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Chapter 1197: He Walked Over

Junyuan and Xia Yanran were both open about such things. Xia Tang was an adult now and had her own ideas. Although they might not really agree with her, they would still respect her views and decisions.

Ever since young, Xia Tang had always aspired towards music. She had talent in that aspect, but talent wasn’t enough in the market now, they needed the packaging and nurturing of an entertainment company.

“Tangtang, haven’t you been eating well recently? You seem to lost a bit of weight.” Xia Yanran stared at Xia Tang’s slim face.

Xia Tang smiled and shook her head. “Sister, I have to be slimmer to look good on camera.”

Xia Yanran stared at Xia Tang. It had been very long since she stared at her younger sister like this. Tangtang had really grown up, looking so beautiful in her smoky makeup, like she was a mysterious but beautiful flower that made others drunk on its appearance.

“Our Tangtang must look really good on camera.”

Xia Tang grabbed Xia Yanran’s hand, smiling sweetly. “In Sister’s eyes, I will look pretty no matter what.”

“Of course!”

Xia Tang returned to her room to change into clothes that were suitable for meeting the Huo family elders, the siblings having arranged for a meeting time and venue.

At this moment, Junyuan finally understood how nervous Xiao Yi felt when the latter went to visit him.

When they were about to reach the private room, he asked Xia Yanran. “Is my collar and hair alright?”

Xia Yanran and Xia Tang had never seen their older brother so nervous, both bursting out in laughter. “Brother, you look very handsome!”

The Xia family siblings all had good genetics, together with them dressing up, they attracted the attention of many people on the way.

Junyuan was wearing a white shirt today. His skin was fair and clean, the white shirt making him look so handsome like he was a well-off young master that came from a poster.

When they entered the private room, the Huo family had already arrived.

Huo Ze’s parents were seated at the main seats while Xia Mo was sitting next to them. Seeing Junyuan arrive, Xia Mo broke out into a bright smile, wanting to stand up to welcome them, only to be stopped by Mrs Huo.

Mrs Huo looked extremely capable and intelligent. After she pulled Xia Mo back onto her seat, she glanced at the Xia family siblings. She had taken very good care of her skin and it was obvious that she was a great beauty when she was younger.

Once the Xia family siblings arrived in the room, Mr and Mrs Huo finally stood up. Mr Huo nodded at them, while Mrs Huo spoke like she was the head of the family, “Please sit!”

Xia Yanran felt slightly unhappy but hid it well. It was clear Mrs Huo was looking down on their family! However, she could understand Mrs Huo’s attitude. After all, the Huo family was a well-known family in Hong Kong, so it was natural that they would look down on the Xia family.

The two families greeted each other.

The atmosphere was rather calm and pleasant.

Mrs Huo said with a smile, “We raised Momo since she was young and she has always been a daughter to us. Originally, I wanted her to become our Huo family’s daughter-in-law. Who knew that this girl actually found someone she liked outside without our knowledge.”

Mr Huo nudged Mrs Huo, whispering, “Why are you saying this now?”

Mrs Huo glanced at Mr Huo and continued, the smile still on her face, “Mr Xia, I heard that your parents have passed a long time ago. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you to raise your two younger sisters. Your younger sisters haven’t gotten married yet, right? When our Momo marries into your family and has to stay with her two sister-in-laws, I’m afraid that conflict would occur in the future…”

Before Mrs Huo finished speaking, Xia Mo couldn’t help but say, “Mommy Huo, I really like Sister Yanran and Sister Tangtang. There wouldn’t be any conflict between us.”

Mrs Huo glanced at Xia Mo, who was already siding the other party even though she wasn’t married yet. She furrowed her eyebrows, wanting to say something when someone pushed the door open.

“What day is it? Why must I come?” Young Master Huo looked like he had just woken up. He was wearing a blue suit, his hair messy as he bit onto a lollipop. When he walked in, his hands were in his pocket, looking extremely playful and arrogant.

When he saw the Huo family and the Xia siblings in the room, Huo Ze took a step back. “This is a meeting between the two families?”

Mrs Huo stared at her son who was never serious, furrowing her eyebrows. “Come over.”

Huo Ze glanced around the room, his eyes landing on the woman who never even glanced at him after he walked in.

Wasn’t that his little lover he was supporting financially?

Huo Ze pulled the chair apart, sitting next to Xia Tang without any care.

Hearing the sound, Xia Tang looked to the side at Huo Ze. Seeing that Huo Ze was staring at her, she didn’t panic either, as she smiled and nodded at him. “Young Master Huo.”

Huo Ze hummed carelessly, before he placed the lollipop back into his mouth and leaned back against the chair. He took out his phone to play games.

Even seeing Huo Ze act like that, Mrs Huo couldn’t pull her pride down to scold him in front of outsiders.

“Ah Ze, Mr Xia came over today to discuss his marriage with Momo, what do you think?”

Huo Ze continued to stare at his phone, not even looking up as he answered lazily, “Accept it. Even though Momo looks innocent and foolish on the outside, she’s already determined. If you want to separate them, I think she’ll make a large commotion about it.”

Staring at Huo Ze who was still not serious, Xia Mo kicked him from under the table.

Huo Ze didn’t hold his phone properly, so when Xia Mo kicked him, his phone flew out. “F*ck, I was about to kill everyone!” Seeing that his phone had fallen under the chair of the woman beside him, Huo Ze wanted to get her to pick it up at first. However, recalling that her older siblings were still there, he bent down instead.

Xia Tang didn’t even move on her seat, as if she didn’t know that Young Master Huo had dropped his phone by her leg.

Xia Tang was wearing a miniskirt, her legs clasped together. When Huo Ze bent down, he realized she had taken off her high heels, one of her legs on her other leg, her fingernails sparkling while the back of her legs shined brightly. Her legs were slender and long as well. Her calves looked especially suitable for winter boots.

When he bent down to pick up her phone, she didn’t even move. Huo Ze sat back up and glanced at him.

She sat properly, her eyes fixed on Mrs Huo, who was speaking to Junyuan. Her lips were curled up obediently, looking like an obedient swan.

Huo Ze tugged his lips, smiling silently.

Halfway through the meal, Xia Yanran received a call.

“You came?”

“Yes, I’m standing outside of the hotel you’re at.”

“Ah? Then, I’ll go out to fetch you.”

“It’s alright, I bumped into the Huo family’s Third Young Master.”

After Xia Yanran hung up, she whispered quietly to Junyuan. “Xiao Yi came.”

Hearing this, Junyuan’s heart was warm and touched.

Not too long later, knocks could be heard from the door. Xiao Yi and the Huo family Third Young Master walked in.

Seeing the two of them, Mr Huo stood up. “Why did you come? This is Mr Xiao?” Both Mr and Mrs Huo had heard about Xiao Yi inheriting a large fortune in the Capital.

Xiao Yi nodded. After he greeted Mr and Mrs Huo, he walked over to Xia Yanran and hugged her shoulders. “It’s been a long time since I came back to Hong Kong. When I was on my way here, it felt extremely nostalgic. This place is where Yanran and I spent a portion of our relationship in.”