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Chapter 1215: Not Going Head-On Against People

The man was dressed in black, his figure tall and strong. He took off his veil, revealing a face that was not handsome, and even looked ordinary.

Out of his facial features, his eyes were the most distinct. It was like an eagle in the dark, cruel, cold-blooded and murderous.

Cen Xi ignored her dizziness. Her stomach was turning, her limbs weak. She swallowed, her dry lips moving. “Sir, you’re a good man. Thank you for saving me.”

At the critical moment, she knew how to restrain herself and not go head-on against people.

The man glanced at her from top to toe and his gaze stopped on her chest for a second, a mocking smile seemed to be on his cold lips.

Cen Xi followed his gaze and looked at herself.

There was a buzz in her mind at the sight.

The robe on her body was torn by the desert bandits, especially at her chest. Her black bra and the thin straps were exposed. It was especially dazzling against her snow white skin.

The hem of the robe was also torn and most of her legs were exposed as well. From the man’s angle, he should be able to see her panty inside.

Cen Xi gathered up her torn robe tightly and sat up, curling herself into a ball, her face and ears hot.

Although she was only twenty years old, she knew how to judge the situation. She was only being looked at and if she scolded him, she would be the only one suffering from the losses.

The best way was to shut her mouth tightly.

“Qiao Sen, why did you save this woman? Are you tired of the two women the boss rewarded you with already? My God, Qiao Sen. This woman is so thin and small, I’m afraid she can’t stand you tossing her around, can she?”

“Hahahaha, I heard that Qiao Sen often tosses the two women who were rewarded by the boss at night and they were unable to get out of bed the next day. Qiao Sen is talented!”

Cen Xi was frightened.

“This woman is as delicate as a porcelain doll!” The veil on Cen Xi’s face was blown off by the wind during the galloping of the horse. Although there was sand on her face, it did not affect her facial features and the outline of her face.

She had a small oval-shaped face, her eyebrows slender, her mouth small and her chin delicate. Even though she was in a terrible state, she still had a fresh, refined and gentle temperament.

At first glance, she was a girl who was gentle as water. She looked to be not over eighteen!

The two men who were talking with Qiao Yanze saw that he had no intention to take the girl back to the house and one of them could not help swallowing his saliva.

“I haven’t touched such a girl in a long time. She looks so tender and fresh.”

“Qiao Sen, if you don’t want her, me and Xiao Long will have her!”

Cen Xi’s pupils constricted with fright. These two men looked powerful and if she fell into their hands, the consequences would be unimaginable…

When the man called Qiao Sen passed by her with an expressionless face, she did not think about it and held his calf firmly.

“Sir, I know how to cook, clean and interpret. As long as you don’t touch me, I can do anything you ask of me. Please don’t give me to them…” For some reason, Cen Xi felt that the person who had saved her was better to get along with than the two fierce-looking people.

Although his eyes were cold and bloodthirsty.

Cen Xi raised her face and met with his eyes bravely.

Qiao Yanze looked at the young girl who was holding his calf. When he met with her eyes, there was a prickling pain in his heart.

It was like a needle had pierced through. There was no blood but there was an inexplicable pain.

Her eyes were beautiful.

They were bright and moist like black jewels and her extremely long and thick eyelashes were fluttering from the fear.

She looked up at him, her neck clean and beautiful.

She looked too pure and beautiful and her eyes looked like those of the person he hated the most.

He raised his leg and kicked her in the chest.

Cen Xi fell backwards from his kick. Although she felt that he did not exert all his strength, five to six percent was enough to make her chest ache. When she fell down, a sickly sweet taste gushed up from her throat.

“Hahaha, Qiao Sen, you still don’t know how to have sympathy for women!” That man called Da Long looked at Cen Xi with a despicable smile, his gaze landing on her slightly heaving chest and he wished he could take her then and there.

Cen Xi swallowed nervously and when Da Long pounced towards her, she ignored the pain in her chest and held the leg of Qiao Yanze who was about to go into the house.

“I’m willing to follow you…”

Before Cen Xi could finish, she was interrupted by Da Long. “Hey, little girl. He kicked you just now and you still want to follow him? He has a better figure, but has ordinary looks. How am I worse than him?”

Da Long was good looking. He was tall with well-defined facial features, but he just looked a little rough.

But Cen Xi was not interested in these people. She just wanted to keep her innocence and life. If the person who kicked her just now was bad, he would not have saved her when she was almost buried in the quicksand!

Cen Xi was still a university student. When it was the school holidays, she would travel around the world as long as there was a chance.

She wanted to find the man who had been hurt badly by her sister.

Though she had asked Sister Nan Zhi before, she said she did not know where he had gone. Cen Xi knew that there were so many people and there was no way she could find him…

But she still did not want to give up.

Qiao Yanze looked down at the girl who was grabbing on tightly to his leg and he crouched down slowly. His long fingers pinched her chin and there was a coldness in his deep and unreadable eyes. “Are you sure you want to follow me?”

Cen Xi nodded, her face pale. “…Yes.” A person who saved her in an emergency, no matter how bad he was, he would not be so bad that he wanted her life.

And the two men who had their eyes set on her were not the same.

Qiao Yanze looked at the innocent girl and his lips moved. “Come in with me.” When he spoke, his breath gently blew on her face and the strands of hair on her face moved, making her skin tickle.

She struggled to get up from the ground.

Da Long and Xiao Long watched as Cen Xi followed Qiao Sen into the room and a trace of darkness flashed past their eyes. “Is there something fishy going on? Why did Qiao Sen risk his life to save this girl? Although the boss regards Qiao Sen as his right-hand man, he still can’t fully trust Qiao Sen. Anyhow he told us to keep an eye on Qiao Sen’s every move, so we have to keep a firm eye on him.”

“Let’s go in and have a look.”

Cen Xi did not know where they were. It should be a temporary hotel, and there was only one bed and one table inside. It was gray outside and the sky was getting dark.

Qiao Yanze took off the robe he was wearing outside. He was wearing a fitting black shirt inside, his figure strong and straight like a beast lurking in the dark. His muscles were well-defined and was gloomy and dangerous.

He looked back at the girl huddled in the corner of the door, his cold gaze seemed to see through her. “Come here. Take off your clothes.”