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Chapter 1217: He’s A Devil!

Outside the hotel, Qiao Yanze got on the horse. Da Long shot a look towards Xiao Long and Xiao Long went back to the hotel and took a look at the room where Qiao Yanze stayed.

The bedsheets were messy with a few drops of blood on them. It seemed like Qiao Sen really did seize the thin and weak girl.

Cen Xi, who was outside of the hotel, looked at the man who was already on the horse and she said carefully, “Mr Qiao Sen, can I not lie on my stomach this time? My stomach really feels uncomfortable…”

Before she could finish, she heard the man’s impatient reply. “Come up on your own.”

Cen Xi used all of her strength to climb up the horse. Before she could even sit still, the man whipped the horse buttocks and the horse sped away.

Cen Xi almost fell to the ground.

No matter how good her temper was, she could not help cursing in her heart. Damn it. It isn’t like this in TV and novels. They at least have some ties, couldn’t he have let her sit still before moving?

He’s a devil!

The horse was moving at a fast speed and if she fell down, Cen Xi would either hit her head or break her arms or legs. In the fierce sand and hot wind, she could not care about the difference between men and women. She just wanted to keep her life. Her hands could not help grabbing the man’s black shirt that was billowing in the wind.

“Hands off.”

The cold and furious voice of the man made her hesitate for a moment.

“You’re riding so fast. If I don’t hold you, I’ll fall off.”

“I won’t say it a third time. Take your hands away from my waist.”

Cen Xi felt the coldness and murderous intent from him. She had no doubts that he would chop off her hands if she did not take them away from his waist.

“Fine, I’ll take them away. I didn’t even say anything when you saw me naked just now.” He saved her and she had a trace of gratitude for him, but she was taken advantage of by him! She just wanted to use his body to stabilize herself so as to not fall down, but he was so violent.

It was said that a woman’s waist could not be touched. He was a man, why was he so particular about it?

He did not let her grab his clothes so Cen Xi could only hold onto the saddle for dear life. She did not know where they were going and she could not tell the direction in the rolling smoke and sand.

Her organs were almost moved around by the rapid bumping. This kind of torture continued until the galloping horse finally stopped.

Cen Xi was dizzy and when the horse stopped, she was caught unaware and fell towards the person in front on reflex.

Her hands held his waist subconsciously.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. The horse stopped too suddenly, I…”

The man turned around and looked icily at Cen Xi. Seeing the two streaks of red liquid coming out of her small and delicate nose, he furrowed his eyebrows. “You’ll have a nosebleed even faced with a face like mine?”

Cen Xi wanted to explain that it was because she had knocked into his hard back and her nose could not bear the impact…

But she was a prey now and she could only flatter him first. “Although Mr Qiao looks ordinary, your temperament triumphs over everything. You’re the most masculine man I’ve ever met.”

“Really?” Qiao Yanze no longer believed in women’s sweet words. He smirked coldly. “How many men have you deceived with these exact words?”

Cen Xi looked in bewilderment at the man in front of her. She did not know if she was her illusion, but he seemed to be extra hostile to women.

He got off the horse and this time, he did not leave immediately but reached out a hand to Cen Xi. Cen Xi put her hand into his and dismounted the horse using his strength.

As soon as she stood firm, her hand was grabbed by him and he leaned towards her. “I’ll think of a way to send you off, but before that, you have to listen to me. Or else you’ll die an ugly death. Understand?”

Cen Xi looked at his lips and shivered.

Within moments, Cen Xi was following them into the forest. It was a different world inside. A castle made of granite and marble could be seen.

The castle was surrounded by high walls and there were guards at the gate, looking very imposing.

Cen Xi was taken into a room behind the main building. Before Qiao Yanze left, he warned her with a cold gaze. “Don’t run around, I’ll take you away after I’m done with work.”

Without waiting for Cen Xi to say anything, the door was slammed shut.

Cen Xi hugged her knees and sat huddled in the corner. Thinking about what had happened in the past two days, she only felt like she was thrown into the pits of danger.

She was almost captured by desert bandits, almost being buried by quicksand and even exposed herself to a strange man… She had experienced all the things that others may not experience in a lifetime in the past day.

Cen Xi was not a martyr from ancient times, seeking death when she encountered these things. No matter under what circumstances, it was important for people to be alive, only if one was alive would there be hope.

From last night until now, she had not eaten or drunk anything. Now that her tensed nerves were relaxed slightly, Cen Xi felt hungry and thirsty.

She swallowed and stood up from the ground. As she circled around the room, she could not find anything to eat or drink.

She licked her dry lips. Although she was hungry and thirsty, she still huddled in the corner, curling herself into a ball at the thought of the man’s warning.

An hour went by, two hours went by…

It had already turned dark.

Her stomach was growling and her lips were extremely dry. She thought of all the different kinds of snacks sold in the alley behind her university and she swallowed hard.

No, no, no! She was so hungry she had reached the limit. She would rather die if she was not allowed to eat.

Cen Xi held her stomach that was so hungry it was flat and stood up from the ground, opening the door.

Outside the door was a dark corridor and there was only a street lamp with a yellow glow outside. A few leaves were spinning on the ground. Cen Xi pursed her lips and walked towards the corridor.

After walking some distance, she saw the lights on the main building and could faintly hear melodious music.

It seemed there was a big party going on.

“Hey, why are you standing there?” someone shouted suddenly.

Cen Xi quickly lowered her head.

“Are you the new maid? Why haven’t you changed into your uniform? Quick, go help out at the banquet hall after you’ve changed.”

Cen Xi was taken to a room by a fierce woman to change into a servant’s uniform.

After changing, she went to the main building.

In order to find food as soon as possible, she found a path that led to the main building. When she was reaching the main building, two furtive figures attracted her attention.

It was a little far away and she only had one ear to hear, so she could not hear what they were talking about.


She watched the lips of one of them when he was talking.

A frown marred her features and Cen Xi’s heart was beating hard. She quickly went into the main building and found a tray for wine to hold.

The hall of the main building was full of lights. Everyone was dressed in gorgeous clothing and men and women were talking, laughing and dancing. It was a harmonious atmosphere and no one expected that there would be a life and death crisis waiting for them!