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Chapter 1199: So Close

His handsome face was so close to hers.

Their lips were so near each other.

If either of them moved a little, they would have kissed.

Xia Tang felt a little annoyed, but she didn’t show it on her expression as she continued to smile brightly. “Alright, if Young Master Huo likes it, I can do anything.”

With that said, she kissed him.

There was a faint fragrance on her. He looked down at her. “Weren’t you very against me touching you in the past?” Huo Ze stared into Xia Tang’s eyes like he was interrogating her.

He finally understood why Xia Tang seemed different from the first time he saw her. Her eyes, her attitude, her actions, her tone… everything made her seem like a promiscuous woman.

“I’ve understood it all. After I came into contact with Young Master Huo, I fell for you completely. I kept reminding myself to not get my feelings involved in this relationship, but unfortunately, I still did.

“I was too rigid in the past and didn’t know how to make a man happy, so I kept researching and slowly learnt…” Xia Tang bit her lip, blinking her eyes at Huo Ze. “Young Master Huo, am I not doing good?”

As she spoke, she could see the disappointment and disgust flashing in Huo Ze’s eyes.

She smiled even brighter, pouncing into Huo Ze’s arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Young Master Huo…”

Huo Ze lifted his hand, his slender fingers caressing her neck. As he stared at the coy and attractive Xia Tang, he suddenly increased his strength and grabbed her neck.

As if she was a swan held at the neck by a hunter, Xia Tang lifted his chin, unable to struggle at all. All she did was stare at Huo Ze with dark and sad eyes, but when she met his dark eyes, she smiled slightly.

“Young Master Huo, what did I do wrong for you to strangle me?”

The vein on Huo Ze’s forehead twitched as he did his best to suppress his emotions before he finally let go of Xia Tang. “You don’t have to make me happy, I’m not interested in you.”

Xia Tang rubbed her red neck as she agreed coyly.

“Don’t fall for me. Your actions now really make people despise you.” Huo Ze looked up at Xia Tang’s expression, it was an expression that made him want to vomit.

Although she looked prettier than when he first saw her, since she wasn’t wearing spectacles anymore, had learned how to put on makeup and changed her hairstyle, he really wasn’t interested in how she looked now.

She was like everyone else.

Huo Ze took a step back, a cold sneer flashing in his eyes. “It seems like you’re no different from those women who want to rise above others!”

Xia Tang pouted, looking pitiful. “Young Master Huo, if you don’t like it, I can return to how rigid and blank I was…”

Huo Ze’s expression was slightly twisted as he opened the cubicle door and left without turning back. It was as if the woman inside was something disgusting.

Xia Tang slowly squatted down after he left

A thin layer of cold sweat covered her back. She hugged herself, her eyes shut tightly as her long lashes fluttered uncontrollably.

She remained in the washroom for a few minutes, until her phone rang. Her sister had sent a message asking where she was.

Xia Tang replied: [I’m coming back now.]

When Xia Tang walked out of the washroom, her expression was calm again.

After the intense pain that night, she had done her homework on Huo Ze and read all of his flowery news.

He was indeed a playboy, often changing his female partners, who ranged from well-known celebrities to innocent new celebrities. There were all sorts of women, except for the extremely charming and coy ones.

She made a bet and made herself into the type he hated the most. Indeed, he did despise her. Perfect.

When Xia Tang went back to the private room, she didn’t see Huo Ze anymore.

The Huo Third Master was the person in-charge of the Huo family now. After he agreed to her Brother and Momo’s marriage, Mr and Mrs Huo couldn’t comment about it anymore.

Seeing Brother and Momo’s marriage settled, Xia Tang’s heightened heart also relaxed a lot. Brother had given too much to Sister and her, and it was time for him to have his own happiness.

Xia Tang still had work at night. After informing her siblings, she rushed towards where the studio the magazine shoot was.

When they were done, it was nearly dawn already.

It was drizzling a little and Xia Tang didn’t know where her assistant had gone. Xia Tang was already used to such a sight. Her assistant worked for a top celebrity before. Now that the assistant was working for a newbie like her, it was natural for the assistant to not respect her.

Xia Tang didn’t mind the assistant’s attitude.

Not expecting it to rain suddenly, Xia Tang didn’t bring an umbrella, so she put her bag over her head and ran towards the road. Because she was running too quickly and she wasn’t too used to the thin heels she was wearing, she lost her step and her heel got stuck between the gaps of a drain cover.

Xia Tang tried to take her heel out, but she couldn’t do it. She was wearing a miniskirt from the photo shoot, so it wasn’t convenient for her to squat down. Just as she was about to take her feet out from the heel, a large umbrella appeared over her.

Xia Tang looked to the side, slightly surprised at the sight of the man standing beside her.

It was the Huo family’s Third Master.

“Hold the umbrella.”

Before Xia Tang could say anything, the man pushed the umbrella into her hand.

The man crouched down, his dry and warm hand holding her slender ankle. Xia Tang froze. “I-It’s alright, I can do it myself.”

The man looked up at her, a masculine smile appearing on his handsome and dignified face. “Are you sure you can do it? Just relax.”

Xia Tang’s body shook shakily, the umbrella tilting and raindrops landed on the man’s shirt. His shoulder and arm muscles were exposed completely from his action of taking out her heel from the grate.