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Chapter 1191: So Sour

When they left the hospital, Xia Yanran’s eyes were red and swollen.

Xiao Xi was too much. What wrong did Tang Chao do for him to be hypnotized and be used?

As Xiao Yi drove, he spared a hand to grab Xia Yanran’s hand. “She’s already receiving her punishment in jail.”

Xia Yanran blinked her wet lashes, grabbing Xiao Yi’s hand in return. “Do you really not have any feelings for her after you found out that she’s Xiao Xi?”

“Ever since she colluded with Second Master Qin and almost got me killed and since I found out about what she did to Tang Chao and you, I lost any possible feelings I might have for her.”

Xia Yanran hummed softly.

Xia Yanran didn’t know if it was because she had taken the medicine pill during the day, but she felt rather sleepy now. With the steady hum of the car in the background, she leaned back on the chair and fell asleep briefly.

Xiao Yi drove for a while before he realized that the girl wasn’t speaking anymore. He turned to look at her.

Her head was bobbing left and right, and he quickly spared a hand to support her head. When his fingers touched her smooth skin, he couldn’t help but caress her softly. Her eyes were shut tightly, an undeniable exhaustion written all over her face.

He slowed down before he parked the car by the side of the road.

Leaning over, he lowered her seat, before he took off his jacket and covered her softly. It was only after he stared at her for a while before he finally looked away.

There was a little girl selling flowers on the street. She kept recommending the flowers she had in her basket to the people who passed by, but rarely did anyone buy flowers from her.

Xiao Yi got out of the car.

The little girl stared at Xiao Yi, walking over with her basket. “Uncle, do you want to buy flowers?”

Xiao Yi took out a hundred dollar note from her wallet. “Give me one.”

“One hundred dollars can buy all of the flowers I have!”

Xiao Yi stared at the little girl. “I just want one.”

“Then, I’ll give you change.”

Xiao Yi took the flower and shook his head. “There’s no need to.”

Xiao Yi got back into his car, tearing away the thorns on the flower stalk until it wasn’t sharp and prickly anymore.

Xiao Yi placed the flower in Xia Yanran’s hand, before he took out another small box from the storage compartment, placing it at a place she could see the moment she opened her eyes.

Xiao Yi had bought a new mansion at the Capital. He went to the Old Madam’s mansion often as well. However, since Ku Li died in an explosion there, he didn’t want to bring Xia Yanran there.

When they arrived at the mansion, it was nearly eleven at night.

Xia Yanran felt the car stopping and slowly opened her eyes. Because she had just woken up, sleepiness was still present in her eyes.

Xiao Yi stood outside of the car, smoking and didn’t realize that Xia Yanran was awake.

Xia Yanran slowly stood up, suddenly finding that something was wrong. When did a rose appear in her hands?

She blinked, thinking that she was hallucinating. However, very quickly, she saw the small box placed in front of her.

Xia Yanran’s heart thumped crazily.

She took the box and opened it. Indeed, it contained the ring she sent back to Xiao Yi.

After Xiao Yi finished smoking, he looked inside the car. When he noted that Xia Yanran was awake and was giggling foolishly as she stared at that ring, he reached out and opened the car door.

“Do you accept it?”

Hearing the man’s low and sexy voice, Xia Yanran looked up with fluttering lashes.

His eyes were extremely warm and focused.

She couldn’t really stand this type of gaze from him, so she looked away slightly. “Don’t look at me like this.” Her ears felt slightly heated.

Xiao Yi pulled Xia Yanran off the car.

Xia Yanran had just balanced herself when he pressed her against the car.

He was a lot taller than her, as he placed a hand on her waist while he grabbed her hand that was holding the ring with his other.

He took the ring. “Think about it carefully. You cannot take it off again after you wear it.”

Xia Yanran nodded with a blush. “Alright.”

The diamond was hard, the metal ring slightly cold as it touched her fingertips. Xiao Yi pushed it onto her ring finger.

However, Xia Yanran called to stop when the ring was halfway through her finger.

“I don’t know if it’s the side effect of the medication I’m taking, but my fingers seemed to be a little fatter. I’ll wear the ring as a necklace first and wear it properly after my bloatedness goes away, alright?”

“If it’s too small, I go order a ring that’s suitable for you now.”

“No, I just want this one.”

It was another wild night.

After that, Xia Yanran leaned in Xiao Yi’s arm, her finger drawing circles on his well-defined chest. “Xiao Yi, what is your plan for the future? You probably won’t return to Ning City or B City again, right?”

Xiao Yi hummed softly. “The Old Madam’s career is here, and there are too many things for me to do, so I can’t leave. That’s why I plan to stay here.” With that said, he stared at Xia Yanran with dark eyes. “What are your thoughts?”

To be frank, Xia Yanran hadn’t decided yet.

Right now, her relationship with Xiao Yi had stabilized, but distance was another problem.

With a long-distance relationship, none of them knew when they would meet again, and what would happen again.

However, if she stayed with Xiao Yi in the Capital, she would have to leave Junyuan and Xia Tang.

She couldn’t bear to part with either of them.

Xiao Yi could see Xia Yanran’s hesitance, his long fingers pinching her waist. “It’s alright. You can live in Ning City before we get married. After we get married, you can stay with me. If you want to work, you can work. If you don’t want to work, I can take care of you and you can go back to visit your family anytime. Once my career here is more stabilized, I will buy a private plane for you so that it will be more convenient for you, no matter where you want to go.”

Xia Yanran stared at the man who could read her perfectly, feeling touched. “Xiao Yi, you’re so good to me.”

The moment she finished speaking, the man turned around and pushed her under him once more. “Hm, then let’s do it again.”

Xia Yanran whined, “But my legs are really sore…”

“You’re going back to Ning City tomorrow, and I’ll have to abstain for a while again.”

Xia Yanran stared at the man who was always full in that aspect, her heart softening as she took the initiative to hug his muscular body.

The next day, Xiao Yi drove Xia Yanran to the airport himself.

When it was time to separate, there would always be denial and reluctance. Her relationship with Xiao Yi all these years had always been like this. They would be together for a few days, then part because of various reasons again.

Before the security check, Xia Yanran hugged Xiao Yi tightly, not wanting to part with him. Xiao Yi patted Xia Yanran’s slender back. “Once I’m done with my work here, I’ll go ask your older brother for your hand in marriage.”

Xia Yanran looked at Xiao Yi shyly. “Why ask for my hand in marriage?”

“Although our parents are deceased, we still have to do the proper procedures. Don’t worry, your older brother will let me marry you.”

“How do you know? Maybe, my brother wouldn’t let you marry me so easily!”

Xiao Yi pinched Xia Yanran’s cheek. “You’ll know soon.”

Back in Ning City, Xia Yanran’s boss found out that Xia Yanran managed to interview Xiao Yi and praised her from head to toe.

He even said that he would definitely give Xia Yanran a big bonus at the end of the year.

However, Xia Yanran submitted a resignation letter instead.

Her boss stared at Xia Yanran in confusion. “You had been capable in work and have a bright future, why are you resigning all of a sudden?”