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Chapter 1192: Some Sacrifices and Compromises

On the way back, Xia Yanran had thought about many things. In a relationship, there needed to be some sacrifices and compromises by either one of them.

Xiao Yi couldn’t leave the Capital so easily now. With countless staff working under him, he couldn’t just leave because he wanted to.

But she was different. Just like Xiao Yi had said, if she wanted to work, she could find a job she liked in the Capital.

The ones that she couldn’t bear to leave the most at Ning City were Junyuan and Xia Tang. The three siblings had grown up together, relying only on each other and neither one of them were willing to leave each other.

However, it was fortunate that Brother had Momo now.

Tangtang’s career was also doing well.

“President, it’s because of some relationship issues, so I don’t want to say too much either. My boyfriend is overseas and I don’t want to have a long-distance relationship with him.”

The president stared at Xia Yanran, feeling extremely sad. “Yanran, men are not dependable. Only having control of your career is the most dependable!”

Xia Yanran smiled and shook her head. “President, you don’t understand him and definitely wouldn’t know that he’s the best man in this world apart from my Brother.”

Seeing that Xia Yanran was insistent on resigning, the President couldn’t stop her anymore. “I’ll give you a week’s time to consider. Think about it carefully before I approve it.”

Xia Yanran nodded. “Sure.”

After Xia Yanran returned to Ning City, she didn’t stop contacting Xiao Yi.

He wanted to expand the corporation’s big brands and malls globally, so naturally he had plans for Ning City as well. He arranged for the Ning City’s mall’s in-charge to send her various branded bags, clothes and shoes. Of course, he didn’t miss out on Momo and Tangtang’s gifts.

That day, the magazine agency assigned her to attend a charity ball, so she needed to dress up. When Xiao Yi found out, he got the mall’s in-charge to come and pick her up personally.

When she went to work the next day, she realized that the front desk and her colleagues were looking at her with weird gazes.

When she arrived at her office, her assistant told her to look at the office’s forum. Xia Yanran opened the forum and realized that she had become the hottest topic on the forum.

Xia Yanran opened the first forum post and saw several photos. They were photos of President Wang from the mall coming to fetch her.

President Wang was in his forties. He had a beer belly and was bald, so he looked older. In fact, he looked like he was in his fifties in the photos.

One of the photos was of President Wang pulling open the door for her and the both of them smiling brightly at each other.

One of them was of President Wang and her entering the mall, the both of them conversing.

One of them was her leaving the mall after dressing herself up, before she got into the car with President Wang.

She could tell that the person who took photos of her secretly followed her from the office to the mall.

Xia Yanran had seen many types of office politics.

However, she was going to leave the agency already, yet someone still spent so much effort to go against her. Tsk tsk, how much did this person dislike her?

There were many replies under the post, all of them scolding Xia Yanran anonymously. They said that she had sold herself for money and it was extremely shameless of her. However, there were many that defended her as well. Xia Yanran glanced at the names, they all belonged to the colleagues she was closer to usually.

Xia Yanran smirked, opening the user account that posted the post. It was a newly registered account.

New accounts like this seemed normal at first, but she was an experienced reporter and she had her own means and ideas to be able to achieve the position she was at now.

Very quickly, Xia Yanran managed to find the QQ email the new account registered with.

After ten minutes, Xia Yanran walked out of her office with a smile. When her colleagues saw Xia Yanran walking out, they all stopped talking.

Xia Yanran glanced at the girl who was dressed to the nines in the office. The girl was called Leilei and had entered the agency at about the same time as Xia Yanran did.

Leilei was the youngest girl working in the agency. She was very ambitious and had always wanted to take Xia Yanran’s position.

However, for a woman, apart from being young, charisma and morality was important too and Xia Yanran had both of these in spades.

Especially after Xia Yanran returned from the capital. Her skin and mental condition seemed to be better than in the past.

After Xia Yanran took the medicine, her bloatedness disappeared. Her skin was indeed fairer and smoother than before. Together with the effects of love, she looked refreshed and energized everyday. It wasn’t far fetched to say that she looked like she had just entered university.

Leilei always wanted to catch something shady about Xia Yanran. However, Xia Yanran’s work didn’t have any flaws and she was always able to do perfectly what the President told her to do every time, no matter how difficult it was.

That was why Leilei was extremely happy when she saw Xia Yanran got into that middle-aged man’s car last night.

It was no wonder why Xia Yanran had been wearing clothes from well-known brands recently. Even the bags she carried the cost of the annual salaries of many normal people.

So it turned out that she had been financially supported by a rich old man!

When Leilei saw Xia Yanran looking at her, she smiled with a derisive scoff. She still dared to come when she was being financially supported by an old man? If it was her, she would pack all of her things and scram out of the office immediately.

Xia Yanran went to the bathroom.

Xiao Yi happened to call her at that moment.

Hearing Xia Yanran’s unhappy voice, Xiao Yi said, “What’s wrong? Did something upset you?”

“You can tell?”

“I know everything about you.”

Xia Yanran felt her ears heat up from his words. She told Xiao Yi everything about what happened.

“Do you need me to solve it for you?”

“Big Boss Xiao, if I need you to settle even such a small issue, wouldn’t you die from being busy? It’s nothing. It’s just a small girl’s jealousy against me. I will solve it.”

Xiao Yi hummed with a smile. “I have something to do. Give me a kiss before you hang up.”

Xia Yanran smacked her lips and Xiao Yi’s low laughter became even more magnetic and fluttering.

Leilei thought that Xia Yanran’s heart was indeed strong. The post didn’t even affect her mood. After she went back to her office from the washroom, she continued to work and have meetings with them.

Leilei couldn’t stand Xia Yanran from the bottom of her heart. Was she actually proud that she was being financially supported?

Why wasn’t she ashamed at all?

When it was time to get off work, Xia Yanran didn’t work overtime for the first time. She entered an elevator with a bunch of colleagues.

One of the older ladies that liked Xia Yanran usually had mentioned a few times about introducing men to her.

The older lady stood next to Xia Yanran. “Yanran, I saw the post in the forum. But I believe you. That person is just a normal friend of yours, right?”

All of the other colleagues in the elevator paid extra attention, including Leilei, who had posted the post.

Xia Yanran nodded. “He’s my boyfriend’s subordinate.”

Boyfriend’s subordinate?

She must be lying! Leilei found out that the old man was the person in-charge of a branded mall. If he was Xia Yanran’s boyfriend’s subordinate, wouldn’t her boyfriend be someone very powerful?

Leilei laughed mockingly, interrupting the conversation. “Editor Xia, you really don’t have to explain for yourself. If you’ve become a mistress, then say it like it is. We’re all colleagues and only hope for you to be happy. But you shouldn’t continue on that path. That boss probably has a family already!”