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Chapter 1220: She Stared at Him During the Wedding

After the truth about the fake Ye Qing and fake Queen was revealed, the Royal family announced Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi’s wedding date very quickly.

The moment the King and Queen’s wedding date was announced, it immediately became the hottest topic of news in the world.

Although there was only one month before the wedding, Mu Sihan had already started preparing for their wedding when they registered their marriage.

As a result, it wasn’t too rushed for them at all.

On the day of the wedding, Nan Zhi had prepared twelve gowns. All of them were designed and made personally by the top designers in the world. Every gown was worth a significant amount and was unique in the world.

By now, no one dared to say that Nan Zhi was a Cinderella anymore. Because her dowry was so incredibly large that others were simply blown away by it.

This wedding of the century attracted the attention of billions of people. It was held in the Capital’s largest church. That day, the roads from the Royal Palace to the church were closed, just like when they went to register their marriage. Although they stopped vehicles from passing by, they didn’t stop the public from watching the wedding of the century.

Nan Zhi got up early in the morning that day.

After she changed into her wedding gown, the makeup artists helped put on her makeup. She thought that she wouldn’t be very nervous, but her heart beat was still a little faster than usual right now.

Even though she was Queen already, she had long since anticipated this wedding.

Once the makeup artists were done, An Feng brought a bowl of glutinous rice balls into the room. Staring at how crazily pretty her Zhizhi was, An Feng’s eyes turned red. “Zhizhi, you’ll definitely be very busy today, so eat some glutinous rice balls to fill your stomach first. According to our customs in Ning City, the bride must eat them before they get married, to represent that you will be happy with Sihan for the rest of your lives, and that there wouldn’t be any troubles in your marriage.”

An Feng fed Nan Zhi a few rice balls. Nan Zhi stared at her mother, whose tears were circling in her eyes, and hugged her. “Mom, don’t cry. If you cry, I’ll want to cry too.”

Hearing this, An Feng hurriedly wiped her tears. “Alright, alright, I won’t cry, so don’t cry too. If not, you’ll ruin your beautiful makeup.”

Commotion trailed from outside and the bridesmaids came in.

There were six bridesmaids. Because Yanran was pregnant, she couldn’t be a bridesmaid anymore. These six bridesmaids were unmarried girls Nan Zhi had met in the Capital and were close to.

Following the bridesmaids were Xia Yanran, Yan Hua, Shangguan Wan, Cen Xi, Amy, Zi Yan…

Seeing them come in, Nan Zhi stood up.

“Wow! The bride is really pretty!”

Nan Zhi was wearing a white wedding gown with silver tassels and exquisite embroidery. The gown that was made for her brought out her tall and slender figure perfectly. The lace and flowers on her chest and skirt looked extremely beautiful and eye-catching as well.

She was extremely beautiful.

Today, Nan Zhi was as beautiful as a goddess who had descended from the heavens.

“When the groomsmen come later, our bridesmaids cannot give in so easily alright?!”

The groomsmen were all extremely handsome people, with Lan Yanzhi as their leader while even Gu Sheng had become one of them.

Nan Zhi really didn’t know how Mu Sihan managed to convince Gu Sheng to be one of his groomsmen. She only knew that the bridesmaids couldn’t help but scream out loud when they saw Gu Sheng’s photo.

He looked extremely gentlemanly, like a piece of fine jade.

With him living in the mountains with Ling Er all year round, Gu Sheng didn’t look like he belonged to the world. Instead, he looked like a deity from the paintings, completely unscathed from the evils of the world.

Nan Zhi was anticipating how the bridesmaids would trouble the groomsmen as well. However, she really underestimated how shameless they were, as the men started to use their handsome looks against the bridesmaids.

They then gave every bridesmaid a big red pocket. The bridesmaids were extremely happy. Instead of troubling them, they almost didn’t send the bride out to the groom.

Just as the bridesmaids were counting their red packets happily, Gu Sheng walked in front of Nan Zhi.

Staring at how pretty she was, he crouched down beside her, smiling gently as he said, “Little Flower, I wish you happiness.”

Yes, he wished her happiness, wishing only for her to be happy.

Maybe, there was still a part of him that loved her from the depths of his heart. But he would bury that love within himself, letting that love slowly sink down so that neither of them would be troubled by it, as he continued to protect her as an older brother.

“Thank you, Brother Gu Sheng. You have to be happy too.”

On the way to the church from the Royal Palace.

There were millions of the public who were standing outside the railing watching the extravagant spectacle.

One of them was Gu Meng, who had rushed over from the small fishing village.

When Brother Ah Dai left the fishing village, he promised that he would return to the village and her after he helped his younger brother settle his troubles.

However, she had waited more than a month now.

Since he hadn’t returned, she felt extremely panicked from how much she missed him. That was why she had ignored her family’s objections and came to the busy and strange Capital, even though she rarely left the village.

Once she arrived at the Capital, she didn’t know where to look for him, and didn’t know where he stayed either.

Yesterday, when she was walking on the streets, she saw the LED screen playing the news of the upcoming wedding of the century in S Country. That was when she was shocked to discover that Sister Nan Zhi was the Queen and Brother Ah Dai’s younger brother was a King.

Then, Brother Ah Dai was a Prince too?

Back in the fishing village, she already thought that he was above everyone else. However, she never thought that he would be a Prince that was untouchable to her!

Gu Meng arrived at this street last night and stood there for the entire night.

If Brother Ah Dai was a Prince, she knew that she would be able to see him today.

Although she hadn’t slept, she wasn’t sleepy at all.

When the sun rose and lightened the skies, the number of people standing by the aisles of the street slowly increased. On the other side of the railings were various armed soldiers spread along the street to ensure peace was maintained.

It was already eight in the morning.

The crowd closer to the Royal Palace slowly became more and more excited. Gu Meng was standing at a street nearer to the church, so when she heard the loud screaming and shouts, she knew that the Royal family had left for the church.

After about twenty minutes, Gu Meng saw two tall man riding horses, approaching her with a squad of Royal guards following behind them.

The two men on horses were the Third Prince and Fifth Prince.

The crowd cheered loudly for the two princes. When Gu Meng saw the man on the most right side, her eyes constricted instantly.

He was wearing a fitting black suit, his tall figure and perfect side profile looking incredibly handsome. His lips were pursed tightly, making his jawline look slightly cold and tense.

He looked the same, but it felt as if he had changed into a different person. He was no longer that quiet and unfazed Brother Ah Dai she knew anymore. The strong aura he gave off made him seem extremely unfamiliar.

She didn’t know if he went for a scar removal surgery, but the scars on his face weren’t as obvious anymore. The current him was handsome, dignified and cold.

And unreachable.

Gu Meng’s heart felt like it was going to stop beating, as bright tears swarmed in her eyes.

Everyone was cheering for the princes. She was the only one who shouted with everything she had.

“Brother Ah Dai! Brother Ah Dai!”