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Chapter 1222: Devilish and Cold

Cen Xi looked around, but didn’t find where the gaze came from.

She sucked in a deep breath, before she expressed her blessings towards the King and Queen and some of her thoughts of catching the bouquet with everyone’s attention on her.

After she gave her speech, Cen Xi realized that the sharp gaze seemed to have disappeared. She couldn’t help but look around once more, but she didn’t notice anything wrong.

It seemed that she was too suspicious and sensitive.

It was time for the dinner banquet.

At the main table, Qiao Yanze asked An Feng in a whisper, “Who is that girl?”

An Feng looked in the direction where Qiao Yanze was pointing at, which was another table where the King and Bride were currently toasting to their guests, or more specifically, at Cen Xi, who had stood up.

An Feng found out some things about Cen Xi from Nan Zhi. She was completely different from her older sister, Xiao Ying. If Cen Xi didn’t help them, Sihan wouldn’t have taken down the Prince so quickly.

“She’s Xiao Ying’s younger sister, the girl Zhizhi told you about before. After she found out what her older sister did to you, she felt really sad and sorry, saying that she wanted to apologize personally to you if she saw you.”

An inert hatred and coldness immediately exuded from Qiao Yanze’s dark eyes.

So, she was Xiao Ying’s younger sister! No wonder he thought her gem-like eyes were so familiar when he met her in the desert!

Qiao Yanze’s hands under the table clenched into tight fists unconsciously, the veins on the back of his hand twitching.

“Yanze, Cen Xi is a good girl. Her older sister has received what she deserved, you…”

As if not wanting to hear Xiao Ying’s name anymore, Qiao Yanze even felt annoyed by hearing her younger sister, Cen Xi’s name. He said with dark eyes. “As long as she doesn’t annoy me.”

An Feng stared at Qiao Yanze, who seemed to have changed into a different person after what happened to the Qiao family. Her heart ached terribly for him.

“Yanze, you have to continue to look forward always. Don’t keep living in the pain and guilt from the past.”

Qiao Yanze closed his red eyes. Could he still look forward now? Because of him, the century old Qiao family was ruined. Because of him, Mother had committed suicide.

How could he forget the destruction he had brought about?

Qiao Yanze had never let go of himself for a very long time now, so he drank until he was drunk during Zhizhi’s wedding.

An Feng wanted to tell him not to drink so much, but Helian Xiao shook his head at her, whispering, “His heart is troubled, so let him drink!”

He had gone from a proud young man that didn’t have any worries to facing a complete change in his family and relationship, practically falling from heaven to hell. If his mind was weaker, he would have long gone berserk.

However, not only did he quit the drug that was hardest to quit, he was even able to infiltrate into the depths of a criminal organization. He became a spy without any fears of his life not only because he had the bravery and courage, but more because of the hatred he had towards the criminal organization!

Cen Xi drank a few cups during the banquet, the alcohol flush turning her face red. She wasn’t drunk, but her face was incredibly red.

She cupped her face and went to the washroom.

When she left the washroom and had just walked to the ballroom entrance, she saw Yi Fan help a drunk man out. The man’s head was down, so she couldn’t see what he looked like, but his back…

Cen Xi’s eyes constricted slightly.

Was she seeing wrongly? If not, why did she feel that the man’s back looked a little like Mr Qiao Sen’s?

That night, she was saved by the international police and was brought back to the Capital after. In the month following, she had dreamed of what had happened at the deserts every night…

She dreamed of him taking off her top, pressing her under him. She dreamed of her accidentally touching his lips. She dreamed of her riding a horse with him, her back bumping into his chest from time to time when she sat in front of him…

She didn’t know why she just couldn’t seem to forget him.

Her main objective was to look for the Queen’s uncle, to pay for her older sister’s sins. However, she fell for a man whom she knew nothing about.

Cen Xi followed the two figures upstairs secretly.

There was only one room on the top floor, which Nan Zhi had reserved for Qiao Yanze to stay in.

Qiao Yanze still couldn’t reinstate his identity and couldn’t reveal his true appearance. It was already a very huge risk in him coming to attend Nan Zhi’s wedding.

He was good to Nan Zhi, and Nan Zhi was good to him as well. Now, the only warmth he had left only belonged to his closest kin.

Seeing that the door wasn’t closed shut, Cen Xi took the chance of Yi Fan helping Qiao Yanze into the room to sneak into the washroom quietly.

She only came out of the washroom when she heard the sound of Yi Fan leaving the room.

The lights weren’t turned on inside, so the only source of light came from the the bright moon. A tall figure was laying on the large bed.

He was sleeping on his side, so she could only see his back.

Cen Xi didn’t know why, but she remembered Mr Qiao Sen’s back very clearly. In the past month, she would recall the scene of him leaving on the horse.

[Mr Qiao Sen, will… we meet again?”


Would they really not meet again?

But why did she feel that this man’s back looked so similar to Mr Qiao Sen’s?

Cen Xi bit her lips, unable to control her legs as she started to walk towards the bed.

She walked to the other side of the bed, wanting to use the moonlight to see what he looked like. She slowly leaned down, towards his face.

He had probably drank a lot, a strong alcohol scent exuding from his breaths. but it didn’t smell off-putting.

Since his face was buried in the blankets, she reached out to pull the blanket away softly.

His hair was exposed, then his forehead…

Just as she was about to see his eyes, a large hand caught her slender wrist. The strong grip seemed to want to crush her wrist bone into pieces.

Cen Xi gasped softly, “Mr Qiao Sen…”

Before she finished speaking, she was lifted onto the bed. The man who was completely drunk before seemed like a lion that had woken up suddenly. His large hand caught both her hands, making her half-kneel against the bed in a humiliating position.

It had to be him!

It was really Mr Qiao Sen.

Although she still could see his face properly, the low temperature of his hands and the dark aura the man was exuding made her feel that it was him.

“It’s me, Mr Qiao Sen. You saved my life in the desert before.”

The man looked down at the girl half-kneeling in front of him. Her voice was extremely soft, like a cooling breeze that blew into one’s heart. However, his eyes on her turned colder by the second.

“Do you want to be f*cked that badly?” He leaned down to her ear, his warm breath spraying into them as his tone was eerily dark and cold.

Cen Xi widened her eyes slightly, not daring to believe that he was saying such things to her. She looked back, wanting to look at him, but he bit down on her fair earlobe ruthlessly.

Pain came from Cen Xi’s earlobe and she could feel blood appearing.