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Chapter 1203: Xiao Yi and Yanran’s Ending (3)

Apart from her sobbing terribly when she thought he slept with Zhen Mi, he rarely saw her crying like this. At the thought that she had fainted suddenly, he suddenly started to panic. Was something wrong with her body?

Xiao Yi rushed before Xia Yanran, his hands pressing against her slender shoulders shakily. “Yanran, no matter what, I will always be with you. Don’t be afraid and don’t cry.”

Xia Yanran glanced towards Xiao Yi with blurry eyes, pouting as she started to cry even louder.

Xiao Yi’s heart almost shattered from her crying.

“What’s wrong with you? Tell me?” The man, who was a boss that wasn’t afraid of anything once upon a time, was incredibly gentle right now. He pulled the sobbing woman into his arms, his eyes turning red as well.

“Honey, it’s alright, it’s alright. If there’s something wrong with your body, I’ll die with you, alright?” He hugged her tightly, wanting so badly to merge their bodies together.

Xia Yanran looked up from his chest, her wet and long lashes fluttering. “You think I have a terminal disease?”

Xiao Yi was speechless.

Xia Yanran sniffled, clenching her fists as she punched his shoulders a few times. “Even if I do have a terminal disease, you’re not allowed to die with me.”

Pulling her so her head rested into the crook of his neck, his voice was low and slightly hoarse. “You’re already a part of me. Without you, I would be a walking zombie too. Honey, don’t worry, I won’t let you be alone. Let’s be together forever.”

Xia Yanran glared at him with red eyes. “I don’t have a terminal disease…”

“Then why are you crying like that?”

Xia Yanran pointed at the diagnosis report on the bedside table. “Look for yourself.”

Xiao Yi was confused, so he took a look at the report, but he couldn’t quite understand what the numbers meant.

“HCG? What’s that?”

Xia Yanran wiped her tears as she said softly, “I’m pregnant.”


Xiao Yi was so shocked he dropped the report on the floor, as he stood up from the bed like a spring. He widened his eyes, staring at Xia Yanran in disbelief. Even his mouth had dropped open. “You said you’re pregnant?”

Xia Yanran nodded, her eyes turning even redder unconsciously.

After Young Master Huo sent her to the hospital, the doctor did a checkup on her. She was a little low on sugar. With her bad appetite the last two days, she only fainted because her body couldn’t take it.

Later, she told the doctor that her stomach ached for some time already and she didn’t have a good appetite as well. The doctor got her to go to the gynaecology department to do a blood test.

The HCG showed that she was pregnant, and that it had been three weeks.

Xiao Yi hit his head, using so much strength half of his head felt numb. His tall figure circled in the room like a headless fly, before he stood at the end of the bed with a tense expression, staring at Xia Yanran. “R-Really?”



The moment he finished speaking, Xia Yanran threw a pillow at him.

Xiao Yi caught the pillow and placed it on the bed, scratching his hair hurriedly. “Yanran, are you saying that I’m going to be a father?”

Xia Yanran stared at how foolish he was acting, her lips curling up. “Yes, Xiao Yi, you’re going to be a father.”

Oh my god, this was unbelievable! This was amazing news!

Xiao Yi’s tensed lips slowly broke out into a bright smile. He rushed in front of Xia Yanran, hugging her tightly. He kissed her ferociously before he walked towards the door, telling everyone he saw, “Do you know? I’m going to be a father!”

Seeing that several patients were shocked by how agitated he was, Xia Yanran hurriedly got off the bed and walked to pull the man who was too happy to contain his excitement. However, in the next second, the man carried her up and twirled her around a few rounds.

Xia Yanran patted his shoulders. “Stop spinning, I feel dizzy…”

Xiao Yi put Xia Yanran down, disregarding the fact that they were still at the hospital. He pressed her against the wall and kissed her ferociously.

Xia Yanran was equally as agitated and happy as he was, her heart soaring against his kisses. She wrapped her hands around his neck and responded to his kisses daringly.

After finding out that Xia Yanran had fainted, Xia Mo and Junyuan rushed towards the hospital.

After asking where Xia Yanran was, the couple ran over in panic. In the end… Yanran, who they were worried about, was pressed against the wall by Xiao Yi and the couple were kissing crazily.

Xia Mo and Junyuan just stared at each other.

When Xia Yanran saw Junyuan and Xia Mo from the corner of her eye, she hurriedly pushed Xiao Yi away with a flushed face.

Xiao Yi followed her eyes and saw Xia Mo and Junyuan, a smile appearing on his handsome face. “Brother-in-law, Yanran is pregnant.”

Their expressions changed pretty in an instant. Xia Mo was so happy she started to cry immediately, while Junyuan’s eyes turned red as well.

The couple walked over and hugged Xia Yanran hurriedly.

Yanran was pregnant!!!

Yanran was pregnant!!!

The best friends’ chat was filled with heartfelt congratulations.

Nan Zhi and Yan Hua kept sending red packets after another one, and Xia Yanran’s hand went weak from receiving it.

In the Crown Palace.

It was already late at night. Mu Sihan returned to his bedroom from the study, walking over when he saw the woman crying as she used her phone on the bed. His large hand caressed her hair. “What’s wrong?”

Nan Zhi looked up with red eyes, two drops of tears trailing down her face. Her skin was fair and frozen as his facial features were pretty and perfect. Even the way she cried looked extremely beautiful.

The man standing next to the bed was even better. His facial features were cold hand handsome, as his aura as the King became even stronger. He would only look gentle in front of her.

“Yanran’s pregnant. I’m so happy for her.” It had been so many years since Yanran and Xiao Yi ran around each other. Now they had finally gotten together happily and had their own love baby now.

Nan Zhi hugged the man’s slender waist tightly. “Sihan, I love you.”

Mu Sihan sat by the bed, hugging Nan Zhi. Ever since they got married and she had become Queen, she had suffered a lot of stress. Although the Royal family looked calm on the outside, there were quite a few hidden problems within. If one of them made even the slightest mistake, it would be magnified by some people.

There were still several hidden problematic issues.

The night they got married, she had opened a gift which was a realistic bridal doll without eyeballs. Two trails of blood flowed on the doll’s face, while a sinister smile was on the doll’s lips, a bloodied knife on its chest.

She was so scared she didn’t dare to sleep alone for half a month.

As for the person who sent the gift, he still hadn’t been able to find proper evidence about who the person was.

However, this was nothing. Three months ago, someone bribed a maid that tidied their room everyday in the Crown Palace to steal a condom they had used, wanting to use his sperm to have a Prince via surrogacy. It was a fortunate thing she managed to find out about it and arrested that maid.

However, that maid took poison and committed suicide when she was caught.