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Chapter 1210: It’s Really Good to Have You by My Side

Mu Sihan frowned. “Father, are you sure?”

As soon as Mu Sihan asked this, he realized that he had asked too abruptly.

Ye Qing was not disliked by their parents like Mu Sihan was. They regarded Ye Qing as the apple of their eyes and as parents, they would remember clearly that Ye Qing has a birthmark on his body.

Ye Fengjun saw Mu Sihan asking this and could hear a trace of the implied meaning behind his words. “I’m sure. Is there anything wrong with it?”

Mu Sihan got up and walked towards the bookcase.

Nan Zhi and Ye Fengjun looked at him rummaging around.

Although the actions of Ye Qing made him feel disheartened, Ye Qing was the only one who brought him warmth when he was young.

There was still the warmth from before in his heart.

After Ye Qing was put into Youming Palace, it was hard, but every month, Yi Fan would bring some photos of Ye Qing over.

After looking at it, he would put it into the cupboard.

When he found the photo of Ye Qing’s buttocks being shown, Mu Sihan strode towards Ye Fengjun.

Nan Zhi knew what he was going to show to Ye Fengjun and she tilted her head slightly, not moving forward to look.

Ye Fengjun took the photo and found that there was indeed no little birthmark on the person lying on the ground and he frowned. “How can it be? One might find ways to remove a birthmark if it’s on the face, but is there a need for a man to remove it at a place like this?

Nan Zhi turned around, looking at Ye Fengjun and Mu Sihan, saying hesitantly, “Could it be that the Ye Qing in Youming Palace is not the real Ye Qing?”

Ye Fengjun shook his head. “Impossible. After Ye Qing returned, I did a DNA test with him. The DNA test done in the Royal family is authoritative and can’t be switched by anyone. Besides, I’ve had the doctor check him and he did not have any plastic surgery done.”

This was strange!

They were silent and the atmosphere was frozen.

Until Nan Zhi’s phone rang.

After answering the call, Nan Zhi’s expression changed. “Luan Hui used the Queen’s letter and asked Minister Liu of the Ministry of Justice to take him to Youming Palace to pick up Ye Qing.”

Ye Fengjun’s eyes darkened. “This Luan Hui must be certain that Sihan won’t be able to find any evidence.”

Nan Zhi looked at Mu Sihan, who had his lips pursed tightly and said softly, “Sihan, I’ll go to Youming Palace now.”

“There’s no need to go. At this point, he should have already brought Ye Qing out. If I’m not wrong, the first place Ye Qing wants to go will be here.”

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before there was some commotion downstairs. Nan Zhi, Ye Fengjun and Mu Sihan, who was disguised as Lan Yanzhi, went downstairs.

Ye Qing and Luan Hui stood outside the palace. Seeing Nan Zhi coming out, Ye Qing smirked. “The air outside is so good. Queen, I’m looking forward to seeing if you can throw me back in after three days.”

Nan Zhi looked at Ye Qing, who was so thin he looked completely different. “Justice will ultimately prevail over evil. Let’s wait and see.”

Ye Qing laughed and left with Luan Hui.

But after walking a few steps, he turned around again. His dark and cold gaze went over Nan Zhi and looked at the tall figure behind her.

“Queen, why do I feel that person there feels a little familiar? Is he our King in disguise?”

Nan Zhi’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Ye Qing’s words.

Was Ye Qing able to see that the person behind her was not Lan Yanzhi, but Mu Sihan?

Ye Qing strode towards Nan Zhi.

If they were to find out that Mu Sihan had come out in disguise, the situation would become more serious if they had something over them. Luan Hui and Ye Qing would use this matter to hold an emergency meeting again!

Just when Ye Qing was almost in front of Nan Zhi, he heard the man behind Nan Zhi answering a call, a devilish smirk on his lips. “Darling, I’m working at the palace now and I’ll be back late.”

That voice and devilish smile clearly did not belong to Ye Sihan.

It must be that his intuition was wrong.

Ye Qing looked away, snorted, then turned and left with Luan Hui.

Nan Zhi’s heart that was in her throat only fell back down after they had gone some distance away.

Ye Qing returned to the Third Prince’s Palace. Although there was no one living there, there were usually servants coming to clean it. Looking at the palace that he had not seen for a long time, Ye Qing lifted his lips into a smile.

“You’re happy to be back in this little palace?”

Ye Qing looked at the man behind him. “You haven’t been locked in Youming Palace before. It’s so dark and eerie there, like hell on earth.”

“Where are your ambitions? The whole Royal family will be yours in the future.”

Ye Qing smirked. “Say that once you’ve pulled Ye Sihan down from the throne.”

“It’s an iron-hard fact that he stabbed the Queen. This news is still blocked by the Royal family. The moment it is leaked out, he’ll be attacked by the whole world.”

Luan Hui gave a meaningful laugh and left.

Ye Qing sat in the palace, thinking about the words Luan Hui had said before he left. He picked up the phone Luan Hui had left for him and dialed the number of the largest newspaper company in the Capital.

“Hello, I have some big news to tip off…”

Seeing that the news had become a hot topic on the internet, Nan Zhi’s complexion did not look good.

Mu Sihan sat on the sofa, smoking and Nan Zhi said angrily, “The one who tipped the media off must be Ye Qing. He actually leaked out the news of the Queen’s murder without caring about the reputation of the Royal family!”

Not only would Mu Sihan be implicated into this when this matter was exposed, it would not only lead to unrest in the Royal family, it would even affect the whole of S Country.

He was disregarding the whole country.

Under the comments section, there were voices of questioning, disbelief and scolding.

Nan Zhi’s phone rang again. Since the people in the office could not contact Mu Sihan, they called her.

After Nan Zhi answered the call, she called Ye Fengjun. Ye Fengjun told Nan Zhi that he would find a way to handle the public relations aspect and asked Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan to focus on finding the evidence.

“Sihan, is there something that belongs to Ye Qing in the room on the third floor that you won’t allow people to enter?”

Mu Sihan hummed.

“I know you don’t allow people to go in, but at this critical moment, can you let me go in for a while? I want to see if I can find any clues.”

Ye Qing was released, which meant that he probably had something to do with the Queen’s death.

Mu Sihan held Nan Zhi hands. “What nonsense are you saying. How could I possibly scold you if you wanted to go in?”

Nan Zhi held Mu Sihan’s hand back. “Let’s go together.”


On the third floor.

Mu Sihan used the key to open the room that no one had ever stepped in except him. Since no one had been here in a long time, everything was covered in dust.

Mu Sihan opened the curtain and rays of light shone in. Nan Zhi saw several cardboard boxes in the corner. She went over and picked up a toy gun. “Did you play with Ye Qing when you were young?”

Mu Sihan pursed his lips and said nothing.

It seemed like he did not want to recall too many memories when he was a child. Mu Sihan patted away the dust on the sofa and sat down to smoke.

Nan Zhi glanced at him before continuing to look through the contents of the box.