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Chapter 1214: Saving The Beauty

Luan Hui saw that the situation was not right and cold sweat broke out from his forehead. The Fake Ye Qing beside him also turned weak in the legs.

Luan Hui willed himself on and met with Ye Qing’s eyes that had turned deep and cold. “You’re saying that you’re the Third Prince based on a small scar on your forehead? I think the Queen asked you here to clear the King’s name! Do you dare to do a DNA test?”

Ye Qing put one hand on the table, a cold and dignified air exuding from his body. That inherent nobility was a sharp contrast to Fake Ye Qing.

Faced with Luan Hui’s question, Ye Qing did not seem flustered and he pursed his lips slightly, fierce and domineering.

He could not have faked the aura that exuded from him.

“I am the Third Prince in the Royal family, why should I go for a DNA test? Luan Hui, you on the other hand, still dare to deny it in the face of death?” Ye Qing then swept his gaze coldly over to Fake Ye Qing. Being stared at by his domineering and cold gaze, Fake Ye Qing’s heart was in a panic.

Luan Hui cursed him in his heart for being such a useless thing and denied it. “We’re talking about the King murdering the Queen today. If you’re the new Third Prince, the Queen left a letter and wanted to make you the King…”

Before Luan Hui could finish, an old and weak voice suddenly interrupted, “When did I leave a letter?”

Everyone looked towards the door of the conference room and saw Mu Sihan leading a white-haired elderly in.

Shock filled everyone’s faces when they saw who it was.

Holy lord. It was the deceased Queen!

Luan Hui’s face paled and he trembled slightly. “H-How could it be?”

Mu Sihan helped the Queen onto the master seat. Although the Queen was weak, her eyes were still sharp, scanning around the room and landed on Luan Hui. “In order to move the Luan family up the ranks, you even dared to harm me!

“Locking me in the secret passage of my palace, letting my human clone commit suicide and pushing the blame to the King. You wanted to get power and change the surname of the Royal family to Luan. If the King hadn’t found me in time, I may have starved to death in that secret chamber. Since we are family, I helped you in many places. I know you’re ambitious, but I didn’t expect you’re so ambitious that you wanted to replace the Ye family.

“King, I’m tired. I’ll leave it to you to handle the Luan family. I’m old and I don’t want to care about these things anymore. I believe you and Ye Qing can keep the business of the Ye family and continue to bring it to greater heights.”

Having said what she needed to say, the Queen stood up and her gaze landed on Ye Qing. She nodded, her eyes red. “It’s good that you’re back. In the future, you and the King have to love and respect each other. Be sure to help your younger brother well!”

All the factors of instability had cleared up with the Queen’s words.

There would be no change in Mu Sihan’s status and position and up to this point, he had really been recognized and supported.

After the Queen left, Ye Qing looked at Mu Sihan and the brothers looked at each other for a long time. Ye Qing strode forward, wanting to give Mu Sihan a hug, but he had just stepped out when he fainted.

In the Royal Hospital.

After Ye Qing fainted, Mu Sihan sent him to the hospital.

The doctor was still doing a general examination on Ye Qing. Mu Sihan was inside the examination room, but Nan Zhi did not go in.

After going through such an ordeal, her nerves that had been tensed for several days finally relaxed a little. Now that the real Ye Qing was back and Sihan was able to resolve the knot in his heart, her mood also became happy.

Her phone chimed with a message and Nan Zhi clicked it open.

It was her uncle who had not contacted her for some time. “Is it convenient to video call you?”

Nan Zhi quickly found a place where there was nobody and video-called Qiao Yanze. The person on the other end picked it up in less than two rings.

Seeing the man on the screen, Nan Zhi felt a lump in her throat. She had not seen Qiao Yanze for nearly half a year.

He was not in disguise today and looked like his usual appearance. The devilish man looked like a completely different person after experiencing misfortune in the family, being set up, hurt in a relationship and being dealt with a fatal blow.

His beautiful upturned eyes no longer had the playful look from before, looking deep and dark. His fair skin had turned into a healthy tanned color, his face was thin but very handsome. His facial features were chiseled, arrogant, cold, wild and menacing.

“Uncle, how is it over at your side? When can you come back?” Nan Zhi was the most worried about Qiao Yanze. He was now in the depths of the criminal group, dealing with those drug dealers who killed without blinking an eye. If he was not careful, he would lose his life.

“Soon. Don’t worry about me. I saw the news recently. Ye Sihan became a murderer? How can the Royal family release fake news?”

Nan Zhi knew that Qiao Yanze was worried about her and she briefly described what had happened to him. “Everything has been settled. Uncle, you don’t have to worry.”

“That’s good.” Qiao Yanze nodded. “When are you going to have the wedding?”

“The Queen said next month is good.”

“I’ll try to come back,” Qiao Yanze said and his hawk-like gaze changed. “Let’s stop talking, someone’s coming.”

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, the video call was ended by Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanze switched off his phone and hid it in a secret compartment. He got up and went to the washroom.

“Qiao Sen.”

The door was pushed open and two tall men walked in.

A moment later, Qiao Yanze opened the door of the washroom, an ordinary face reflected in the eyes of the two men.

“Qiao Sen, I really don’t understand. Why do women still fall for you when you look so ordinary?”

“It’s time to go.” Qiao Yanze ignored the question and left the room first.

Qiao Yanze had now entered the management and won the trust of their boss. He had gotten in touch with the red side and was only one step away from finding their headquarters, before he could finish them off.

Qiao Yanze was going to the desert this time. Their boss and a customer in the Middle East were in the middle of some conflict and asked him to rush over as backup.

Ten of them rode horses into a sea of golden sand.

After riding for a distance, they saw a young woman being chased by several desert bandits far away.

The young woman was wearing a robe and a veil over her face, showing only a pair of eyes. Her robe was torn and her fair skin could be seen vaguely.

The young woman being chased was Cen Xi. She took on a part-time job during her university holidays as an interpreter for a couple who had come to the Black Desert to travel. Who knew before they had arrived at the desert, they met with desert bandits. The couple’s money was robbed and the bandits saw that she was young and kidnapped her.

When they went into the desert, she jumped out of the SUV while they were not paying attention.

So, now they were chasing her.

These bandits were strong and after Cen Xi jumped out of the car, they were not in a hurry to capture her. Like a game of cat and mouse, they neither caught her nor let her run away. They watched as she wasted her energy in the desert.

Cen Xi had been chased by them for nearly two hours. The desert sun was glaring and the sand was burning hot. Even though she was wearing leather boots, her skin was burning in pain.

Her body was not that well since she was a child and she was deaf in her right ear. In addition to the harshness of the desert environment, she was unable to hold on anymore.

Suddenly, the sounds of horses’ hooves sounded. Cen Xi raised her head and saw that not far away, the sand was stirring as if thousands of horses were galloping.

A ray of hope appeared in her heart. Did the rescue team send someone to save her?

But very soon, she realized that they were not rescuers. They might be people who were even more vicious than the desert bandits!

They were all dressed in black, their faces covered in black veils. The leader’s eyes were like a hawk in the dark, giving out a chilling air.

There were wolves in front and tigers behind. Cen Xi did not know how to escape. The leader on the horse looked at Cen Xi and that gaze was like a sharp thin blade. With a touch, one’s skin would bleed.

The desert bandits saw the group of them and dared not provoke them, standing by the side until they were far away.

Cen Xi continued running forward, and looked back as she ran. Those people chasing her suddenly stopped and did not continue their chase.

Although Cen Xi was confused, she dared not stop.

But she neglected the harsh environment in the desert. By the time she realized that something was wrong, danger had already arrived.

Rough and hot sand suddenly sank down, forming a vortex shape which was constantly pulling at her body and sliding down.

Cen Xi had never felt that death was so close to her.

The quicksand gradually buried her waist and no matter how she climbed up, she could not get up.

No! I don’t want to die!

Just when she thought that she was going to be buried in a sea of sand, the sounds of a horse’s hooves sounded.

In the sand storm, that tall man had come back. Cen Xi met with his cold eyes.

Her heart jolted.

Was he here to save her or to watch her die?

Just before the quicksand reached her chest, the man took out a flexible whip from his waist and threw it to Cen Xi, saying coldly, “Hold on tight.”

Cen Xi followed the man’s orders and held onto the whip tightly.

“Qiao Sen, don’t be so nosy!”

The man said nothing. He moved back on the horse until Cen Xi was pulled out. Before Cen Xi could catch her breath, her slender arm hurt suddenly and she was lifted up to the horse by the man.

When the desert bandits saw that Cen Xi was taken away, they got into their car hurriedly and wanted to give chase. The man on the horse drew a bow and arrow from his waist and shot two arrows at the SUV’s wheels and the front and rear tires went out of air immediately.

The desert bandits’ curses gradually disappeared in the sea of sand.

Cen Xi was thrown onto the horse’s back. The horse was running fast and the road was bumpy. She almost threw up the acid in her stomach and sand went into her eyes. She could not see the surroundings at all and could only lie on the horse’s back in such a miserable way. She did not know how long passed, but when she felt that she was about to be bumped to death, the horse finally stopped.

She felt the man getting off the horse and the group of people went into the house. Rubbing her eyes, she wanted to get off, but the horse moved and she fell backwards.

Ouch! Her face scrunched up in pain. The pain only eased after a while. Opening her eyes again, she saw that the man in the veil who had saved her, was standing in front of her.

He was looking at her with a pair of cold and menacing eyes.