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Chapter 1195: Pregnant

Xia Tang went to the bathroom to fill the bathtub, preparing to take a bath.

Royal Entertainment was planning to groom the few of them newbies, so when they came to Hong Kong this time, the hotel they stayed at was a five-star hotel.

She lay in the bathtub, falling asleep amongst the hot steam. Xia Tang didn’t know how long had passed, but she suddenly felt a cramping pain in her stomach. That pain became more and more obvious and Xia Tang immediately opened her eyes.

After she woke up, that cramping pain felt even more apparent. Xia Tang opened her eyes, glancing inside the bathtub.

That one glance shocked her extremely, her heart thumping crazily.

The bath water had turned slightly red.

Xia Tang wasn’t a weak girl. Although she looked like a typical beauty, she never thought of herself as a weak woman.

However, what she saw shocked her still.

Why would there be so much blood?

Xia Tang stood up from the bathtub, walking towards the shower to rinse herself.

Her abdomen hurt even more.

Xia Tang turned off the shower and hugged her stomach with a pale face.

There was so much blood, but her stomach hurt so much too, so it probably wasn’t her period. Besides, it wasn’t the time for it to come.

Since she had a doctor brother, Xia Tang naturally knew the basics.

If it was like this, was she… pregnant?

However, she had only been with Huo Ze that night. She even went to the pharmacy to buy the morning after pill the next day.

She heard from her Brother before that there seemed to be some evil pharmacies that repackaged expired medicine and sold them once more in order to get profits. D-Did she meet an evil pharmacy like that?

Xia Tang pursed her lips, which were pale from pain. She wore her clothes and found her phone, before she called someone.

It hadn’t been long since she debuted. She had also just released her single. If news spread that she was pregnant, she would be ruining her own future.

When she attended the sponsorship event during the day, she bumped into Huo Ze. He ignored her, hugging a more well-known Miss Hong Kong instead, but she didn’t really care about it.

Xia Tang definitely couldn’t tell her manager about this. Neither could she tell her assistant, so she had no choice but to get Huo Ze’s help.

No matter what, if she was really pregnant, he was half-responsible too.

During the dark night, in a luxurious private room.

A bunch of rich boys were playing crazily.

Young Master Huo was sitting in the center of the sofa, his long legs placed on top of the coffee table as he leaned back, exhaling smoke.

The door pushed open and some unknown person shouted, “Beauty Ni is here!”

Young Master Huo glanced at the door with narrowed eyes, watching as a woman wearing a bright red maxi dress with fiery red lipstick sashayed in on high heels.

It was the most famous female celebrity in the entertainment industry now, Ni Xianyue. She was carrying a new LV bag, glancing at everyone in the room before she sat beside Young Master Huo.

Young Master Huo glanced at Ni Xianyue. “Yo, the young married woman is free to come out today?”

Ni Xianyue smile brightly. “Look at how sour you sound. If Young Master Huo says something, I won’t get married anymore!”

“You have to get married. I’m scared of ruining your future of being a rich lady.”

Ni Xianyue glared at Young Master Huo. “You only know how to anger me.”

Ni Xianyue looked extremely pretty and goddess-like on screen, but in private, her personality was more easy-going. She dared to play too. She drank a few cups of alcohol with Young Master Huo, before she sang some songs. Seeing that Young Master Huo wasn’t very excited, she leaned towards him and said, “You’re like this every year on this day. Never mind. If you’re not happy, you can drink all your sorrows away!”

Young Master Huo raised an eyebrow. “Let’s not leave until we’re drunk.”

They cheered each other, slowing downing the bottles of strong liquor on the coffee table.

Ni Xianyue stared at Young Master Huo, whose eyes had turned red from drinking. “Can you still go on?”

When one’s mood wasn’t good, they got drunk easily. Young Master Huo leaned back against the sofa, feeling dizzy as he smirked. “Just wait, I’ll rest for a while before I continue.”

Huo Ze closed his eyes, planning to take a nap when his phone rang.

Huo Ze glanced at the caller ID. It was a bunch of numbers he couldn’t really remember.

He rejected the call without hesitation.

However, within a few seconds, his phone rang again.

It was the same number.

Young Master Huo answered the call impatiently. A weak woman’s voice trailed from the other side of the call. “Young Master Huo, Young Master Huo, my stomach hurts. Can you come and send me to the hospital…”

Before the woman finished speaking, Huo Ze interrupted her with furrowed eyebrows. “Who are you?”

“I-I’m Xia Tang…”

“What Tang?” Huo Ze looked up at the ceiling, his vision slightly dazed as his voice softened at the thought of something. “Are you Tangtang?”

“I’m Tangtang.”

“You’re not her. Who are you exactly?”

“Young Master Huo, I didn’t mean to disturb you. My stomach hurts and there are reporters outside the hotel. I can’t go out. Can I trouble you…”

Before Xia Tang finished speaking, she was interrupted by a scoff. “This Miss Tangtang, I’m not a doctor, neither am I a savior. If you feel unwell, you can go visit the Doctor by yourself. I’m not free… Oh, I remember now, it’s you. Did you forget what I warned you about? Don’t contact me when I don’t want to see you.”

Xia Tang opened her mouth, wanting to say more when she suddenly heard a pleasant voice from the other end of the call. “Ah Ze, who is it? Is it one of your lovers outside? Those women are really something, do they think they are above everyone else just because you were with them once or twice…”

Xia Tang didn’t want to listen anymore. The woman’s voice belonged to Royal Entertainment’s top female celebrity, Ni Xianyue. She was extremely pretty and was the goddess of countless men.

She had heard people talk about Ni Xianyue in private before, hearing that she had an extremely strong backer. It turned out that her backer was Young Master Huo!

After Xia Tang hung up, she panted a few times with a pale expression. She forced herself to get up, before she put on a black jacket, a hat and face mask before she left the room.