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Chapter 1219: Never Meeting Again

Judging from the loud noises from outside, he must have drank quite a bit of alcohol.

Cen Xi bit her lip tightly as she pushed a table against the door.

As if hearing the noise instead, Da Long laughed evilly. “Beauty, don’t be scared. Qiao Sen is very rough to women, but I’m not!”

When Da Long didn’t get Cen Xi’s reply, his knocking changed into kicking.

An explosion had happened at the main wing, so everyone seemed to have gone over. Even if Cen Xi wanted to shout for help, it was likely that no one would hear her.

Staring at the door that was shaking from Da Long’s frantic kicks, Cen Xi opened the window, wanting to jump down the window.

However, before she could climb onto the window sill, Da Long managed to kick the door open with his strength. Da Long rushed forward, pulling Cen Xi’s long hair immediately.

Cen Xi could feel a tearing pain from her scalp.

“B*tch, you want to run?” Da Long threw Cen Xi onto the bed, slapping her ruthlessly when he noted that she was struggling to get up.

Cen Xi’s cheeks turned red and swollen from the slap, her ears ringing.

However, she didn’t tear up and stared at Da Long like a small animal that had been provoked. “I’m already Qiao Sen’s woman. Do you want to take advantage of your brother’s woman too? If Qiao Sen finds out, he won’t let you off.”

Hesitance flashed in Da Long’s eyes. However, he smirked coldly within the next second. “So what if Qiao Sen finds out? I can say that you seduced me first. Come on, girl. Every second counts…”

Cen Xi’s eyes constricted a little. Staring at Da Long who was pouncing towards her, she stopped struggling and smiled brightly at him instead.

When Cen Xi smiled, she was like a blooming peach flower, looking so pretty everyone’s attraction would be on her.

Seeing her like this, Da Long was slightly dazed. It had been very long since he had seen such a clean, innocent and soft girl like Cen Xi.

Looking at how fair and soft she was, he really wanted to push her inside him..

Just as Da Long was zoning out, Cen Xi took the chance to lift her leg and kicked at his crotch ruthlessly.


Da Long cupped his crotch in intense pain, his expression distorting.

Using the chance, Cen Xi darted out quickly. Just as she was about to reach the door, a bullet flew over her head and hit the wooden door.

Cen Xi froze immediately, staring at the small hole on the door as all of her blood flowed backwards instead.

Her limbs turned cold.

She was empty-handed. No matter how fast she could run, she was still slower than Da Long’s bullets.

Da Long’s sick laughter trailed from behind her. “Run! Continue running! Little girl, you’re quite daring to dare to kick my lifeline. See how I’m going to kill you!”

Da Long walked towards Cen Xi, pressing the gun which was still smoking against her head. His eyes were sharp and cold. “Come, show me what other moves you have. Throw them all at me.”

Cold sweat appeared from Cen Xi’s forehead. She could tell that Da Long really wanted to rape her, unlike Mr Qiao Sen who only looked at her coldly and did nothing else.

Clenching her fists tightly, she felt her palms clammy with cold sweat. She pursed her lips tightly, hiding any fear she felt.

She did not dare to move. Because, if she did, Da Long would kill her immediately.

Da Long walked in front of Cen Xi, using his empty hand to pinch her cheek. Staring at her fluttering lashes, he smiled coldly. “You’re so young, but you’re quite daring. Since you dare play rough with me, let’s see who’s rougher?!”

He dragged Cen Xi onto the bed, his hand flexing and pulled her maid uniform apart.

Her fair skin could be seen vaguely.

“You’re really fair and soft, like a tofu.”

Cen Xi glared at Da Long with dead eyes, gritting her teeth shut as she remained quiet.

Da Long caressed her neck, collarbones and his breathing slowly quickened. “Beauty, I will let you have a taste of extreme pleasure.” As he said so, he pulled Cen Xi’s legs apart.

The woman under him seemed to have resigned to her fate and stopped struggling. Her hands even slowly wrapped around his neck.

Da Long immediately felt pleased, cursing, “What a sl*t!”

He unzipped his pants, before he moved to tug Cen Xi’s pants away. Just as he was about to do his next action, he suddenly froze.

He widened his eyes, staring in disbelief at the woman under him. Warm liquid slowly dripped from his neck.


Before he could finish, he fell onto his side.

There was a steak knife stabbed into his neck.

Cen Xi flushed pale, stumbling towards the door.

Suddenly, she suddenly bumped into a firm and muscular chest. She was so scared her soul flew away immediately.

Staring at how much she trembled, Qiao Yanze grabbed her arm. “It’s me.”

Cen Xi looked up with fluttering lashes, pointing at Da Long, who was still on the bed. “H-He only fainted. I didn’t stab him to death. I let him live…”

Qiao Yanze glanced towards the bed, before he pulled Cen Xi out and brought her to a deserted place. He instructed coldly, “Wait for me here and don’t go anywhere.”

After waiting a few minutes, Cen Xi saw the room she was in, burst into fire.

A clatter of a horse’s hoofs rang and Cen Xi was pulled onto a horse by Qiao Yanze. This time, he didn’t let her sit behind him, letting her sit in front of him instead.

After the horse ran for a while, Cen Xi couldn’t help but turn to look at the man behind her.

Because the horse was still running on the uneven ground, her back bumped into his chest occasionally. The cooling night breeze blew at them, and she could smell the faint scent of wine and cigarettes on him.

It smelled extremely masculine.

Cen Xi didn’t know why, but her heart started to thump crazily.

“Why are you looking at me?” Seeing her turn around from time to time, he furrowed his eyebrows and spoke coldly.

“You started the fire?”

“If Da Long doesn’t die, you will have to die.” He looked down at her, his eyes flashing coldly and darkly. “Will you tell anyone about this?”

His eyes told her that there was only one consequence if she did, and that was death.

Cen Xi wasn’t a fool. She naturally wouldn’t tell anyone about this. She raised her hand. “I swear that I won’t breathe a word about this to a single soul.”

The moment they left the mountain, Qiao Yanze placed Cen Xi onto a small and narrow path, speaking aloofly, “Someone will come to fetch you here in an hour. You can follow them to leave this place and return to your country.”

With that said, Qiao Yanze narrowed his cold eyes. “Remember what I said. if you dare say a word about this to anyone outside, there will only be death awaiting you.”

Cen Xi couldn’t help but shiver as a chill ran up her spine.

She swallowed dryly. “Please be assured, Mr Qiao Sen. I won’t say anything about this when I return.”

Qiao Yanze stared at her, before he turned around and got on the horse. Seeing that he was about to leave, Cen Xi felt slightly panicked and helpless. She chased two steps after him. “Mr Qiao Sen, will… we meet again?”


He didn’t look at her again, merely throwing a small bag at her before he left quickly.

Cen Xi opened the bag to see a bottle of water and a packet of dry biscuits.