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Chapter 1213: Regaining His Memories

A luxurious conference room in the office of the Royal family.

The three-day deadline was up. Luan Hui and Ye Qing had arrived at the conference room early.

Luan Hui learned from the Ministry of Justice that the few days Mu Sihan was detained at the detention center, he had no movements and failed to provide any evidence to prove that he did not kill the Queen.

His plan was meticulous without any flaws. No matter how smart Mu Sihan was, he would not be able to guess that the dead queen was actually a human clone.

A smirk appeared on Luan Hui’s lips.

Ye Qing, who was sitting beside Luan Hui, could not control the agitation in his heart when he thought of how he would be the king, the ruler of this country soon.

The relatives came one after another to the conference room.

When it was nine a.m, the people who should have arrived were almost present, other than Nan Zhi. Luan Hui said with obvious discontent, “Is the Queen not even attending this meeting knowing that the King was unable to prove his innocence?”

Ye Fengjun looked expressionlessly at the scoundrel Luan Hui, who was getting what he wanted. “The Queen said that she would come, so she will definitely come.”

“Let’s wait for another five minutes. If the Queen doesn’t show up, the meeting will officially begin,” Ye Qing said.

Ye Fengjun looked at Ye Qing, who was beside Luan Hui, with eyes that were full of disappointment. How could he have felt that Ye Qing was better than Sihan before?

Five minutes went by and seeing that Nan Zhi had not arrived, Ye Qing stood up, planning to sit at the head of the table to host the meeting.

At this moment, the door to the conference room was pushed open. Nan Zhi, who was wearing a thin black coat, walked in.

Compared to the meeting three days ago, her aura was even stronger today.

Behind her was Yi Fan and a tall man in a fisherman’s hat.

“Third Prince, the investigation results are not out yet and you’re so anxious to ascend the throne?” There was a mocking look in Nan Zhi’s eyes.

Ye Qing had no choice but to sit beside Luan Hui again, his expression dark. “Since the Queen is here, let’s officially start the meeting!”

Nan Zhi raised her hand. “There’s no rush. Let’s wait for Minister Liu to come.”

A few minutes later, Minister Liu from the special investigation team hurried over.

“Queen, do you have proof that the King is innocent?”

Hearing Minister Liu words, Luan Hui laughed. “Minister Luan, she wants to save her husband. Of course she would say that he is innocent. The evidence and motive of the King is all conclusive. Why are you delaying the results of the investigation?”

Nan Zhi went to the head of the seat and her gaze swept sharply to Luan Hui. “The King is still in power and I’m still the Queen. I still have the right to speak here. Are you trying to abdicate the throne, being so impatient?”

Luan Hui replied. “The Queen died so tragically and as her family members, do you think I can talk in a nice tone facing the person who caused her death?”

“Really? You’re anxious to pull the King down and want to let this person be the next king. Your thoughts are clear as day! Since you can’t wait anymore, I’ll let you meet someone first.”

Nan Zhi nodded at the man in the fisherman’s hat and the man slowly took off his hat.

A well-defined, handsome and thin face appeared. Although there were several scars on his face, it did not affect his handsome facial features and deep outline of his face.

When the people saw the face that was similar to the King and Ye Qing, they were surprised. Even Ye Fengjun was stunned.

“Queen, this is…”

Nan Zhi gave a beautiful smile. “He is the King’s biological brother, the real Third Prince, Ye Qing.”

Luan Hui and the fake Ye Qing’s expression changed.

Luan Hui was the first to react. He stood up and smirked coldly. “Queen, where did you get a man who looks like the Third Prince? If he’s the Third Prince, then who’s the one beside me? We all know that the person by my side has done a DNA test.”

Nan Zhi did not respond to Luan Hui’s words and pointed at Ye Fengjun. “Father, you said that Ye Qing had a birthmark on his body. You will know when you go to the lounge and take a look at the person I brought and the one beside Lord Luan.”

Ye Fengjun nodded. “Come with me.”

The fake Ye Qing looked at Luan Hui, not knowing if he should go. Luan Hui’s heart was beating hard against his chest. If ‘Ye Qing’ did not go, it would show that they were guilty. But if he did, what would he do if he didn’t have a birthmark?

No, this was Ye Qing’s human clone and was just like him. There would be no difference at all. It must be Nan Zhi’s crafty attempt to deceive him.


A moment later, Ye Fengjun and the other two men walked into the conference room again. Ye Fengjun’s eyes were red and looked at the thin man with the scars on his face and said, “You’re my real Qing’er! The real Qing’er has a little red birthmark on the bottom of his buttock, but this man here doesn’t have it!” Ye Fengjun pointed at the fake Ye Qing.

Luan Hui slammed at the table with a dark expression. “When the Third Prince came back, he did a DNA test with you and it was confirmed that he’s your son. Now you’re saying that he’s not. You must have arranged this with the Queen on purpose because you wanted to save the King.”

A menacing look appeared in Luan Hui’s eyes and he raised his hand. “Someone come and catch this man who is pretending to be the Third Prince.”

The guards whom Luan Hui had brought along received his order and rushed towards Ah Dai immediately. Ah Dai subconsciously fought back and during the struggle, he was pushed by one of the guards and knocked into the corner of the conference table.

A streak of blood flowed from his forehead.

He felt a little dizzy.

The conflict happened so fast that when Nan Zhi ordered the Royal guards around her to take action, Ye Qing had been knocked down to the ground.

“Luan Hui, you’re so bold. How dareー”

Before Nan Zhi could finish, a cold and dignified voice suddenly rang out. “Who gave you the right to openly bring your soldiers to the conference room of the office? Article 386 of the national law, except for the king and queen, no one has the right to bring in soldiers, not even a lord. Those who violate the law will be put in prison and be dealt with accordingly!”

The people looked over towards where the respectful voice had come from and saw that the man who was knocked onto the conference table, was slowly getting up.

His forehead was still dripping blood, his facial features and outline of his face were the same when he came in, but his gaze, temperament and posture seemed to have completely changed. He was wearing only a simple black shirt and pants, but with the change in his gaze and temperament, his clothes suddenly became high-end.

Taking the handkerchief from Ye Fengjun, he wiped the blood on his face slowly, a cold and domineering look in his eyes. “Luan Hui, you want to have a human clone replace me, but you have to see if you have the right and status!”

Human clone?

Luan Hui and Fake Ye Qing’s pupils constricted.

Did they know?

Without giving Luan Hui a chance to explain, Ye Qing continued, “A human clone can copy my DNA, but the injuries on my body cannot be replicated. The relatives present here should know that I injured the corner of my forehead in the military force and had a few stitches. Up to now, there is still a small scar.”

Ye Qing pulled apart his bangs and stepped forward to let the relatives see. “It’s true. There’s no doubt that this is the real Third Prince!”