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Chapter 1206: Something Bad

Yi Fan had been with Mu Sihan for many years. He was his capable and trusted butler and had a strong mentality. The man, who was usually calm even if something big had happened, was now pale, his voice urgent. Something major must have happened.

Nan Zhi walked to the door hurriedly and the hands that hung by her sides clenched nervously into fists.

Mu Sihan looked at Yi Fan with a cold expression. “What’s the matter?”

“The Queen is… gone.”

Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi understood in a second what Yi Fan meant.

There was cold sweat in Nan Zhi’s palms. Sihan went to see the Queen three hours ago, then the Queen was gone. This…

Mu Sihan frowned, his dark gaze sharp and cold and his jaw clenched tight. “The cause of her death?”

Yi Fan looked at Mu Sihan whose expression was cold and said cautiously, “A fatal blow through the heart with a fruit knife.”

Mu Sihan narrowed his deep dark eyes. “Who can enter the Queen’s bedroom to kill her…” Before he finished speaking, he seemed to have thought of something and his expression changed.

No, the thought that flashed through his mind was absolutely impossible!

“An old servant of the Queen found her. The old servant screamed when she pushed open the door and saw that the Queen was stabbed. When the bodyguard rushed in, the Queen had stopped breathing. The Luan family has learned of this and I hurried over to report to you as soon as I found out.”

Mu Sihan’s expression slowly turned dark.

There were too many suspicious points in this matter. But before he could think it over, there were also a lot of movements outside the Crown Palace.

“Young Master, the investigation team is here.”

Mu Sihan’s mind turned very fast and in a few seconds, he had made clear the plan of the Luan family and the Queen to attack him.

It was so vicious, not leaving any leeway for him!

And it was unbelievable!

The time was too short and even for Mu Sihan, he was unable to come up immediately with a way to deal with it. The investigation team soon came upstairs.

“Your Majesty.” Mr Liu looked at the expressionless Mu Sihan and could not help but feel frightened. But this was a serious case and he could not treat him differently because of his status.

Mu Sihan nodded with his gaze cold. “Mr Liu.”

“Your Majesty must already know what happened in the Queen’s palace tonight. We immediately launched an investigation after receiving a report.” Mr Liu took out a transparent bag with a fruit knife inside. He looked at Mu Sihan’s eyes and said, “This is the murder weapon. There are only the fingerprints of your Majesty, the Queen and the servant who usually takes care of the Queen on it.

“We asked the servant and she said that the Queen asked her to go back to her room at eight o’clock in the evening. After eight o’clock, the Queen only met Your Majesty. In the early hours of the morning, the servant was jolted awake from her dream. She remembered that she didn’t pour warm water into the Queen’s thermos cup at night, so she went to the Queen’s palace and who knew when she pushed open the door, she found that the Queen was stabbed in the heart and had already passed away.

“We saw the surveillance video of the Queen’s corridor. The Queen died at about nine o’clock, and Your Majesty also left the Queen’s palace at that time.”

Mu Sihan had one hand in his pants pocket, the outlines of his face frosty. His voice was cold. “The Queen is my grandmother. What motive do I have to kill her?”

“As far as I know, there has been a long-standing conflict between Your Majesty and the Queen. The Queen handed the throne to you but you kept weakening the power in her hands. The most recent conflict was that you gave Luan Hui’s power to Bo Yan. The Queen called you over because of this and according to the bodyguard outside the door, you had a fierce dispute with her at that time.”

Mr Liu looked at Mu Sihan’s forehead and took out another transparent bag containing the fragments of the cup the Queen had thrown at him. “This must be the cup the Queen had injured you with!”

Mu Sihan found it funny. “Mr Liu, do you think a normal person would kill his grandmother with a knife and then go out without destroying the evidence?”

Mr Liu nodded. “A normal person would not do that, but Your Majesty, from what I know, you are suffering from a series of mental illnesses such as split personality and bipolar disorder.”

“His mental illness has been cured. Mr Liu, do you need me to show you the certificate issued by the psychiatrist?” Nan Zhi, who had been silent, spoke coldly.

Even though she was frightened, she had the aura and dignity of a queen.

Mr Liu nodded to Nan Zhi. Although his expression did not change, his tone became stronger. “Queen, His Majesty’s bipolar disorder has improved, but can you guarantee that his split personality is cured? People with this disease can do anything when their emotions are out of control.

“Besides, all the evidence now points to His Majesty. I hope he can cooperate with us and go back with us for investigation.”

Nan Zhi wanted to say something but Mu Sihan shook his head at her. The other party had played a ruthless game of chess. If he wanted to find the flaw in this, he needed a certain amount of time.

Mu Sihan nodded. “I’ll cooperate. But let me go back to my room and change first.”

Mr Liu replied, “Of course. We will wait downstairs.”

When only Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan were left in the room, Nan Zhi could not control her emotions anymore. She felt a lump in her throat and her eyes turned red.

“Sihan, I believe you. But I can’t believe that the Queen…” Nan Zhi did not understand. If the surveillance video showed that Sihan was the only one who entered the Queen’s room before she died, then why would she be stabbed by the fruit knife? Could it be that she killed herself?

No, the Queen had always cherished her life. The Queen’s condition had not been well when Nan Zhi and Sihan registered for their marriage and the Queen had ordered Bai Ye to let her live for a few more years or she would cut off Bai Ye’s head.

But if she did not commit suicide, who killed her?

People from the Luan family?

In order to make Sihan step down, they had even killed their closest relative?

But everyone who went into the Queen’s palace was strictly checked by the guards. Moreover, the people from the Luan family could not have laid an ambush in the Queen’s palace in advance.

The Queen’s death was full of uncertainties.

“Zhizhi, we can’t be flustered. I knew they would make their move, but I didn’t expect that they would make use of such a method. This is the last difficulty we’re going to face together. After I’m taken in for investigation, you have to help me buy time on the outside. I want to think about this matter carefully. There must be some loophole in this.”

Mu Sihan pulled Nan Zhi into his arms and kissed her forehead. “I know those people won’t let you buy time. You will be in danger too, but I know you can do it with your intelligence.”