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Chapter 1207: Aggressive

Nan Zhi knew that with Mu Sihan’s status, even if the special investigation team took him back for interrogation and investigation, they would not mistreat him and would do everything in accordance with the proper protocols.

She had to trust that he would be well.

Mu Sihan and her had experienced ups and downs, life and death situations, but she had never been afraid.

But this time, the people who wanted to overthrow Mu Sihan were aggressive, even the Queen’s life…

The seriousness of the matter was beyond her imagination. Listening to Mu Sihan’s instructions, Nan Zhi suppressed the surging emotions in her heart and nodded. “Don’t worry.”

Mu Sihan gave a low hum. He picked up his coat, put it on and walked to the door.

“Sihan,” Nan Zhi called him.

Mu Sihan stopped and before his tall body could turn around, he was held tightly by Nan Zhi from behind. He held her hands that were wrapped around his waist, turned around, raised her chin and pressed his lips against her red lips.

After kissing her, Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhi, whose eyes were red, an affectionate look in his dark eyes. “I’ve made you worry again.”

Nan Zhi raised her slender fingers and covered his sexy lips. “Husband and wife are one, so don’t say that. From the night we received the scary bride doll the day we registered our marriage, I knew that this would come sooner or later. I just didn’t expect that the one stabbed in the chest would be the Queen…”

She raised her beautiful face and kissed his jaw that was with a slight stubble and the corner of his sexy lips. “Don’t worry, I will buy time for you.”

Nan Zhi stood at the door until the figures of Mu Sihan and the investigation team disappeared from her sight.

Closing her red eyes, she gathered her emotions and turned back to the palace.

After being crowned as the Crown Prince, Xiaojie was resting in another palace. Knowing that something had happened, he hurried over.

“Pretty Zhizhi, what happened to Daddy?”

Nan Zhi did not hide it from Xiaojie and told him about the Queen’s murder and Mu Sihan being investigated.

“This is impossible! Someone set him up!”

Nan Zhi nodded. “Now, witnesses, evidence and motive all point to your daddy. His fingerprints were also found on the murder weapon. Now what we have to do is buy time for your daddy. If I’m guessing correctly, the Luan family will come tomorrow to ask for an explanation. If worse comes to worst, they might force your daddy to abdicate.”

Xiaojie’s handsome face was tense. “I won’t let them succeed.”

Nan Zhi went to Xiaojie and held his shoulders. “Xiaojie, do this for Mommy when you go to school tomorrow morning…” Nan Zhi whispered in Xiaojie’s ears.

Xiaojie nodded solemnly. “I got it.”

After Xiaojie went out, Nan Zhi called Yi Fan over, her expression cold. Although she was worried, she still maintained the proper conduct she should have. “Things might be chaotic in the palace over the next few days. I’ll send Yuyu and Tiantian to my parents’ place. You must look after the servants of the Crown Palace. Bo Yan can’t come back from the East China Sea so you have to send people to protect Yan Hua and Little Apple. Contact Lan Yanzhi later and ask him to come to the palace tomorrow morning.”

Yi Fan looked at Nan Zhi, who was calm and able to make arrangements quickly when encountering such a serious matter, and he felt a high degree of respect towards her. When he was in Ning City, he did not think that Nan Zhi was outstanding. He thought that she was beautiful but after slowly coming into contact with her, he found that she was intelligent and courageous, and could be gentle as water or as strong as iron.

Nan Zhi did not sleep for a night and sat in the study, thoughts running in her mind.

It was obvious that everything was planned when Luan Hui pretended to be ill to make Sihan transfer Bo Yan to the East China Sea.

But she did not understand. The Queen was someone who cherished her life, how could she lose her own life to let the Luan family move up?

Soon after, she asked for a copy of the surveillance videos around the Queen’s palace and she checked them carefully, one by one.

Before and after the Queen’s death, only Sihan had entered the palace. The palace was heavily guarded. Even the Luan family could not sneak into the Queen’s Palace, wait for Sihan to leave before killing her and framing Sihan.

Would this have been done with the cooperation of the Queen? Was she really willing to lose her life for this?

Nan Zhi had always been smart and she could figure many things out by thinking over it. But she could not figure out this matter at all.

Knock knock knock.

There were knocks at the door.

Nan Zhi raised her head and looked at Yi Fan who had pushed the door open.

“Did the Luan family come?”

Yi Fan nodded heavily. “The Queen’s death has frightened the Royal family. The Luan family, under the pretext of this, gathered members of the Royal family to the office and the Royal family sent people over to ask Your Majesty to go over.”

Nan Zhi put the information she had printed out last night into a document bag before going to the office with Yi Fan and the guards who ensured her safety.

In the majestic conference room, the two sides of the rectangular conference table were already full with the Royal family and the Luan family.

The Luan family was led by Luan Hui.

When Nan Zhi came to the office, a deep male voice called her, “Nan Zhi.”

Nan Zhi looked back and saw Ye Fengjun, who was on the wheelchair. She nodded slightly. “Father, why are you back to the country?” Ye Fengjun was now doing some diplomatic work and needed to go abroad from time to time.

“After I heard the news last night, I rushed back over the night.”

Nan Zhi looked at Ye Fengjun who had changed a lot in recent years. She nodded at him gratefully. “Father, let’s go up!”


There were endless discussions going on in the conference room.

“Now that all the evidence is present, it’s certain that the King killed the Queen himself.”

“The King is so rebellious and despicable!”

“Even if a prince commits a crime, he must be punished like an ordinary person. We must not condone such evil deeds just because he’s the king!”

At this time, a clear and loud voice sounded. “The investigation team have not released the results of the investigation and you have already confirmed the King’s charges? Who gave you the right?”

The people all looked towards the source of the voice and saw Nan Zhi, who was dressed in a black suit and had her hair tied in a bun. Beside her was Ye Fengjun, with Yi Fan and ten Royal guards following behind.

With the late Queen deceased, the people in the Royal family were dressed in plain colors. Dressed in all black, Nan Zhi’s aura was slightly cold. Perhaps being with Mu Sihan for a long time, when she was serious, her aura, and expression were similar to him.

Nan Zhi went to the master seat of the conference room and swept her eyes coldly across the people before pulling out the chair and sitting down.

“Queen, this seat is the King’s. Even if someone were to sit here, it should be the Crown Prince. Women can’t take part in politics so you should sit in the seat you’re supposed to sit in.”

Nan Zhi looked at the Luan family elder who spoke and lifted her lips slightly, her manner patient and tolerant. “Did the Luan family ask me over to discuss which seat I should sit on?”