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Chapter 1209: He Had Underestimated This Woman

Before Nan Zhi arrived, Luan Hui had already convinced most of the relatives.

After all, the evidence that the King had killed the Queen was hard to deny. Even those relatives who were on the King’s side would not dare to pledge for his innocence so rashly.

These old fellows agreed to force the Queen to comply and hand over the King’s seal, but they…

Luan Hui glanced at Nan Zhi. He had underestimated this woman.

“The most is three days.” Luan Hui stood up from the chair and met with Nan Zhi’s eyes. “I think the investigation team will also be announcing the results of the investigation in three days. Queen, this matter has already driven you into a corner, you can’t reverse it, no matter how hard you try.”

Luan Hui smiled coldly and led the Luan family out of the conference room with a swing of his sleeves.

After Luan Hui left, Nan Zhi looked at the relatives. “Let’s not be impatient. With the King’s ability, he will be able to prove his innocence. As long as the members of the Royal family work together, the King and I will be grateful to you. If you think that the Royal family is going to have a shuffle in these three days, then, I think the King will do a house cleaning when he comes out.”

Everyone present was intelligent enough to understand the situation. They knew that as long as they did not rebel, Nan Zhi would not disclose their secrets or hurt their family.

“Queen, we can only fight for three days for the King. The Luan family is aggressive and colludes with the M army. If it can’t be proven that the King has nothing to do with the murder, I think it will be no more than a few days later before there will be a change in the Royal regimen.”

Nan Zhi nodded. “Three days is enough.”

After the relatives left, Nan Zhi fell into the chair. Although her expression did not change, there was a layer of cold sweat covering her back.

Ye Fengjun came over and handed Nan Zhi a glass of water. “You have done well. No wonder Sihan was set on you. You are really excellent in every aspect.”

Nan Zhi took over the water and took a sip. “Thank you, Father. I have to go see Sihan now, but the investigation team may not let me in. Father, you are on good terms with Minister Liu. Can you talk to him and let me see Sihan?”

“Okay, but the rules over there may only let you see him for a few minutes.”

“That’s okay.”

After Nan Zhi left the office, she went to see Mu Sihan with Lan Yanzhi. It was as Ye Fengjun had said. Minister Liu only gave Lan Yanzhi and her five minutes.

Nan Zhi entered the detention center and seeing the man sitting on the hard bed with a cold expression, she threw herself into his arms. They started to kiss without saying anything.

Lan Yanzhi covered his eyes. “Am I here to see the two of you showing off your affection? It’s not suitable for children to see. Brother, aren’t you embarrassed looking at them kissing? Turn around, turn around.”

The investigator who was standing guard outside the detention room was stunned for a few seconds seeing Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi kissing so fiercely, then he turned around.

After two minutes, the investigator turned around and found that they were still kissing and he turned back, not looking at them.

During the five minutes, they said nothing and only kissed.

“Sihan, I’m leaving.”

With that, Nan Zhi left the detention room with Lan Yanzhi.

In the Crown Palace.

Nan Zhi took Lan Yanzhi to the study and Ye Fengjun was waiting inside. Seeing them coming in, Ye Fengjun hesitated for a moment. “Sihan?”

Mu Sihan nodded. “It’s me.”

“I didn’t believe it when Nan Zhi said that she would be able to get you out. I didn’t expect that you and Lan Yanzhi could change your clothes so fast.”

Mu Sihan pursed his lips. “We must find the murderer who killed the Queen as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences will be very serious.”

Nan Zhi poured two cups of tea for Mu Sihan and Ye Fengjun. She furrowed her eyebrows and said, “I saw the surveillance videos outside the Queen’s palace yesterday, but I didn’t find anything suspicious.”

Hmm… Nan Zhi put her hand on her chin. “Could it be that the Queen was hypnotized by the Luan family? I heard from Yanran that hypnosis can control people’s consciousness.”

“No.” Mu Sihan sat on the sofa with a frown, his voice cold. “Hypnosis only works on people with weak mentality. Who is the Queen? If she was so easily hypnotized, she wouldn’t have lived till today.”

Nan Zhi did not understand. “Then what on earth is going on? Did she really stab herself and push the blame onto you?”

Mu Sihan gave a low hum. “I thought a lot last night. At present, it seems like that is the only possibility. Although it seems inconceivable and unrealistic.”

As Mu Sihan spoke, he looked at Nan Zhi. “What did Luan Hui say at today’s meeting?”

“The Queen left a letter. If she was harmed by you one day, she would release Ye Qing and let him inherit the throne.”

Mu Sihan could not help thinking that when he locked Ye Qing in Youming Palace, Ye Qing had said that he would not admit defeat. At that time, he did not put his words to heart.

He felt that it was impossible for Ye Qing to do anything. But he did not expect that Ye Qing was involved with the Luan family.

Ye Fengjun, who had kept silent, said with a frown, “How has Ye Qing changed so much? He was not like that when he was young, and to think he even likes Lous. As his father, I still can’t believe he is homosexual.”

Nan Zhi said thoughtfully, “Yes. Temperament can change, but how can sexual orientation change? Didn’t Ye Qing like Xue’er and even marry a princess?”

Ye Fengjun gave a long sigh. “Ye Qing and Sihan are twins and looked the same. When they were born, even I couldn’t tell who was who. I only knew who was Ye Qing from the little red birthmark at the bottom of his right buttock.

“We did not pay attention to Sihan since he was young and deemed to be a jinx. But back then, Ye Qing, who was doted on by us, protected Sihan and they had a good relationship. Ye Qing even said that if Sihan wanted to be the Crown Prince, he would rather give it up to him than fight with him. At that time, I slapped him hard, but now, he is the one who is fighting with his brother.”

Mu Sihan narrowed his deep dark eyes. “Father, you said that there is a little red birthmark at the bottom of Ye Qing’s right buttock?”

Ye Fengjun looked at Mu Sihan. “That’s right. Didn’t you know?” As soon as the words came out, Ye Fengjun looked down guiltily.The relationship between the brothers was good when they were young and Ye Qing wanted to sleep with Mu Sihan, but Ye Fengjun never allowed it. The Royal family had many rules and regulations. Even at a young age, he could not do as he liked. Ye Qing and Sihan had never taken a bath together, nor slept on the same bed, let alone seeing the birthmark on Ye Qing’s buttock.

But he remembered that when Ye Qing was locked in Youming Palace, he was almost taken advantage of by several officials who were punished by the Queen. Those officials pushed Ye Qing to the ground and tore off his clothes. One of the photos Yi Fan had shown him was that Ye Qing’s pants were torn off, showing his buttocks. Mu Sihan had only glanced at it and did not see any birthmark.