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Chapter 1205: Something Serious Had Happened

After Mu Sihan became the King of S Country, not all the members of the Royal family were willing to obey him.

However, he was resolute and capable, and was able to get those elders who disobeyed him to hand their power over in a short period of time. Most of the relatives had been taken under his wings.

But there was only one family, the Luan family, who were the relatives of the Queen.

During the Queen’s reign, she brought along many of the people from her family, and even if Mu Sihan had the power now, he was unable to go against the Luan family head on.

One member of the Luan family who had the most power, was the son of the Queen’s younger brother, Luan Hui.

He was now a lord in the Southeast region. He was young, brave, skilfull and protected by power. In addition, he had made great contributions to the stability of the country.

And he was a cautious person without any shortcomings. He had a high degree of prestige in the hearts of the people in the southeast region.

Since his ascension to the throne, Mu Sihan had shown no abnormality. However, after he went to the palace on the Queen’s birthday the other time, there were some subtle changes in the way he did things. For example, he failed to do his best in the clash between the East China Sea and F Country, and allowed F Country to gain an advantage. The people were in a rage, thinking that the newly crowned king’s inaction was unable to protect the country’s territory.

“Sihan, the situation at the East China Sea is becoming more tense. F Country has asked M Country for support and I contacted Lord Luan, but his adjutant said that Lord Luan had fallen ill and is unable to participate in the negotiation. I want to lead the troops personally to the East China Sea.”

Mu Sihan pondered for a moment before nodding. “Try your best to handle the matter at the East China Sea. Also, pay attention to Luan Hui’s movements. I think his behavior is quite strange.”


Mu Sihan was busy for the next three days. He went out before dawn and did not come back until late in the night.

That day, he came back a little earlier. Nan Zhi saw his bloodshot eyes and stood behind him, massaging his temples for him.

“I heard that Luan Hui pretended to be ill when faced with the tense situation in the East China Sea and you punished him by giving Bo Yan the military power temporarily?”

Nan Zhi’s fingertips were soft and cool. Pressing on his temples, it seemed to relieve his fatigue.

Mu Sihan hummed with a cold expression.

“The Luan family has always regarded the military power of the Southeast region very seriously. How can Luan Hui pretend to be ill and let you catch his bluff?” Nan Zhi asked, confused.

The doubt Nan Zhi could think of, Mu Sihan naturally also considered. But the Luan family had begun to make their moves and he could not just sit and do nothing. He wanted to see what tricks the Luan family, who had been playing with power, were up to behind the scenes.

Mu Sihan pulled Nan Zhi’s hand and gripped it in his palm. “If I guess correctly, the Luan family will make their next move very soon!”

When Mu Sihan first ascended the throne, the Luan family was still well-behaved. But they did not expect that Mu Sihan would be so ambitious and even the Queen who had stepped down, was unable to suppress him. If he were allowed to develop, what position would the Luan family have in the Royal family?

After Mu Sihan had dinner, the Queen’s butler reported, “Your Majesty, the Queen wants to see you in her palace.”

The Queen was getting older and had difficulties moving around. Other than big events in the country, she usually stayed in her palace to recuperate.

After the Queen’s butler left, Nan Zhi held Mu Sihan’s hand. “It must be because of the Luan family that the Queen wants to see you!”

“It should be. Go rest with the children first. I’ll be right back.”

Nan Zhi looked at his retreating figure and did not know why a trace of uneasiness flashed past her heart.

In the Queen’s palace.

The Queen was in a wheelchair with a blanket over her legs. She held a blue and white porcelain cup in her bony hand and was taking sips from it.

She did not look at Mu Sihan when he arrived. Although she had crowned Mu Sihan as the King, she did not like him at all.

After Mu Sihan came in, he bowed to the Queen.

The Queen gestured for Mu Sihan to sit down and speak.

“King, I think you know why I called you over. Luan Hui has done his best for the country these few years and if you take back his power, it will only make the Southeast region turbulent and the people’s heart swayed. When the time comes, the people would say that you are afraid of Luan Hui’s superior position and intend to eliminate him.”

Mu Sihan pursed his lips slightly. “Is that what the people think or is it what the Luan family thinks?”

The Queen’s expression changed and threw the cup in her hand at Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihan did not dodge and the cup brushed past his forehead, breaking the skin.

“Do you think that the Royal family and S Country in its entirety are in your hands? Since you ascended the throne, you’ve only ignored my words more and more. You weakened the power in my hands and turned your ideas onto the Luan family. Ye Sihan, if you’re too ambitious, be careful it will backfire.”

Mu Sihan looked at the Queen, whose gaze was sharp and dignified. He laughed coldly. “Did the Queen let me ascend the throne because you wanted me to become the puppet of you and the Luan family? After all, there is no one suitable in the Royal family to be King. You don’t like me or the fifth one.”

The Queen looked at Mu Sihan, whose aura was powerful and cold. “If I can let you move up the ranks, I can also make you lose everything!”

Mu Sihan stood from the chair. “Well, let’s see about that!”

After Tiantian and Yuyu had fallen asleep, Nan Zhi returned to the master bedroom. She walked around the room, slightly worried.

It was only after she was married into the Royal family that she realized how conniving and scheming it was behind the scenes.

Even the Queen, who had stepped down, was ambitious and wanted to have power in her hands. Seeing Mu Sihan getting stronger and ignoring her orders, Nan Zhi did not know what the Queen and the Luan family would do.

Still, she felt it was strange that Luan Hui was pretending to be ill. Fortunately, it was not long before Mu Sihan came back. Nan Zhi went up to him hurriedly and held his hand. “Did the Queen make things difficult for you?”

“She has made it clear now that if I don’t want to be her puppet, she will make her move.”

Nan Zhi’s heart thumped and there was a bad premonition from her heart.

Seeing Nan Zhi’s worried expression, Mu Sihan pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. “Okay, don’t think too much about it. I’m not afraid of them doing anything, but I’m afraid of them not doing anything.”

Nan Zhi leaned against Mu Sihan’s chest and nodded. After taking a bath, Mu Sihan took Nan Zhi to bed.

In the middle of the night, there were urgent knocks on the door.

“Young Master, Young Master…” Although Mu Sihan had become the king, Yi Fan still called him ‘Young Master’ out of habit in private.

Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi opened their eyes at the same time.

Both of them had something troubling them, so they slept lightly. Mu Sihan could hear the urgency in Yi Fan’s voice and he put on his robe, striding towards the door.

Nan Zhi also sat up from the bed quickly, put on her robe and got off the bed.

As soon as the door opened, Yi Fan said, his expression not looking very good, “Young Master, something has happened.”

Mu Sihan’s heart quivered. “What happened?”