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Chapter 1202: Xiao Yi and Yanran’s Ending (2)

“He has to settle some things at work, so he’ll be coming tomorrow.”

Young Master Huo nodded. “You look a little pale. The breeze is strong by the beach, I think it’s better for you to go back and rest earlier.”

“I will.”

Xia Yanran could tell that Young Master Huo had already let go of his feelings for her, so she didn’t reject him for wanting to send her back to the hotel.

After sending her to the hotel villa’s entrance, Young Master Huo said, “I’ve stayed at this island for about half a year now, so I’m a little more familiar with this place. After Mr Xiao arrives tomorrow, I can be your tour guide if you need one.”

Xia Yanran smiled and nodded. “Thank you.”

Xia Yanran had dinner with Junyuan and Xia Mo at night. Xia Yanran didn’t know if it was because she couldn’t adapt to the island well, but her appetite was bad. She only ate a little before she went back to her room to rest.

Midnight, Xia Yanran suddenly felt something pressed against her lips in her sleep. She opened her eyes immediately. With the help of the moonlight outside, her eyes constricted a little when she saw the man standing by the bed.

She clenched her fists and pushed against the man’s shoulders with all of her strength.

“It’s me.”

Xia Yanran could naturally tell who it was, but her stomach really felt uncomfortable.

Seeing Xia Yanran continue to push him even though he had spoken, Xiao Yi furrowed his eyebrows with a dark expression. “Are you still angry at me?”

Finally finding the chance to speak, Xia Yanran said, “Weren’t you only arriving tomorrow?”

“I missed you, so I came earlier.”

The man looked up, narrowing his depthless eyes at her. “Why? You don’t want me to come?”

Xia Yanran hummed tiredly.

Xiao Yi was so angry his face darkened. This woman lacked scolding!

“Are you turning me away because I haven’t showered?”

Before Xia Yanran could say anything, Xiao Yi got up and went to the shower. He took a shower hurriedly and came out within five minutes, but he found out that the woman had fallen asleep.

Listening to her rhythmic breathing, Xiao Yi couldn’t bear to wake her up in the end.

He stared at her face for a while, feeling a tinge of gloominess.

Why was this girl so cold to him?

The next day.

Xia Yanran only woke up when the sun was shining brightly. Junyuan and Xia Mo had already gone out to the seas, while Xiao Yi went to walk by the beach after he woke up and returned to the room.

Xia Yanran got up, washed up and changed into a long dress. After they were done with breakfast, she held Xiao Yi’s hand as they went out.

When they were about to reach the beach, they met Young Master Huo, who had come to look for them. “The church on the island has a prayer event today. If you pray sincerely, you can get what you wish for.”

Xia Yanran glanced at Xiao Yi beside her. “Shall we go together?”

Xiao Yi narrowed his eyes as he stared at Young Master Huo, before he pulled Xia Yanran to the side. “Why is he here?”

“He’s been here for six months already and I bumped into him at the beach yesterday.” Xia Yanran was worried that Xiao Yi would misunderstand, so she hurriedly pulled his hand. “He only treats me as a friend now. Don’t think too much.”

Xiao Yi forced out a hum.

Noting his dark expression, Xia Yanran couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. “In the past, I didn’t say anything when you got close with another woman and lied to me! Now you know how I feel back then, right?!”

The breeze was strong by the beach, blowing Xia Yanran’s long hair into a complete mess. Xiao Yi helped her tuck her hair behind her ear, as he leaned down to kiss her forehead. “When you weren’t my wife yet, he wasn’t even able to get you, so what about now? If you want to go to the church, you can go with him. I have a video conference in the morning, so let’s spend our time together in the afternoon instead, alright?”

Xia Yanran placed a peck on Xiao Yi’s cheek. “Thank you, Hubby.”

Hearing her call him ‘hubby’ made his heart soften completely. However, at the thought of how cold she was to him last night and this morning, he felt slightly annoyed.

Although Xiao Yi said that he let Xia Yanran spend some time with Young Master Huo, he kept dazing out during the video conference.

He couldn’t hear a single word the higher management said. Assistant Fang could tell that something was up with Xiao Yi, so he asked for a short break.

Assistant Fang started an individual video call with Xiao Yi. “President Xiao, how about I delay the meeting and have it later?”

Xiao Yi massaged his temples. “Alright.”

After the call ended, Xiao Yi got up to go find Xia Yanran. However, before he walked out of the villa, his phone vibrated.

It was Xia Yanran.

Xiao Yi hurriedly answered the call. Before he spoke, a man’s panicked voice trailed over. “Mr Xiao, something’s happened. Yanran, s-she…”

When Xiao Yi heard Young Master Huo’s stammering voice, a bad feeling rose within him. “What’s wrong with Yanran?”

“She fainted earlier. We’re at the island’s hospital now, please come quickly.”

Xiao Yi’s mind went blank. Why would Xia Yanran faint all of a sudden? Xiao Yi didn’t have the time to think too much, so he rushed towards the hospital immediately.

Young Master Huo was waiting for him at the entrance of the hospital. Seeing Xiao Yi walk over, he said with slight panic, “Yanran is awake. However, after she woke up, she kept crying. I asked her about it, but she wasn’t willing to tell me. You’re her husband, so go and find out.”

Hearing the man’s words, Xiao Yi rushed towards Xia Yanran’s ward. He opened the door, his heart panging when he saw the woman crying as she leaned against the head of the bed.