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Chapter 1211: The Truth Is Closing in

An hour later, Nan Zhi did not find any useful information. She had looked at everything in the box carefully, leaving only a diary in the corner of the box.

Nan Zhi was no stranger to this diary. During the period when Mu Sihan disappeared in Ning City, she had seen this diary.

Strictly speaking, this was the diary of Ye Qing.

With a quick glance, Nan Zhi looked at the man on the sofa. He was looking up at the ceiling, his dark eyes blank and she did not know what he was thinking about.

Nan Zhi flipped open the diary and read it again from the first page to the last. After reading it, Nan Zhi found that there was a number written at the bottom right corner of each page.

But there was a page in the middle that jumped from page 38 to 40.

Where was page 39?

Why was just one page missing?

“Sihan, when you read this diary, did you find that there was a page missing in the middle?”

Hearing Nan Zhi’s voice, Mu Sihan broke out of his thoughts. Standing up, he went to Nan Zhi’s side and took the diary from her hands.

“I was in grief when I learned of Ye Qing’s accident that year, so I didn’t notice one page was missing.”

“Look, Ye Qing’s handwriting is strong and there are few words written on page 40. We should be able to see what was written on page 39 from page 40, right?”

Mu Sihan nodded thoughtfully. “Yes.”

A few minutes later, Mu Sihan found out what was written on the missing page 39. It was a person’s name: Dr Wen Ren.

Nan Zhi did not understand. “Who is Dr Wen? Why did Ye Qing tear off this page after writing this name?”

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark eyes. “From what I know, Dr Wen passed away before Ye Qing’s accident. He was a very famous scientist in our country. Later, he used his ability to do some illegal activities, but I don’t know what exactly. Probably only the late Queen knew.”

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows. “Then can we find Dr Wen’s descendants to understand the situation?”

“I’ll ask Yi Fan to get in touch. We can’t act rashly and alert the enemy.”

Mu Sihan in Lan Yanzhi’s identity, left the Crown Palace with Nan Zhi together in disguise.

They arrived at Dr Wen’s house.

Dr Wen had only one daughter. Seeing Nan Zhi coming, she took Mu Sihan and her upstairs. “This is my father’s study. After he left, I still kept it as it was. Everyday, I will come in and sit down, talking to my father’s picture.”

“Miss Wen, do you mind if we have a look around?”

“It’s all right. Go ahead!”

After Miss Wen brought tea for them, she closed the door. There was nothing unusual in the study and there were no useful clues.

Mu Sihan came up to the bookcase and took out two books from the top shelf. Suddenly, a hidden switch appeared.

Mu Sihan pressed the switch and the bookcase opened slowly like a door.

“Sihan, how did you know there was a switch there?”

Mu Sihan showed Nan Zhi the two books in his hands. “These two books are slightly worn out compared with the other books, which should be caused by taking them out many times. If there is nothing hidden in them, why did Dr Wen move these two books so frequently?”

Nan Zhi smiled. “Reasonable.”

The two of them walked into the dark path.

After walking a distance, they found that it was a laboratory full of technology.

Nan Zhi was surprised.

There were many things that Nan Zhi had never seen before. There was even an operating table and various high-tech machines.

“Sihan, what are all these for?”

Mu Sihan said nothing and went to one of the computers, turning it on. After the computer was turned on, his fingers were tapping on the keyboard rapidly and soon, he unlocked the password and entered the main page.

From the hidden files, he found two photos.

Nan Zhi went to Mu Sihan’s side and looked at the two photos of Ye Qing. She frowned. “Dr Wen’s computer actually has photos of Ye Qing?”

Mu Sihan pointed at the person in the photos. “Can you distinguish which one is Ye Qing?”

Nan Zhi was puzzled. “Isn’t it all him?”

Mu Sihan already understood what was happening. He lifted his lips into a cold smile. “The one in the palace is fake.”

Nan Zhi’s eyes widened slightly. “How could it be? Didn’t father say the DNA test was real?”

“Dr Wen is a gifted scientist. To think he was able to conduct human experimental research to this extent. If I’m guessing correctly, he must have been executed in secret.”

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan. Seeing that he had not finished speaking, she did not interrupt him.

“These equipment are all used for human cloning experiments. Human clones need to grow and he must have developed drugs to rapidly cultivate the human growth function. I think that the Ye Qing in the palace is his masterpiece.”

Although Nan Zhi felt that this sounded strange, human clones were now not a dream in novels of the world today. Before, several organizations abroad had announced successful experiments of human cloning.

But drugs that could make human clones grow rapidly had not been developed. If Dr Wen did actually develop it, he really could be called a genius.

However, this kind of genius was the most terrifying and dangerous to the human race. It was no wonder he died young.

Nan Zhi felt a chill running up her spine. She held Mu Sihan’s hand and said out a bold guess, “Could it be that the Queen is also a clone? And the real Queen is not dead?”

Mu Sihan nodded silently.

Then, this would explain how the Queen who cherished her life, would not commit suicide. Unless she was not the one who stabbed herself or the one dead was not her.

After coming out of Dr Wen’s house, Nan Zhi sat in the front passenger seat and looked at the silent Mu Sihan and countless images flashed past her mind.

On that day of Uncle and Xiao Ying’s wedding ceremony, she was kidnapped and taken to a small fishing island. After that, she escaped, but fell down a slope and was saved by someone.

When she woke up, there was a young girl, called Gu Meng, beside her. The young girl said that the person who saved her was called Ah Dai.

Ah Dai…

Nan Zhi recalled in her mind the appearance of Ah Dai. He was very tall, nearly 1.9 meters, but was quite thin. He ate very slowly and orderly and for a moment she felt that he had the air of a noble…

“Huh?” Nan Zhi exclaimed.

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhi and seeing that her facial features were all scrunched together like she was feeling troubled, he freed one hand from the steering wheel and touched her head. “Don’t worry. It’s easy to solve the problem when we have leads.”

“Sihan, I thought of a person. If the one in the Palace is not Ye Qing, then that person might be your real brother.”

The car stopped abruptly.

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhi with his pupils slightly constricted. “If that’s true… Ye Qing’s still alive?”