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Chapter 1216: Do You Have Any Shame?

His eyes were bloodthirsty and murderous. His voice was cold and did not allow others to interfere.

Cen Xi swallowed and looked at the man’s expressionless face. He looked plain and ordinary, but he emanated a kind of aura that could make people submit themselves to him.

When he looked at her, the air around seemed to be frozen, making her breathless.

“M-Mr Qiao Sen. I’m still underage. I’m sure you don’t have the habit of raping underaged girls right?” Although she was twenty years old, she really looked young. People who did not know her age would think that she was only sixteen or seventeen years old.

Qiao Yanze tugged the corner of his lips and said nothing.

He strode towards her, his body full of icy and ferocious aura. His eyes were locked on her and seemed to have fixed her on the spot, making her unable to move.

He came up to her, leaned over and said something by her right ear.

She could not hear in her right ear and only felt the heat of his breath when he spoke in her ear. What did he say? She was at a loss as she did not hear what he had said at all.

Seeing that she was not doing what he had told her to, he pinched her tender face like a pair of pliers.

He looked down at her, his masculine breath filling her nose and her heart skipped a beat.

She was a little dazed and frightened.

She had never been at such an ambiguous proximity to a man before.

“Take it off!”

She saw his lips moving, saying the words ‘take it off’.

Cen Xi looked at the man towering over, her body stiffening. She was already extremely frightened, but she did not speak or cry out.

A lot of times, her appearance gave people an illusion that she was very soft and gentle. But her heart was very strong, stubborn and rational. She knew that even if she shouted herself hoarse, she would not be able to escape in the situation she was in now.

It would be better to take a gamble.

She felt that there was a gentleness deep within this man’s heart. If he had wanted to hurt her, he would not have saved her.

Not wanting to become a slaughtered lamb, Cen Xi half knelt on the bed when the man came pressing down on her. “I-I’ll do it myself.”

Looking at the man’s ordinary and plain face, as well as his cold eyes, she raised her hands.

He grabbed her face and said in a low voice by her ear, “You’d better remember what I said and do whatever I ask you to do.”

His fingertip moved to her slender neck, his voice cold. “Or else, I’ll break your beautiful neck in a second.”

There were goosebumps on her skin where his fingertip went.

“Do you know how to moan? The more unrestrained the better.”

He said it to her left ear and when Cen Xi heard it, her face felt so hot it seemed to be able to cook an egg.

The two stared at one another. Listening to the sounds in the room, they left again.

“Qiao Sen sure knows how to enjoy himself. He came to support Boss and was just resting here for an hour or two, but he’s unleashing his desires now.”

“Who wouldn’t be turned on looking at that girl!”

“Boss ordered before that unless our brother doesn’t want his women anymore, we can’t snatch them away.”

“Damn, that girl just cried out so sweetly.”

Da Long and Xiao Long’s voices gradually faded away. Qiao Yanze lifted the blanket and sat up from the bed.

Although his clothes were slightly messy, they were still on his body.

Cen Xi was different. Her upper body was bare and was only wearing her panties below. After Qiao Yanze got up, she quickly grabbed the blanket, but the man did not give her the chance. He picked up the bra and robe he had thrown on the ground and threw them on her.

“I’m leaving now. You have to come with me.” If he threw her here, it would only arouse Da Long and Xiao Long’s suspicions.

Cen Xi saw that her body was almost being seen by him and she felt embarrassed and angry, but she could not say anything to him.

It seemed like he was in a hurry to leave. Time was tight and she curled up, saying to him, “Turn around first.”

Qiao Yanze swept his eyes over her and turned around without any expression.

Cen Xi quickly wore her bra and glared at the man with his back towards her. What was his expression just now? Damn it, did he feel that she was small after seeing her body?

Compared with those with amazing ones, she seemed to be still developing. But it did not mean that she was not tempting at all!

He pulled off her clothes and pressed her under him like he had no feelings for her at all! His gaze was also strangely cold and calm.

Was she really that bad?

After she was dressed, Cen Xi hit herself on the head hard. What nonsense was she thinking about? She did not like him, he did not like her and they were two strangers.

Why would there be any sense of shame?

Qiao Yanze heard the sound of her hitting her head and he turned to look at Cen Xi.

He saw that after experiencing that just now, she did not cry or make a scene, but only frowned, her eyes with a trace of grievance, pity and alertness, but there was not much fear.

She was more courageous than those of the same age.

“Let’s go.” Qiao Yanze put on his robe and walked towards the door. Seeming to have thought of something, he went to the side of the bed and took out a dagger. The sharp end drew across his finger and a few drops of blood landed on the bed.

Seeing what he was doing, Cen Xi immediately understood the purpose of him pressing her against the bed and telling her to moan.