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Chapter 1194: Fostering Feelings

Xia Yanran was pulled into Xiao Yi’s arms, her forehead pressing against his broad and muscular shoulder. The urge to cry was stronger than ever. “Why did you come so suddenly without telling me?”

“You don’t like it?” Xiao Yi looked down at the girl in his arms.

Xia Yanran looked up, a bright layer of moisture covering her eyes. “I do. I like it so much I feel like crying.”

Xiao Yi smiled as he carried Xia Yanran onto the car. Once the door was closed, he pulled her onto his lap and started kissing her.

He didn’t care if the driver in front could see them.

After he kissed Xia Yanran fiercely, he finally let go of her.

“Did you handle the post issue?” He hugged her as his large palm caressed her hair.

Xia Yanran hummed. If Leilei was smart enough, she should have deleted the post already! “Log onto your company’s forum and let me take a look.”

Xia Yanran couldn’t fight against him, so she used her phone to log onto the site to show him.

That very popular post had already been deleted and removed. At the same time, an apology post was pinned at the top of the page.

Xia Yanran opened the apology post, feeling a little surprised that Leilei had actually uploaded a video, in which she said that she was the one who posted the post and that she was extremely sorry for creating false rumors about Xia Yanran because of her jealousy.

After watching Leilei’s apology video, Xia Yanran turned to the man beside her. “You… did something?”

Xiao Yi grabbed Xia Yanran’s hand, playing with it as he said, “I met your President.”

Xia Yanran ignored her embarrassment and lifted her hands to hug the man’s neck, placing a soft peck on his lips. “Xiao Yi, thank you.”

Staring into her bright and affectionate eyes and her pretty face, Xiao Yi hugged her waist tightly, wanting so badly to merge their bodies together.

He looked down, whispering by her ear. “I’m a little nervous about visiting your older brother later.”

Xia Yanran couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. “You already gave Brother my betrothal gift, what else is there to be worried about?” She recalled herself finding out that Xiao Yi had long given Renxin Hospital to Junyuan after she returned to Ning City, while she had been kept in the dark about it.

To think back then, she had locked herself in a corner and had thought that Xiao Yi wasn’t willing to be with her anymore. She had felt so terrible every day! She scrunched her face up and glared at Xiao Yi. “You and Brother really acted really well. Brother doted on me the most, yet he didn’t tell me anything about it.”

Xiao Yi pinched Xia Yanran’s well-defined nose. “If I don’t punish you a little, what if you continued to give up on our relationship so easily?”

Xia Yanran pounced into Xiao Yi’s arms, shaking her head. “I won’t. I won’t anymore.”

Knowing that Xiao Yi was coming, Junyuan got off work earlier.

Xia Mo had also come to the Xia family’s apartment after leaving work at the newspaper agency. The couple went to the market to buy some groceries before they held hands and went back.

When Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi arrived, Junyuan was boiling soup in the kitchen. Hearing the noise, he walked to the entrance and saw both Xiao Yi and Xia Yanran holding many big and small bags, while the driver behind them was in the same situation as well. Junyuan pursed his lips slightly. “Why did you bring so many things? Xiao Yi, you don’t have to be that polite. What matters most is that you’re good to our Yanran in the future.”

Xiao Yi nodded, looking like he was an obedient child listening to his brother-in-law. “Alright, whatever my brother-in-law says. However, since it’s my first time coming, I can’t come empty-handed.”

Xia Mo, who had been helping Junyuan cook in the kitchen, ran out and giggled. “Uncle Xiao, how is this your first time coming? Hmph, don’t think that I don’t know. When the doctor wasn’t at home last time, you…”

“Children shouldn’t talk when the adults are talking.”

“If you’re calling Doctor Brother-in-law, you’ll have to call me Sister-in-law in the future!”

Xiao Yi choked. Momo’s seniority was actually higher than his now.

Alright, who got his brother-in-law to like her? Although, he felt really awkward calling that little girl Sister-in-law.

“I’ll change my address after you’ve registered your marriage.”

Xia Mo didn’t care about all of this, so she nodded with a bright smile. “Sure! That day will come very soon!”

Xia Yanran and Junyuan went back to the kitchen. Xia Yanran couldn’t stay still, so she went to the kitchen as well. “Brother, you can let me do things here instead. Your hand still has to rest, so you can go out and talk to Xiao Yi!”

Junyuan replied, “You go talk to Xiao Yi instead, I’ll cook.”

“Brother, go! Xiao Yi said that he’s still a little nervous when he sees you now. Since we’ll be family in the future, the two of you will have to foster your relationship too!”

Unable to reject Xia Yanran anymore, Junyuan had no choice but to go out.

At first, Xia Mo and Xia Yanran thought that the two men who didn’t like to talk would be bored or awkward together. Xia Mo went out to take a look, the two men playing chess and their atmosphere seemed extremely comfortable!

“The both of them are chatting and laughing and it isn’t awkward at all.”

Hearing Xia Mo say like this, Xia Yanran didn’t really believe it, so she went out to take a sneak peek. She didn’t see them chatting and laughing, but saw them arguing over a chess move instead.

The two people who barely spoke usually threw words at each other, arguing until their face turned red. Xia Yanran knew that Xiao Yi’s temper wasn’t very good, so she was really afraid of him punching Junyuan. She was about to go out when the two men glanced at each other and smiled again. The atmosphere changed too quickly, and before Xia Yanran could react, the two of them continued with their chess game with laughter again.

Xia Yanran went back to the kitchen, scratching her head as her lips curled up unconsciously.

Before dinner, Xia Yanran did a video call with Xia Tang.

Xia Tang had released a new single recently. The feedback was quite good so she got a few sponsorship activities in Hong Kong. It seemed her company was preparing to groom a few other newbies and herself.

When Xia Yanran video-called Xia Tang, Xia Tang had just returned to her hotel after a sponsorship event. After seeing that Xiao Yi was at the Xia family apartment ass well, Xia Tang smiled and waved at him. “Hello, Brother-in-law.”

Xia Tang took off her spectacles, revealing the exquisite make up on her face. Although her appearance was more classic looking, with the makeup, her facial features appeared even prettier. She had only released her first single, but she already had the aura and style of a big celebrity. She would be extremely famous in the future.

Xiao Yi nodded, his lips curling up. “Hello, Tangtang. Since you’re working outside now, if you meet any difficulties, you can tell your older sister. We’ll both be your backups.”

“Thank you, Brother-in-law. I’m really happy and touched to see Sister and you work out! Brother-in-law has to be good to Sister in the future! If not, Brother and I wouldn’t let you off.” Xia Tang waved her fist teasingly.

“Of course.”

Xia Yanran leaned her head towards Xiao Yi, staring at Xia Tang through her phone. “You have to take good care of yourself outside. Although your career is important, you’re still not young anymore. Haven’t you thought about being in a relationship?”

Xia Tang shook her head with a smile. “It’s quite nice being single! Didn’t Brother only meet Momo after being single for more than thirty years? Sister, Brother, don’t be worried about my relationship status. I will consider it if I meet someone that interests me!”

They spoke for a while more before Xia Tang hung up.

After wearing high heels for the entire day, she was slightly exhausted. She lay in bed, smiling happily when she thought about her older brother and sister having found their happiness at last.