turned amber in color.

With the face mask and nurse hat, it became harder to recognize her as the smart looking and pretty shooter from before.

Seeing Bai Wei freeze slightly, Cen Xi knew her transformation was very successful.

“Uncle Bai, please arrange a nurse identity for me and settle my proof of identity. I promise I won’t expose myself. I will finish the mission properly.”

Bai Wei was extremely efficient in his work. The next day, he had already arranged a new identity for Cen Xi.

A nurse called Xiao Hei that had just been hired by the town’s hospital had been taken away by Bai Wei and Cen Xi was to take her identity. Cen Xi imitated how Xiao Hei spoke, only reporting at the hospital when she sounded quite similar to Xiao Hei.

Because of Bai Wei’ secret arrangements, she was arranged to Qiao Sen’s ward.

Cen Xi followed the nurse chief around to familiarize herself with the hospital in the morning. In the afternoon, after she got some job allocations from her colleague, she pushed the car and walked towards Qiao Sen’s ward.

She had just arrived at the room’s door, wanting to knock on the door when someone happened to pull the door open from instead.

She accidentally bumped into a firm chest.

She immediately moved back, a pleasant laughter ringing from above her. Cen Xi looked up, only to see a young man standing at the door. He was probably a mixed blood and looked really handsome. Seeing Cen Xi move back like a frightened rabbit, he had a bright smile on. He didn’t look like a bad guy.

However, bad guys wouldn’t write the words “bad guy” on their faces.

“Are you new?” The man stared at Cen Xi. Although she was wearing a face mask, some of her skin was still exposed. “Why are you so dark?”

Cen Xi looked down, remaining quiet.

“The newbie doesn’t know how to talk, are you a mute person?”

“Young Master Li, are you flirting with a nurse again?” Another man in the room spoke up.

The man who was smiling, stared at Cen Xi’s thin figure for a few seconds. “Why would I flirt with someone that looks like a bean sprout?”

Cen Xi was speechless. Although her figure wasn’t great, she wasn’t a bean sprout either!

Ba Er came to visit Qiao Yanze in the room personally. Qiao Yanze had woken up, but because he was injured so close to his heart, he still couldn’t sit up. Ba Er patted his shoulder lightly. “That day, I got my substitute to bring you to do the transaction at the pier because I was suspicious of you. However, I never thought that you would stand out and save the substitute. Once you’ve recovered, you can come and work with me.”

“Thank you, Master Ba.” Qiao Yanze’s voice was weak and he sounded tired.

After the group of people left, Cen Xi finally pushed the cart into the room.

She closed the door and glanced at the man who was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. His normal looking face had no expression, as he pursed his lips tightly into a tight line. His face was pale and weak.

She walked to the bed, speaking with a voice that sounded as rough as Xiao Hei, “Mr Qiao, your dressing needs to be changed.”

Qiao Yanze opened his eyes, glancing at Cen Xi.

Although he was badly injured, the dangerous aura on him still remained. He was like a wild beast waiting for its prey and would pounce on her and bite her anytime.

“Mr Qiao, I’ll take it that you give your permission if you continue to remain quiet.”

Cen Xi reached out her gloved hand to undo the man’s gown.

One button, two buttons, three buttons. The man’s malt-colored and muscular chest was slowly exposed. His wound had been wrapped with bandages as she slowly took them off.

She looked down, staring at his wound with extreme seriousness.

She had brought her own medicine, pouring it over the garish wound. She knew that it would hurt a lot when the medicine touched the wound, but he didn’t even let out a sound. He didn’t even furrow his eyebrows.

Once she was done and put on a new bandage for him, her breathing tightened a little when she saw the two dots on his chest. Because she was too nervous, her fingernails lightly grazed…

Qiao Yanze’s eyes immediately darkened in an ugly manner. He had received news that Leader Bai Wei had sent an assistant to him. The assistant should be this nurse.

He didn’t know why Bai Wei had sent a woman to him. Wasn’t it causing more trouble instead?

Also, this woman was slightly crazy too, unable to stop herself from scratching him when she saw his chest. If he could move, he would definitely break her finger.

Once Cen Xi was done with the bandaging, she coughed awkwardly when she noted him staring at her with extremely cold eyes. “I-I didn’t do it on purpose. Besides, you men are not as sensitive as women. It’s alright if I touched you there, right?”

Qiao Yanze stared at her with devilishly cold eyes. “If I touched you now and told you that I did it by accident, do you think I’m taking the chance to act like a gangster?”

Did he mean that she was acting like a gangster to him?

Please, she wouldn’t act like that to a person who couldn’t get aroused!

“What skills do you have?” He kept the coldness in his eyes, his expression turning serious.

Cen Xi replied, “Leader Bai has probably told you already!”

“He didn’t say, but I feel that you have the skill to act like a crazy woman.”

Cen Xi was extremely angry. “You will know what skills I will have when the time comes.” She placed a hand on her waist, looking down at the man who couldn’t move on the bed. She pointed at his face. “With how you look, how could you make me go crazy?” The most was that his figure was good. However, what was the point of having a good figure? After the woman took off her clothes and was pressed under him, it was nothing anymore.

Qiao Yanze’s eyes were cold and sharp. “You’d better not have that thought. Don’t cause trouble for me in the future.”

Staring at how arrogant and proud he was, Cen Xi didn’t want to argue with him further. He was lying on the bed now. She believed that there would be a time when he would beg her and acknowledge her!

Indeed, two hours later, a certain man who had just woken up, glanced at her with dark eyes, wanting to say something but stopped as well.

Naturally, Cen Xi knew what he wanted.

He had already taken a few drips. Even if he didn’t drink much water, his bladder had started to act up after a few bottles of liquid entered his body.

His chest was injured, so he couldn’t get out of bed for the week.

He had to do everything on the bed.

Cen Xi walked to the bed, smiling brightly at him. “Mr Qiao, is something wrong?”

Her eyes showed that she knew what he wanted to do already, yet she still asked that on purpose. It was clear that she was getting revenge for what he said earlier.

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes. “Call Ah Xin in.”

“Ah Xin? I told him not to come over in the afternoon, since I can take care of you too. Say it, do you need help?”

Cen Xi was wearing a face mask, so Qiao Yanze couldn’t see her face completely. All he saw was her eyes curling up like a crescent moon. They were clear and pretty, yet exuded a small hint of a fox-like and playful mischievousness as well.

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips tightly into a tight line, grinding his teeth as he said, “Call a male doctor over.”

“Alright,” Cen Xi leaned closer to him. “Beg me!”